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Antonio Pessoa
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Antonio Pessoa Trial by Fire Once again the artist delivers the ultimate thrill, as we all look genuinely awestruck before one more It's Hard to Believe sort of challenge, through which the art creator's puzzling experiments insist in preparing us yet for another public Watchout session. Fair enough. What is this all about, after all, you may ask. Let me explain. Commited himself to the achievement os self- development all areas highest levels, Antonio Pessoa combines information... or should I say, Knowlrdge... from multiple resources, thereby getting instant access to this fascinating dimension of living magic and most importantly to this highly effective mind power multilateral expertise. Emerging across all the information available, the artist's determination and traditional straightforwardness seem to be once again tough enough to track the whole of this advanced tutorials, leaving us to absolutely expect the upcoming high-impact all this wisdom structure and mastery are going to have in his private life, art performance, lifestyle and most importantly in his public projection, as the paradigmatic entrepreneur artist of our times and obviously as the new generation great communicator. Getting ready to indeed operate a daring new artistic enterprise and worldwide venture, Pessoa inevitably assumes a great deal of accountability for the inherent risks, setbacks, stand bys, ins and outs and general obstacles, definitely a scary process (not for all) where getting accurate valuable advice and cutting edge information never seems to be enough in the new start-up stage of his current and coming soon king-sized challenges where sharing his responsibilities and vision with his collaborators international team definitely requires a proficiently advanced How-To immediate decision making skills, where his mind tools productive effectiveness will be unquestionably on Trial by Fire! Taking a good look at the tools, modus operandi, and processes Antonio Pessoa continually uses in his rich and colorful day to day life, we helplessly can't resist to get a glimpse into the artist's life latest news, always expecting the next episode to be far more striking and exciting than the ones before. People from all over Europe and United States write to me telling us they indeed do spend a lot of time researching and reading about the artist's methods, deliciously grabbed and entertained by how he systematically manages to get off to a new blazing start just about to a always unexpected new series of brilliant and satisfying conclusions, as one of the art scene world's most unique, amusing and amazing on-going profiles. The extent to which Pessoa exhibits various and interesting characteristics, provides us with sufficient visibility to fully understand his increasing degree of positive exposure to public notice.Fact. Therefore, extinguishing the fire with a calm spell seems to be right now the hardest accomplishment for anyone within the artist's friends circle. Besides, anyway, nobody seems to have no reasons to actually wish that to happen. Slowly but surely turned on by the tempting idea of living feeling today everything is possible, even his wildest dreams, Antonio Pessoa uses his mind's full potential to wish things to happen and surprise, surprise, fact is that then they actually do. However there is after all the secret, the special trick, which enables the artist to deal with challenges he has to face, by astonishingly quadrupling his vision, knowledge, meeting the goal achievement proper balance with his traditional rock-solid determination to make the seemingly impossible a now-reality. Sensitive, selective, fast and accurate, the artist faithfully keeps on following a truly effective method, which unfortunately for most of us, strange as it seems, remains a one million dollars secret! No doubt Pessoa must have enough good reasons to have entitled this painting "Trial by Fire ". Pure abstract art, caughts the eye of the viewer, regardless the message or meaning, however as we all become more and more familiarized with the content-intent of this particular artwork, which is after all, and most important of all, the mirror reflecting the powerful heart and soul of a life veteran sort of artist, once again stubbornly committed to change his mind's orientation, a current challenging issue which has clearly shown itself to be by now a striking method both proficient and highly effective in all areas and in every step of the way. Banking on proving to himself and to the world that beyond the boundaries of conscious self-evaluation, of conscious global awareness, there is an endless wealthy empire of possibilities, we so very often can't make out, lost through our own mismanagement of our own inner potential scenario, Antonio Pessoa records in " Trial by Fire " the expanded universe available to anyone willing to spend a reasonable full time research aiming at reaching a level of global expertise, the fuel of a dynamic and happy life, wealthy innovations and new ways of viewing the world through self-growth, after all the magical counselling therapy providing a lucid, original and effective practical guide to how accomplish our most cinematic dreams taking off from the deep valuable resources of our inner mind. "Trial by Fire" definitely doesn't pretend to suggest doubt about this high-efficiency method, however clearly points out that the golden results basically depend on absolute true passion, daily focusing, solid motivation, a patient step by step mind fitness plan, an increasing magnitude unbreakable perspective and a whole lot of multiple positive intentions, the ultimate goal setting made easy. Pessoa couldn't have chosen a better title for this mountains beyond mountains of research and observation endless miles and miles and miles to cross, climb and crawl, indeed a Trial by Fire, engaged in fierce emotional tournaments and daring journeys bound to where the glowing pot is placed, solving ancient mysteries hidden in plain sight from our perception, knowledge and wise mindset awareness. This painting once again rises an impressive new set of questions. First and most important of all, is Antonio Pessoa going to pass this stiff examination entitled "Trial by Fire"? We all believe he will, despite also acknowledging that arriving safe and sound at the shining palace at the end of the long and winding road, it's not going to be a twelve minute extravaganza of boiling fun. A mission impossible or a successful accomplishment? I would rather emphasize a mission accomplishment as an already now-reality fact, running like a well-oiled machine. However the big challenge is out