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Antonio Pessoa
Art Life

As a contemporary abstract, neo-surrealistic artist, Antonio Pessoa has long come to the ultimate conclusion that emotions - and very particularly emotional addictions - is one of those issues he must and is aware all the time. Understanding this emotional science and complex universe, he soon began to recognize how he could create specific situations on canvas, on watercolor paper and even in his personal and professional life, once he had systematic and absolute control upon his infinite emotional spinning wheel. Art becomes what the artist focus on. This Cause and Effect systematic process, is actually Pessoa's ultimate comfort zone, for the young millionaire has long come to the lucky realization that by being a Star among the Universe of shimmering stars in the art scene Planet, has cheerfully dictated all the happy situations he is now living and sharing, painting and spreading the concept around. The Law of Attraction is a very powerful law that Antonio Pessoa masters and uses to make huge changes in his life and in his co-workers team's life, Art and everything, you name it. As a matter of fact, talking about Antonio Pessoa Contemporary Fine Art is talking and getting fully involved in the universal principles of the Law of Attraction. Moreover, Pessoa has become a Law of Attraction guru, a very solid reputation now, specially among other young fellow artists and the ones who are closer, directly related or even sharing the artist's daily private life. There's no doubt by now, that the Contemporary Great Master influences effortlessly the direction of his Life, with similar power he uses to create, paint, draw and communicate. He became Free, with Free and finds his greatness for free. He can change his Life and his closest friends lives completely. Isn't that wonderful? Yes, it is. And the New Age artist does it in a totally different and amazing way. He plays strictly by the rules. By the Law of Attraction's rules. And yoy may ask, "What has this got to do with Art Life?" Let's take a look. Antonio Pessoa's Art Life and professional career has been going through enough ups and downs for he has experienced enough dips in self-confidence from time to time, specially when things, including unspeakable love affairs (...and there were many !!! ) didn't quite go how he would like. In most of those situations he had the choice to stay down or to bounce back up. He always took the last option inevitably. So Art Life followed the road of success as many times before. Pessoa made it easy by telling himself it was easy. He made it easy by embracing action. And this wise combination of positive thoughts made him adopt the full commitment of Art and Life as the ultimate supreme formula, where the rewarding results became more and more abundant, greater and greater, as his ability to communicate effectively through art expression and in real life also became one of his most important skills till today's times when people-public is able to take, digest and understand his message in the simplest ways. Creativity is definitely the beggining of achieving a high level of greatness not only in Art but also in Life. Antonio Pessoa is fully aware that most great things, in Art and in Life start with a good idea that was nurtured to grow into something grand. Therefore, the artist's essential daily priority has long become an intensive passionate process of growing to be the best that he can be. Be the best, to artistically express the best, become the paradigmatic lifestyle model in today's art scene, in his amazing uniqueness, and from then, give the best to others, namely public, art collectors and a whole huge worldwide community of intelligent people, open to new concepts of Art, open to new concepts of Living. If Imagination, is one of Pessoa's natural gifts, Faith is present in exact proportion to excitement in Life, when optimism becomes prominent, and the rewarding emotional fulfillment an omnipresent reality. Wisdom and Knowledge, Art and Life. Life is viewed from within and Art is the perseverance of always go fot the gold. Lucky Stars, the striking universe in which Pessoa's life floats and flows, can be seen, understood and ultimately accepted as the result of the different wise choices he has been making along the way and very particularly these past few years, by bravely deciding to take the Road Less Traveled. Suddenly he is absolutely sure of how life is full of so many choices and opportunities and how wonderful and rewarding is to hold the key to each door that he chooses to open. Lucky Stars, Art and Life, The Road Less Traveled defines the artist, who when faced with adversity, hardship and change, responds with courage, confidence and charisma. This powerful combination of positive elements, is after all the fuel that ignite Pessoa's fire and burning desire for current and futur accomplishments, in Art and Life. MIND POWER - Even before the explosion of Revolutionary Neuroscience Research discoveries of the last few years, Antonio Pessoa was already so very seriously excited about all information about Mind Power, totally motivated to use these tools and techniques to reprogram the Mind to achievements of all sorts in all areas, from his personal life to artistic performance, from social life to business effective communication. The fantastic results soon proved to be surprising ones, some of them even beyond his wildest dreams by then, providing him with the happy, amazing