there, waiting for an artist willing to be playing with fire, by the book and by the rules, a free trial available for anyone, nevertheless a tough enough match only the brave players can undertake when it comes the time to jump into the titanic overwhelming arena of the Trial by Fire! Antonio Pessoa Burning Flame Feeding his concept of Masterpiece, the magnificent life guide, the inner creative aqueduct running as a video game, allowing the proper context of effective thought turn into a luminous landscape of rewarding reality, where the weaponry of imagination, plays a rather important role, basically it's all there is to have in order to accomplish the wildest dreams, Antonio Pessoa's burning flame is more than ever the action set for his passionate, vibrant and purposeful positive energy aiming at that pure unbridled ecstasy of personal success and at achieving goals, whatever they might be, like a magical inspiring huge fire wave around his heart and soul. Most important of all, Pessoa effortlessly keeps his flame burning in every possible way as always, lighting up living fire and consequently he does have a lot of fun attracting the universe natural pulse while life easy does it, providing him with the hottest colors of desire, action and fullfilment. It's becoming more and more general well known fact that indeed Pessoa has obviously sunk to depths of self biographical fine art rituals nobody could ever imagined. His long-standing relationship with art studio intensive performance step by step, year after year, as time goes by, made him to become more focused and dedicated to catch up with his inner self, thereby coming up with a growing prominent attitude, genuine interest and commited on-going research concerning a light speed development philosophy of life oriented process meking him take on more truthful art expression moves and skills than ever before. BURNING FLAME, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, is definitely a paradigmatic witness of this continuous and growing emotional life observing giving him impressive motivational lectures of the mind's science, thereby empowering his current oeuvre to promote an outstanding wide profile of human nature, including himself. Burning Flame, apart from its inner emotional content along with its direct association with the source of Pessoa's intensive self- discovery, establishes once again the latest visual language through which the artist puts special emphasis on a metaphorically oriented feeling of immense art expression freedom, in the whole essence, idea, concept and visual impact. Antonio Pessoa's vivid and emotional understanding of reality externalises its inner world onto the world of pure abstract nature, where the principles of aesthetics, apart from their intrinsic interest, introduce a new depth of feelings guided through clearly instructed methods of conceptual art making, sequences where the multiple abstract images in contrast to a unique mixture of colors creates a lyric-dynamic plastic architecture, underscoring a clear-cut inherent richness and an exuberant variety of meanings, eroticized sensuality, almost living visual patterns, providing the viewer with the possibility of an interpretation triplicity and an open access to all this emotional embodiment of art. Its design, layout and content makes Burning Flame unique and irresistible for the eye, for it is obvious that apart from its expressive value, the drawing plays an important communicative role, transparently symbolic, yet so abstractly described. Nevertheless, it's not only the painting's title or even the visual pleasant results pointing out that the artist's message merely suggests the Burning Flame meaning and idea. As a matter of fact Burning Flame might as well be interpreted as Antonio Pessoa's nature most reliable signature. The criterion used to give a specific title to each of his latest artworks is based on a very conceptual catalogue of attitudes, priorities and most importantly, beliefs. The truth is, Pessoa's genetic mechanism has provided the art creator not only with an impressive mental vital energy but also with an impressive outstanding imagination, delivering him exceptional results throughout his life up to now, such a remarkable innovative reasoning ability, creative communication skills and a first rate perception of cause and effect. The growing awareness of this golden God's gift, which has been his lifetime heart and soul of his punctual breath-taking accomplishments, explains the deep essence of this canvas titled Burning Flame, rather a token of humble gratitude than a temporary relation of superiority. Even the many harsh setbacks, critic situations and crushing times along the way didn't manage to generate enough negative power to break his solid as a rock determination and pro-life positive thinking, on the contrary, life's unexpected winds of changes and painful blackouts actually succeeded effectually in strengthening the potential of his emotional and mind armament, serving to mould the artist's character increasing its power at the expense of the inevitable downs and outs. Antonio Pessoa Colors Update Pessoa stains on watercolor paper, both generously or feverishly adding water to the tissue, following the spontaneous instructions of his experienced intuition. His untouchable imaginative endeavour, makes his fine art activity an effortless almost unconscious undertaking, apparently with no doubts about the whole art action enterprise, whatsoever. His quality work is thereby delivered and accomplished by miracle, showing us once again clear evidences of his privileged gift he gracefully received and gratefully developed and improved through this well-known systematic exceptional working method and highly professional attitude. Enchanting the world with his inmitable visual flavours,colorful motions by projecting his peculiar dynamic kaleidoscope of pure contemporary poetry, Pessoa provides us with this pleasant artistic metaphysics, visual literature where elemental beauty of adventurous power of invention leave art lovers deliciously dazzled by the mastery through which he artistically speaks his mind as his work becomes more and more notorious like something truly magical in today's contemporary art scene. From a modern critical standpoint, Antonio Pessoa has indeed this unique capacity to make us see things that aren't actually there, that completely high level when the viewer awakens suddenly and contemplates the awesome abstract nature of inspired combinated creative cutting edge. It's work and play, flowing from one idea to another as he walks us through the multiple artistic possibilities, not only the quality evidence of a life's work but a rather original style, powerfully magnetic, intensive and new. Ups and downs, ins and outs, don't seem to be able to stop the artist, let alone take his burning fire away. No stormy Monday, foggy Twesday or rainy day seem to be capable to put his fire off, neither thunderstorming, freezing or snowing events or even setbacks, seem to succeed to list him among the lost stars. If it's true that vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit, then Antonio Pessoa's burning flame fading out is definitely out of question. Back in business after a good night sleep, no matter what's at stake, no matter what it takes, the Show must go on for today's visual arts most adventurous and dynamic entertainer. Even feeling quite often a bit burned out by pressure and life in general, Pessoa's trained pro- life attitude grants him what seems to be indeed a life time heavenly Guardian Angel assistance, a whole great amount of vital positive energy, showing him the way and lead his project in full swing with the hot fusion of mind power daily updates. Therefore, COLORS UPDATE, watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper, Antonio Pessoa 2007, now it sure seems like it was an accurate predicability of the on-going art action and visual results of the making of an impressive collection of cutting edge mixed media artworks on watercolor tissue and most importantly using a true revolutionary method in the art of painting, which essential characteristics is the magical experience of the color stains taking spontaneous and absolute control plus cellular autonomy of the art action,just as in one of those amazing Walt Disney best of productions animation fiction wonders. Can you believe it? The art studio wizard is back in business, a paradigmatic inspired fine artist performing a striking number of art magic... or should I say... contemporary witchcraft? What do you know! Optical illusions appear on the watercolor wet tissues, exhibiting a breathtaking fairy magic fantasy festival. Art reviews heralding "welcome back to the art studio, Antonio Pessoa, sure thing, the place where you definitely do belong. "Breaking news never seemed to be so easy, breaking news never seemed to be so fulfilling, breaking news never seemed to be so exciting, sensational, rewarding, delicious and magical. The art studio wizard at work shows us inevitably once again a truly special profecy of contemporary art current-upcoming cutting edge, as time goes by and the show must go on, and it does, it's definitely a Must, Must, Must flash point art performance, a Must elated blissed-out phenomenon! Freeze, read my lips and mark my words, one has actually got to see it to believe it. Pessoa opens his studio doors for his faithful, best and closest friends, the only ones allowed to enter the cathedral of contemporary fine art and thereby witness live and ablaze, a landscape of chaotically displayed dozens and dozens of watercolor tissues all over the floor,miraculous visions on top of other textured multicolored victorious artistic wonders. Theoretically and apparently one could come up with the possibility of an artist working chaotically, which isn't definitely what is happening. Colors in the air, that's more like it,up they go and next thing you know they are fast landing in artland, it's best to get down quickly, for red, yellow, orange, brown, black and blue color pigments are flying all over the place like party decorations gone mad, precisely when time awareness seems to have been suspended, sense of reality expired and the artistic madness now hitting us hard, nevertheless too late to warn us how deliciously crazy we can go standing before Antonio Pessoa's art action glowing exuberance and original style extending well beyond the inherited tradition of reasonable self-contained art making. Too much of too much, believe me. Much more than simply a Colors Update, the artist's effortless studio live shows, leave us no doubts of how far into artistic mastery he has already gone, and a clear clue of how his strikingly spectacular upcoming special effects aesthetic achievements are unquestionably going to hit the highest possible standards of quality contemporary art, surely bound to inspire not only the new generation of talented emerging artists but also today's art collectors special recognition of his creative skills and top of the line awesome artistic accomplishments. Antonio Pessoa Portrait Now What? Antonio Pessoa unpredictable as his reputation heralds, comes up with a rather mysterious canvas, somehow suddenly breaking away from the series of spiritual-oriented artworks he has been presenting lately. PORTRAIT, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, stands out of the artist's latest line of work,with a title and a touch of art expression reminding his late nineties oeuvre. Visiting Pessoa's studio in the first week of November precisely during the making of PORTRAIT, I asked him as politely as I possibly could what was going on.The artist sits in front of me and without any beating about the bush preambles, tells me he needed urgently to demystify someone we both knew, searching for logical evidence and accurate clues in order to explain through art expression and very particularly to himself the true nature and deep motivations of the eccentric character represented in PORTRAIT, his inherent complex of attributes plus his restless actions and reactions. Once identified Portrait's heart and soul, I'm quite sure the artist from that step on is having so much fun, now able and available to play the game, hanging out provided with the third vision of perception and thereby watching whoever is behind this abstract painting, articulating his focus and looking beyond the surface, deep, above and below, defenitely seeing a whole lot more than what any viewer eventually shall see whatever, whoever the image truly manifests and represents. Once again the superior mirage of the natural privilege of being an artist gives him probably the genuine right to keep a whole lot of secrets for himself, therefore the puzzling secrecy and identity of Portrait keeps the viewer asking the same old questions over and over again, and this premeditated cause and effect reaction manipulation is the typical modus- operandi of Antonio Pessoa's harmless playful moody games, when it comes to use art as his favorite tool in order to challenge the viewer's thoughtful and sometimes painful discernment process about how to actually approach a purposely ambiguous topic, randomly experiencing multiple assumptions and considering several aspects of an apparently faceless Portrait, particularly in this thrilling situation in which the artist provides no antidotes whatsoever for the viewer's ocular interpretation let alone navigate across the ocean of speculative exploring, and consequently come