and magical world of Life and Art, he has been enjoying and making the most of it for the past six years now. And obviously the most exciting consequence of this intensive research, was the unexpected great enhancement and marvelous switch in his art style, by coming up with talented new visual advances, an amazing and unique combination between Abstract Modern Art and shocking Contemporary neo-Surrealism. Mind Power facts! Art Power action! Pessoa may have just discovered a new visual arts language which has been keeping an emotionally excited expert public systematically looking forward for more and even better. Always based on the concept "Do what you Love and the Lucky Stars will shine", Pessoa's leads his life and work with his traditional unbreakable excitement, in spite of the setbacks that now and then, maybe on a weekly basis, maybe even on a daily basis, he has to face,deal with and overcome, one way or another they just can't succeed to break his energized commitment. And that's always when Mind Power comes in, to provide him with this special alignment between the interests, passions, dreams and values he holds and the work he does, once again explaining his established reputation as a unique artist, a creative individual who always manages to find and feel satisfaction and intense desire to take action with the great profile of his great attitudes. Theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individua listic and traditional. Antonio Pessoa's Mind Power is about his skills to control his own destiny, based on what he believes to be the best system for living. Art and Life! It may be possibly believed that a number of artists are more fortunate than others. And despite the fact that this is unlikely true,you may perhaps disagree that these are proofs, in fact ,living proofs of the Cinderella stories. To there days contemporary artist Antonio Pessoa, who started from the scratch since his teen adventurous days in Amsterdam, Nederland, actually pushed himself to his limits just to make the most and the very best of his life and art performance. What are we talking about? Lucky Stars? That might be a good headline, however not what's actually at stake. Mind Power, is definitely Pessoa's ultimate secret and the only logical explanation for this great achievements in Visual Arts and the exciting lifestyle he is now pleasurably leading. Proper mind set to make the best of everything, passion to excel, conviction to carry on, humility to accept feedback and pride to sustain his personal beliefs. Purpose in life, Knowledge, Imagination and Big Dreams. This thought mechanism, this power to think, dream and come up with cutting edge ideas in every area of his life and art performance, is after all just the outlook getting ready for reality, when it all residues down to one simple fact,which is Action. And precisely this powerful action is the force which turns Antonio Pessoa into one of the most unique and creative contemporary artists in today's art scene, whatever that means. Impossible solutions, quickly become possible solutions, when action means now and the true secret is simply Mind Power abundance and effective inspired action. Pessoa's peace and poise improves as time goes by, as art performance accomplishes the amazing improvement and his communication skills bring about the almost impossible, while little-by-little the flowers of abundance bloom in his heart, in his life and in his art. And the results is that indeed the natural law of momentum is pushing his achievements faster and farther, with soft but solid strides of advancement toward new experiences to paint, to express and share! LIFESTYLE - As a direct result of knowing where to put his talent, imagination and efforts, Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle became a pursuing personal success,well being and new artistic-aesthetic research fascinating process. If the Art Scene road is full of obstacles and set-backs, well that doesn't seem to affect the artist's inner peace, as he sticks to his own special secrets of how to live and let live, how to paint and let it flow, however holding on to his priorities in life and Art and heading forward without ever looking back. Positive thinking and enthusiasm, seems to be his ultimate formula-combination which inner motivation comes right out of his bright nature, his focused outlook and his ever present persistent attitude. Working smart rather than hard, and wisely surrounding himself with supporting and creative people from all over the world, Pessoa's lifestyle manages to show us how to think, how to work, how to live and play and most importantly how to achieve our wildest dreams. During the making of his contemporary Fine Art series, Antonio Pessoa observes the ongoing art scene, with the traditional humilty of all Great Masters when it comes to follow his fellow artists work. In this universe of new references, Pessoa systematically puts his researching attention in artists such as Anne van Borselen, Harrie Gerritz and Jan Hofman - galerie Ann's Art, Groningen, Nederland - where he finds obvious relations, in style, color, subject, medium and very specifically in expression. Interesting works by Anne van Borselen, such as "Liquid days", Monkey Town", "De Pyreneen II " and "Sun in your eyes"... grabs Pessoa's curiosity, making him feel in his natural comfort zone, before artworks of such impactful caliber as Anne Borselen. Galerie Ann's Art becomes one of the artist's european favorite art spaces, where he