up at least with a dim light at the end of the tunnel after a meticulous eternity trying to figure out the artist's intentions, jumping at last to the twisted-grinning accurate conclusion that the hidden consistency of Portrait was from the very beginning meant for the artist to know and for the viewer to find out. More than a visual illusion, Portrait's equivocal, cryptic, enigmatic, "top secret" possibilities, incorporates key-references, trying and actually succeeding to provide the viewer with a superuniverse of infinite research tools, however in the meantime creating a mysterious traffic of visual tactics almost suggesting that the one meant to have been the inspiring model is pure imagination fiction, that the true meaning of this painting, maybe... just maybe, might as well still be under construction. Basically, all I could really do to help in the hope to cool the viewer's anxiety or make the viewer consider the evidence of no evidence at all, would possibly be to gently say "give it up and just sit, relax and enjoy it", for after all it seems to me quite obvious Portrait was indeed meant to be from the very beginning a conceptual artistic camouflage. A mystery Portrait, an artist's secret, revealing absolutely nothing but another interesting fine art riddle, a brain teaser double and veiled meaning composition, meant to puzzle the viewer and therefore a classified information artistic enigma never to be solved. Antonio Pessoa's juicy secret skillfully hidden perhaps behind the apparent empty spaces of the canvas, as if answering questions with odd questions, makes Portrait the traditional "maybe, maybe not" sort of inscrutable, obscure, even mystical sort of artistic disappearance, leaving no loose ends and leaving the anonymous portrayed one forevermore occult in the mystifying highest level of the world fine art nameless esoteric models Olympus. Antonio Pessoa Atlantis "The Last Days of Paradise", oil on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2002, as the title makes perfectly clear, unquestionably points out the artist's intuitive premonition of his astounding super productive Romantic Period's final countdown and inevitable mysterious and cinematic troubled ending. ATLANTIS, Antonio Pessoa's macro space art studio, stands today as thelegendary historical evidence, and symbol of the artist's most productive period up to now,during which an intensive and eclectic method of art action had thepower and ability to come up with one of the most gigantic and striking fine art collections of the twentieth century's last decade. This accentuated fact, furnished with an endless display of action movie, romantic comedy, even drama, plus erotic unspeakable episodes, mainly taking place in the dim-lit seductively designed and decorated ATLANTIS Studio, indeed gave birth to a wonderful, brilliant and encyclopedic art production, matching the great masters traditional modus operandi, conduct, lifestyle, maximized efficiency and outstanding creative commitment, where detailed academic research, highly elaborated projects of artistic performance, art action, passion and energy systematically aiming to create what indeed turned out to be and impossible made possible six years in a row super-human art production marathon. However, these accomplishments and success secrets, strange as it seems, still remain a public mystery despite all the reports and eventual speculation related to Pessoa's Romantic Period ( 1997 - 2002 ) at the idyllic ATLANTIS art Home Studio. Despite the Romantic Period's ins and outs and ups and downs, the artist was well aware that on the whole he was living the time of his life, and getting a kick out of his daily intensive art making ritual and his bohemian city night life unspeakable adventures. Despite the fact that he was living and painting basically or even entirely apart from the worldwide art scene's ins, outs and abouts, another extensive variety of stimulation sources and resources were actually feeding his inspiration,motivation, and creative burning flame, arousing his organism to powerful art action in such a way which has made Pessoa's Romantic Period turn out to be an everyday mental process involving contemporary art versions of the twentieth century's reknown modern masters let alone new ideas and concepts the artist skillfully knew how to express on to his thousands of artworks, namely oils and acrylics on canvas, watercolors, mixed medias, drawings, sketches and even unique style interesting installations. Now the frequently asked question at stake concerns the connection between Pessoa's taking it global spontaneous footloose lifestyle and his unbreakably self- disciplined daily art-making implacability, serious approach, dependent upon solid values of artistic commitment and absolute devotion. This unsolved mystery, brain teaser riddle, mindbreaker puzzle, is still an on-going challenge even for me, for his closest friends, let alone all of them Antonio Pessoa's fans, clients, admirers, fellow artists and public in general. Far from being an over and out archived-investigation, Pessoa's Romantic Period What, Why, Where and How, still unavailable information summary,is a well alive issue and biographical thrilling process to such an extent that not even lyrical prose and appealing art reviews seem to succeed to cool it down and let it go, not at least for the time being. ATLANTIS, after all has been for the artist a once in a lifetime heavenly Paradise, fact and not merely an assumption, given the so many told and even untold signs available to invigorate this hypothesis, or more accurately a shared theory which is by now widely taken for granted. Thereby, purposefully procrastinating worldwide reputation and public recognition, Antonio Pessoa during his Romantic Period's six years of growing personal artistic realization and night life breathless explorations, strange and crazy as it seems and uniquely unambitious and ambiguously self sufficient as it was indeed, earns more than enough money to pay his three houses plus extravaganza bills and embrace fine arts enjoying the privilege of no interferences whatsoever, plus carrying on living a romantic-erotic-artistic lifestyle, lavishly staged, spectacular, Kafkanian... apparently without pondering whether it was worth the possibility of a bigger time spending investment in the complex boring process of a worldwide career situation and his art universal promotion. I can imagine how wonderful life was for the artist, when, as far as the world art scene was concerned, there was nothing to do therefore wonderful to wake up glad to know nothing had been left undone. Nevertheless, in the meantime, Antonio Pessoa without even being aware of it, is actually creating what a few years later was bound to become the heart and soul of his world reputation. The Romantic Period! ATLANTIS art studio was indeed Paradise! I suppose that's why it might have been a rather nostalgic moments time lost in the universe of recent memories and in the feedback of a present turning fast into past that Pessoa imagined and actually painted "The Last Days of Paradise " . Winds of changes were blowing across the Atlantic, just to put it in the best poetic way I know how, highlighted signs of emotional hurricanes and stormy chaos were showing up here and there and everywhere, sometimes disguised as a Celtic tale comedy-drama short episode, some other times indeed making way for a dressed to kill ruthless master of harsh reality. Antonio Pessoa New Line Oh, my God! He did it again! He walks again along the boulevard of contemporary art's cutting edge, bouncing with vigorous invention, far beyond the bounds of expected reasonable possibilities, now coming up with this astonishing autogenesis, charming and wonderfully absurd, screaming colors disturbing the standardized patterns of the on-going tendencies, resembling some sort of special effects sensational circus number, a striking explosion of raging artistic headlines, whatever, shockwaves of hiper chromatic flash, loud and sustained, shrill and piercing, animated gifts switching to moving thingies, or so it seems, downright overwhelming for any tolerant viewer's eyes, like mustard mix with reddish and a whole lot of stripes! Narrative powders, striking impressions all over this tempting flavors shocking shimmery festival! Should the present approach be viewed as a first step towards obtaining universal recognition or must this be interpreted as the historic golden keys to open the doors to the seven templates before divine madness? Antonio Pessoa's maddening prodigy of composition, promising artistic isotopic lunacy, colors entering the canvas like a visual adaptation on some Stanley Kubrick conceptual orgy, or a Steven Spielberg script digitized and reconstructed in a indelibly haunting endlessly fascinating gallery of adhesive transitions, gorgeous enigmatic sentences projecting a strong imperative impact where the required invisible final touch seems long gone to have turned into an intoxicating encore of purposefully passionate variations of wild art action super color magic velocity. Cognitive materials at every crossroad continue as if it has always been there without even the grinding artistic percussion, building up to break down, enter and exit in such a general contrasting visual effect only an artist like Pessoa could possibly come up with. Too much of too much, indeed! Lovely. Antonio Pessoa does it in such a unique way that as far as I am concerned, New Line seems to have no links with any contemporary art current references whatsoever. Daring and new the artist once again proves to be the unquestionable cutting edge of today's art scene. A free man and an independent eccentric art maker, ecclectic in his glamorous lifestyle and proud of his wealthy creativity, provides us systematically with artistic real-time news, as in New Line, more unusual than ever, the pretty boy of today's big time art collectors, invisible to the average citizen yet a growing public phenomenon, Pessoa claims a new area of emotion-oriented fine art, in which the resulting visual effects link him to the top conceptual creators of the new age by laying out the notion that the possibility to accomplish the impossible is merely the beginning of a long-term artistic strategic context and most importantly an artistic wide range communicative attitude. The overpricing of initial art dealers offerings this year, has developed a new somewhat unexpected information concerning Antonio Pessoa's latest oeuvre. His nineties Romantic Period artworks adjustment was therefore inevitable, creating the proper balance, moreover extraordinary results not only in the artist's finantial status but on the whole improving his collaborators team working machine,plus a significant enthusiasm in public relations, spreading fast, as an interchange of fluent dynamics, that degree of global evaluation that appear to occur, very often creating conflicts and contradictions between Antonio Pessoa and the art market coverage areas and promotion campaign that in reality means little or nothing for the artist, at least from his private assumption and his personal outlook of the global context related to the art scene general and sometimes obscure outs and abouts. The hyperconfident Antonio Pessoa astounds with his ability to express directly to the viewers his artistic science, just to turn his back to the tedious art market oscillations, as a good chance and excellent excuse to go back to his studio comfort, exploring the sectors of life he enjoys the most. Despite Pessoa's latest artistic preferences and even model references such as Eugene Brands, represented by Elisabeth den Bieman Dehass, Jacques Bage, Arnold Niessen and Anne Vignal, their artworks available at Galerie Blom, Niklas Anderberg, Robert Brandy, Mario Morunti, plus the amazing Gerard Hendriks, if I'm not mistaken represented by Gallery Chicory... the artist however seems to be moving towards a much more advanced research of what contemporary art can, should be and indeed is, accomplishing its most dominant exuberance and distinguished innovation in the spontaneous cutting edge ideas such as New Line. Antonio Pessoa's sustainable artistic maturity and trajectory, despite being now and then eventually favored at the expense of other artists, such as Chris Berens, Dorien Plaat, Richard Smeets, Joan Miró, Pollock, Harrie Gerritz and Klaas Gubbels, on the whole he is essentially far more original by embracing a awesome new way of art expression where the dominant theme and nature is unquestionably his colors unrestrained movements, perhaps frequently with excessive exuberance, although wisely mitigated by his outstanding drawing skills and composition unique possibilities, another dominant significance highlighting the progress of his imagination grandeur and inevitably seeking to enforce the general public concept of what contemporary expression should be as part of today's world actions and reactions. The evaluation and significance of hyperchromatic New Line, should after all be left to the personal judgement of the viewer, like an overpigmented fine art atlas, a subjective document where the eye and perception increase their depth of focus and interpretation. If the artist's intention was indeed to create art-abstract with suggestive keywords or hidden messages or even, shall we say, top classified information, theoretically that could stand for a tricky way of harmless playful perversion, meant to inhibit the viewer diagnosis and in