finds what he has very probably already discovered, nevertheless can't help feeling supported to see other artists with similar tendencies. Doing the things that make him feel good, Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle and art performance, have become a powerful experience and a unique example for emerging artists and worldwide art lovers community. Antonio Pessoa Contemporary Fine Art and New Drawings Art Collection, more than a paradigmatic incredible combination of truly amazing results, is a trustworthy reflector of the artist's latest inner changes. Since the Romantic Period days during which artists such as Xaime Quessada, Eugenio Granall plus his fellow artists such as José Maria Barreiro, Rafael Freijeiro, Trini Barreiro, Rita Pessanha and Rufino Peral, talented people who one way or another had more or less influence in his Oeuvre, Plástica Gallega oriented, 1997-2002, when Arte Alpide, Galeria Monteblanco, Galeria Dorian, were the go-betweens artist-art collectors-media-public, Pessoa has gone through a significant amount of changes, first concerning his outlook of life-inner emotional intelligence, selfgrowth period and then inevitably in his Oeuvre to the point where he is now, in which galleries such as Arte Manz, still manage to take him home to pay special attention to contemporary artists such as Anton Patiño, Jorge Cabezas, Hanoos, Pablo Orza and Alfonso Costa. Strange as it seems, Arte Manz, Coruña, northern Spain west coast, manages to inspire Pessoa's hot- spicy contemporary chemistry with Galicia's new artists refreshing ingredients, in the same exact proportion as Harry Wolfkamp (for instance), represented by the high quality criteria of Kunstbureau ARTeria on the other side of Europe, to be more precise, Dwingeloo, Holland, seems to be another Antonio Pessoa's favorites in this amazing over populated ongoing interactive and eclectic universe of today's art scene. Even less interesting artists such as Arjan van Arendonk, Klaartje Pander and Josephine Wortelboer, are good enough reasons for Pessoa's systematic visits to Kunstbureau ARTeria, throughout his almost religious daily new emerging talents research. Now that Antonio Pessoa is on the right track realizing that contemporary art is filled with infinite possibilities, aware that he has reached a high level power to create whatever he chooses to, the Plástica Gallega old fashioned reality, concepts and outlook of art, begins to change his feelings about artists that years ago, he used as local important references, however, not anymore. One of these names is Rufino Peral, represented by Arte Alpide, and still stuck to the same old color combinations, the same old special effects and the same old cubism - or neo-cubism - despite the useless effort of some local pseudo art critics who claim Rufino Peral and his wall art same old stuff have Pop Art influences or even surrealistic suggestions. Rufino Peral shows us his latest paintings such as "El Berbés", nothing much than a blurred something, and a canvas titled "Expresionismo"in which artist Rufino Peral, despite his not so bad technicall skills, doesn't seem to succeed establishing a proportion between the title and the poor visual results. Antonio Pessoa, more than an artist, a true art expert, admits Arte Alpide has nevertheless a whole stock of high quality art, limited to the Plástica Gallega limited options, however managing to represent reputable Great Masters, such as Xaime Quessada, Laxeiro, Jorge Castillo and José Lodeiro. Talking about contemporary Plástica Gallega, Pessoa is now unquestionably far more interested in artists such as Rafael Alonso, Novoa and even the young emerging artist Joaquin Balsa. Next thing he knows, Antonio Pessoa feels that the current Plástica Gallega, has little to offer him as innovative references, let alone as cutting edge influences, like an old fashioned deja vu Artipedia, without giving clear signals of moving forwaed into the infinite possibilities of new contemporary art where only a highly creative imagination can actually manage to come up with what public, art lovers, and art collectors are right now looking for and eagerly expecting to find and ultimately buy. Cutting edge visual concepts, and new ways of New Art, expressing a new outlook of reality, poetry and aesthetic chemistry. These winds of changes took Pessoa to finding and living the dream and the lifestyle, only self discovery, self assessment and personal development can achieve. What is the secret after all, people keep on asking because they want to know. I would say Antonio Pessoa's secret is actually quite simple. He is brutally honest with himself, a Must key to complete the process to make a Masterpiece out of his life. This issue of brilliance is also an issue of perseverance, the most enjoyable project and the best rewarding in many ways. Looking at the impact his reputable lifestyle and Oeuvre is having among the public, we have to bear in mind however, that all these amazing results in all areas, speaks specifically of his Mind Power, actually rather than Lucky Stars, oftentimes through complex processes of intensive self-growth and solid determination, and let me reassure you that it is in these times of trial that the artist's greatness keeps on rising to the top. Also it's during these times of multiple frequencies and daring challenges that Pessoa finds much of his inspiration in simplicity, like in the artworks of one of his current favorite artists, Christel Hermann - represented by Galerie