so doing forcing a further challenge to the brain cells or a double focused approach on the look out for a suitable meaning possibly present somewhere across the different components of such a nutritious composition. This balanced weighing up of evidence and meaningful content might be as well Antonio Pessoa's need of hope to challenge the viewer attempt to collect some self-reflection using the painting as a mirror, like a wall art made to test the viewer's capacity to exercise introspection or otherwise, to transcend the philosophical limits and thereby start questioning the artist's intentions, secret profile. What one can feel and do before this intense color traffic jam is one of the interesting adventures any art lover can come across, standing still in a crowded art show opening night,or at the home-sweet-home privacy as any serious art collector should. My educated intuition and viewpoint whisper in my ear that very probably, knowing the artist as I actually do, that the law of attraction - even dismissed the ultimate need for scientific proof - might as well be playing an interesting role as far as this masterpiece titled New Line is concerned. So it might happen that indeed Antonio Pessoa's dominant thought during the making of New Line, was actually telling him that he attracts into his oeuvre reputation whatever he thinks about. This subliminal message might have been the hypnotic motivation I know he has, that the wholesome of his latest and upcoming oeuvre should and must attract the New Line of art collectors. What do you know! For so very often without sharpness of edge or point Antonio Pessoa art expression can be as direct and outspoken, some other times the artist takes the opposite option, not led by any circumstances changes, but as a delicious solution for a specific artistic strategy, delivered free, nevertheless keeping for himself a whole great stock of valuable explanations and most importantly a relevant amount of private classified information. And that's as much out in the open the artist's inner self configuration manual goes. The artistic impact hides the undiscovered master of art fiction, a dimension of privacy not even celebrity interviews nor steady gossip manage to guess let alone figure out what's behind the New Line! Antonio Pessoa Live ! Original and unique, mystical and straightforward, charmingly shy and enthusiastic communicator, hard worker and contemplative procrastinator, Antonio Pessoa's nature lives up to a rich controversial personality which indeed has beed the heart and soul of his cinematic adventurous lifesyle.Fact. A "no two alike" myth, this artist, jazz-blues musician, art curator and positive-thinker, remains an up to date phenomenon after all these years of experiencing systematically the leading role of a nail-bitting motion picture which could be eventually titled "Antonio Pessoa the One and Only ". I'm positively sure, his aristocratic background and super-protected privileged childhood education, let alone his unquestionable genetic talent he possesses, have been the seeds for him to grow and become a premature prodigy, even featuring the performance characteristics of a dazzling skilled in any field sort of teenager. Therefore Antonio Pessoa throughout the years has been leading a kind of life we only see in the best and most exciting Hollywood productions, from ever since the time he was twelve years old up to now. Very probably, that's why all his art is so deliciously eclectic, exciting and new, that's definitely why his whole oeuvre is what it is. An awe-inspiring universe of wonder, genius, complexity and over the edge overwhelming content. Since the time, me, Jacob Kotsky, with the valuable assistance help from Luis Santiago, Nancy Igartiburu and Pierre Fontanals, started writing and publishing online all about an artist named Antonio Pessoa, back in 2005, we've been receiving hundreds of letters from people from all over Europe and United States, on a punctual weekly basis asking us an impressive great deal of extra information related with this mysterious artist. More than enough to provide us with substantial motivation to carry on with our reviews and general interest arousing biographical articles about Pessoa's life and work. Being all the four of us close friends of the artist, public relations and global collaborators, references and accurate reliable information sources hasn't been a problem for very obvious reasons, moreover I'm happy to report that this process on the whole has been and it is mostly truly stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding.Fact. All this takes place precisely when Pessoa, mind made up, decides to break up with his traditional figurative paintings to embrace exclusively contemporary fine art, surprising us all as he systematically comes up with a totally different line of work, Pierre Fontanals named New Era, in which Antonio Pessoa once again proves to be indeed a unquestionable gifted talented innovator, by so originally starting to produce a series of canvases and watercolors clearly reflecting a no way back personal commitment and response to the latest contemporary art tendencies, where not only a striking chromatic miscellaneous brilliance invades his canvases space, but also where his drawing skills astonishingly accomplish the cutting edge and beyond of today's art expression, all so intelligently combined, so unpretentiously aesthetically elegant and glamorous in such a manner of a highly inventive visual writing of a kind of emotional fiction that captures the viewer's sensations at first sight. One of the most frequently asked questions about the artist, still concerns his somewhat cloudy past, namely the late eighties and the super productive golden years of the nineties. Being Antonio Pessoa the paradigmatic straighforward sort of person, it's not always that easy and simple to make him talk about his past,let alone twenty years ago today. However, since I've met him, from the very first time back in the year 1997, I've been having plenty of time to, shall we say, solve the big puzzle, bit by bit, tip by tip, step by step. Therefore, as I became ritualized in Pessoa's hidden secrets, and the flipping schemes involving his outs and abouts of his past, private life, work and lifestyle, solving the riddle the best way I knew how, the complexity of the whole endless process actually turned out to be indeed a truly challenging and rewarding experience, a delicious hard brain teaser, solving the enigma wrapped in mystery, adventure, night life, studio performance, love affairs, glamor and the inevitable unexpected drastic changes. During the mid-late eighties, long before the first Gulf War, Antonio Pessoa is a night-life legend, a jazz-blues musician skillfully playing the grand-piano and singing, performing to perfection new versions of songs by The Beatles, Elton John, Simply Red, Prince, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, The Doors, The Eagles, James Taylor, Police, Television, Roxy Music, David Bowie, and even Elvis, Sinatra, plus tunes by John Coltrane, Miles Davis and George Gershwin. Cherished by an excited nightly audience he often took the tonight programme a whole lot further on into the morning light by using his sketching and drawing skills overwhelming his celebrating fans club community by painting live, on stage, under the spotlight. According to many of his soul mates, show biz agents, all time friends and audience inocent bystanders years later we've been stumbling upon, here and there and everywhere, the magic of these daily live art shows animated entertainment, was one of Pessoa's most clamouring and most enjoyable periods ever, where fine art was a dancing all night away live play in which Antonio Pessoa besides having the leading role, was also indeed having the time of his life, let alone the inevitable great improvement concerning his artistic performance mastery and expertise. Being by then already a truly experienced live performance veteran, it's no big deal and no wonder the artist was definitely able to handle the situation with that effortless stunning ravishing easy-to-do know-how which made him step on the stage and thereby become the prototype unique symbol of live art action of our times. Even during the nineties, right at his career apotheosis, as he successfully turned and strode toward the top of the hill of his striking worldwide reknown Romantic Period, Pessoa now and then breaks through the boundaries of his art studio and goes back to the night life yet for another display of fine art action live performances, both in the sunny cosmopolitan glamorous mediterranean zone and in celtic inspired Vigo city Atlantic frantic weekends lively night life. Unpredictable as he is, it seems only the future will be able to actually show us whether or not Pessoa's live art action is over for good. The answer for this frequently asked question for the time being remains in the holy secret of the Gods, for in my humble opinion, anytime, anywhere, anyway, anyhow, definitely it wouldn't be the surprise of the century if the artist made up his mind to return to that lively dimension of his life where painting live eventually might bring him that kind of magic, that sort of rewarding inspiration, thrilling excitement and inner satisfaction, we all so desperately need from time to time, here and then, once in a while, in order to make us feel meaningfully alive to such an extent in which we come once again to that delicious point where life once again makes absolute perfect sense, people is beautiful and this planet a wonderful place to celebrate life and arts! Antonio Pessoa Visual Arts Antonio Pessoa's latest artistic discoveries, mainly Holland based artists such as Peter Jansen, André Schweers, Robert Terwindt, Harrie Gerritz, Klaas Gubbels, Chris Berens, Emilio Kruithof, Dorien Plaat, Peter Schenk, Rob Scholte, Richard Smeets and surprise, surprise, even former dutch rock star Herman Brood, now coming up with amazing artworks, seem to have been the summarized inspiration for the making and conclusion of Visual Arts, acrylic on canvas, 2007. Visual Arts is unquestionably about bringing out his admiration for an excellent selection of artists with enough art expression equivalencies with his new line of work. Antonio Pessoa is clearly proud to celebrate his new artistic discoveries from around the world, and very particularly Holland, by offering us a charming painting in the style and direction of his new artistic discoveries. At the same time as Pessoa describes analogous artistic formulas, he as always goes on and on convincingly making his new contemporary fine art claims all the more persuasive and globally significant. Genuinely interested in arts and specifically in other artists, Antonio Pessoa art performance with each turn encounters a substantial wide range of natural and spontaneous inspiration sources placing a strong emphasis on helping public, art lovers and art collectors, develop an easy going viewflow and deep understanding process that will definitely give them the necessary stimulus and new art vision to actually continue making their general interest grow with heightening heroism reaching the wise focus point where art creators and potential art collectors meet for a contemporary visual arts celebration, communication and neo-Renaissance. Back in business and falling into a fertile contemporary art formula, Antonio Pessoa in Visual Arts embraces and accomplishes the truly essential mode d'emploi to one of the most vibrant art expressions we are pleased to witness in the twenty first century's first decade. Here is the honest, emotional, intimate visual narrative of a passionate contemporary art explorer named Antonio Pessoa, as the outstanding master of creativity of today's art scene. Well focused on the creation of works which are primarily visual in nature, adopting other artists talents as a tool, Antonio Pessoa not only becomes more and more an important reference but also a contemporary talisman to the current and upcoming art collectors worldwide community. Using almost academic content standards in Visual Arts, Pessoa nevertheless succeeds accomplishing the high point of visual transformations, registering striking new techniques, as a result of a wide knowledge, experience, talent and intuitive training, creating systematic visual keywords associations and thereby emphasizing new concepts of contemporary fine art, continuously exploring all possibilities for new answers, displaying new versions plus encouraging unexpected perspectives in perfect accordance with his advanced cultural viewpoint and therefore adressing an exciting pictography outreaching a privileged quality level from which he takes off to explore and nurture the relationship between contemporary visual arts and public. Contemporary and innovative, Pessoa's interior living fire designs and builds the opportunity for all of us to find and share a new stylish face of fine art cruise travel, so to speak. An artist-led not for finantial profit but to promote a genuine and heartfelt access to a brand-new art expression environment and universal profile, Antonio Pessoa's alternative research does actually afford one of the most exciting lines of contemporary wall art paintings so very much in tune with the new generation of art collectors demand, in the public realm and definitely in the significance of place and context of today's art scene most enjoyable and brightest side. Celebrating the here and now dynamic