Jean-Marc Laik, an art space where talented people such as Sabine Fernkorn, Viorel Chirea, Tita de Rêgo Silva and Edith Sturde, obviously succeed to entertain Pessoa's genuine interest, specially these days when abstract contemporary art seems to be his most reliable reference as the best style to express his feelings and personal opinions. Systematically establishing what quality Art is all about for him, and always wanting to get better as an artist, Antonio Pessoa this time gets pleasurably motivated by Galerie Jean-Marc Laik's excellent selection of emerging quality artists such as Tita de Rêgo Silva, Viorel Chirea, Edith Sturde and very particularly, Sabrine Fernkorn. Antonio Pessoa's fabulous view of today's art scene, provide him with the very best of the surrounding contemporary references he loves to share as he climbs to the top of his artistic journey. Pessoa finds his passion with a little help from his fellow artists, working new ideas and visual concepts, making them better and definitely excelling as the Great Master we all have to admit he is indeed. Assuming the position of overseer, Antonio Pessoa takes total responsibility and becomes the driving force behind his collaborators team, behind the mission, before the challenge, behind the project. After all it is his insight, his grasp of the situations that becomes the ultimate motivation for the ones who work with him, deal with him, do business with him, believe in his Art and in his innovative concepts. Also Pessoa's artistic development is systematically elevated by embracing the quality consistencies of many of his fellow artists worldwide, he has a particular interest and in some punctual obvious cases even a very specific passion for. This principle of current adaptability to the art scene's surroundings, fit and become an inspiration for every situations in the productive privacy of his art studio as art performance takes place and once again it's action time. This hearfelt meaningful relationship opens up to another connection, this time with Galerie Artitude (Nijmejen, Nederland) where the nature of some of his represented artists sustains Antonio Pessoa's genuine interest. Ultimately, Galerie Artitude (Nijmejen,nl) provides Pessoa with a selection of abstract artists, who actually fill him with a lot of ideas and great conceptual art approaches, which are thereby applied to his daily art studio activities. Artists such as Ger Lataster, emphasizes Pessoa's outlook of contemporary art expression, definitely delivered with the similar dynamic color combinations he is so fond of, that formula almost reaching perfection in abstract style and making perfect sense. Robert Terwindt (who can also be found at Galerie Artitude), although basically figurative, succeeds to grab Antonio Pessoa's attention, mainly for the ambiguous ambience as in Eclipss-Asap where the underlines of visual poetry are far more important than what seems apparently obvious. Also "Three of a Kind", three screenprints by Theo Elfink, Suen Hoekstra and of course Robert Terwindt, offers Pessoa that very special possibility and opportunity of full satisfaction, by discovering that the inspirational idea for this painterly compositions, is in large measure the same essence of his current impactful contemporary series. With the amazing information being presented by Galerie Artitude, Antonio Pessoa goes on focusing his observant attention on Marie-José Robben, another artist whose exuberant artworks excite Pessoa's imagination, making him want to explore everything there is to know about this talented woman, who translates with great skills visions and emotions into excellent abstract contemporary visual arts. Galerie Artitude also provides Pessoa with another reference artist, Jef Diederen, showing the sort of original concepts actually in a very similar line Pessoa has adopted as his latest style. It's really very simple, almost two choices in one, Jef Diederen - Antonio Pessoa, two of a kind strategies for contemporary abstract art expression, frantically amazing, while acting as in real time studio action, today, here and now, instead of letting the canvases collect dust. Two artists following similar concepts in one or more ideas of the very best of today's contemporary abstract wall art. Anyway, one way or another, meaning definitely, Antonio Pessoa's Lifestyle is an exciting, daring, systematic, breaking out of his comfort zone, feeling just fine to develop his core competencies, ans as the reputable dynamic artist, thinker and leader he is, he knows how to manage and maintain a list of new challenges to tackle. If modeling the Greats will revitalize anyone, then modeling Pessoa's Lifestyle and everything it involves, is upgrading your mastery in many areas, from re-inventing Art and Life to build upon new and exciting methods. Practice, Practice, Practice, that's what Antonio Pessoa's life is all about. And that's when learning leads to magnificent mastery. Coaching others as he grows,and in so doing empowerment is mutual and sharing leads to a more rewarding and satisfying win-win outcome. The artist's ability, capacity and skills to perceive, assess and manage his emotions is actually the way in which he interacts with people and public and how he relates to the world and how all this combination reflects on what he paints, and how he takes total responsibility when it comes to rely on himself to live and make the most of an exciting and creative Lifestyle!



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