times, yet fully appreciated in the canon of traditional modern art, Antonio Pessoa actively collects a broad challenging range of formulas, mediums and languages, thereby curating a unique metaphoric imagery skillfully combined and extensively responding to the latest contemporary methodologies. VISUAL ARTS, making connections between fine art and other, shall we say, disciplines, leads us once again to the highest achievement of understanding the perfect sense and the inevitable relation between modern art History and contemporary culture. Pessoa's conceptual innovations and their role in the making of his New Era creative expression stamp now through the Timeless Time Art Collection, leads us and takes us to an advanced level of sharp interesting references in all areas of what contemporary art is actually meant to be and furthermore to become. A new curriculum of suggestions, identifying knowledge and broad communication resources, even a new artistic education global reform, something which is being sought as an urgent potential of new ideas along with thousands of other supporting worldwide shared motivations and priorities, specifically and very particularly given that the connection lines between artists, art galleries and art collectors or even public in general have now reached a no way back universal consensus where the correlation after all has turned out to be a whole creative trading community, in shared content, interests, events, in the thinking critically process, the now and next generation engine already expecting a new course of influence, outlook, an art performance incorporated in the new values of quality, visual poetry, demonstrating how current lifestyle, today's world times, culture and visual arts can influence each other in making the abstract yet simplified manner of global perfect togetherness actually come true, safe and sound, for good. VISUAL ARTS, the untroubled kingdom of abstract reason, a land of intuitive make-believe, a motion pictures domain of contemporary discourse, here is where we enter the region of art magic by the hands, mastery and imagination of Antonio Pessoa's cosmic realm. Pure art color magic, one of the most exciting fantasy delivery by the mastery of an artist who keeps on showing the world how to draw patterns, use color and select dynamic fine art, improving enormously his artistic speech, language skills, all so well combined in order to provide a rich and rewarding continuous evolution to contemporary art expression, characterized by a liberal amount of out in the open emotions, when apparently the first visual impact is that of a circus of decoration spread throughout the canvas. VISUAL ARTS, projects clearly Antonio Pessoa's current artistic speech and in so doing is granting a vast array of interactive communication, the abstract yet symbolic visualization of an increasing concept of emotional freedom according to the artist's commited interest at the heart of his daily investigations into the fascinating mind exploring related issues. An Installation on canvas, perhaps, why not, rich in transition art sentences along with a highly communicative dance code of intentions and multiple directions where unquestionably deliberate guidelines pertaining to freedom of artistic expression succeed to project outwards with as much literate wisdom sense as pure conventional verbal speech. Antonio Pessoa comes up with Visual Arts through his almost exclusive free-the-thought process, playing by the rules, yet breaking the boundaries both concerning his private life and his artistic performance. Successful mirrors reflecting the faithful expression of his most spiritual period up to now. Not a painter who paints what he sees, Pessoa paints his deepest emotional portrait, a reliable window open to his inner world, definitely, however in the meantime an open golden gate to the art lovers worldwide community. A significant third vision eye overlooking the public diversity, the art of communication most daring adventure offering hints and tips about getting and spreading emotional and living emancipation around, almost as a holy priority,an original retrospective of wise conclusions and stand by hanging in the air doubts, written with painting brushes in a mystical abstract manner, however magically succeeding to make apparent structural aesthetic choices, options and ideas break through the invisible glass of silence and provide a new approach by somehow capturing the three-dimensional voice of effective universal communication. Antonio Pessoa's eyesight and awareness are well reflected in Visual Arts, as it has been brightly posted in his latest artworks and it certainly will follow this very same communication level throughout his upcoming art productions. Seeing the world through an artist eyes never seemed to be such an easy-to-do process as when one eventually comes across Pessoa's recent oeuvre precisely just about to witness beyond the special effects screen the presence of the magical windows overlooking the transcendental landscape of vibrant energy, revealing feelings, emotions, concepts and ideas on the cutting edge of contemporary art expression as in the vision and imagery of Visual Arts. Art Metaphors, collage and mixed media on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, apart from its delicious visual impact, is a result of a systematic research across the art scene worldwide universe, with a great help from his two collaborators, Luis Santiago and Pierre Fontanals, two updated art experts and two excellent art critics as well. Since 2003, Pessoa by then already living in Barcelona, becomes more and more interested and consequently familiarized not only with the current on-going art events but also with the so called modern masters and very particularly with the contemporary top artists plus the most dynamic art galleries mainly in Europe and United States. From then on the artist gradually deletes the old influences, namely the overloaded figurative items of the past waya from his canvases and watercolors landing in the 2005 New Era field with a totally contemporary abstract new line. Despite the well know fact pure abstract fine art has always been punctually present throughout the nineties, only in the twenty first century comes the time when he at last broke up with the explicit human representations for good, becoming a symbol of advanced contemporary art status and identity by creating a new visual arts body of new ideas, an interesting and well expressed studio cooking where logical conjunctio has been skillfully overtaken by a strongly communicative art projection style. Antonio Pessoa's successful puzzling recent artworks leave no doubt of the exciting art language switch opening new windows overlooking bright colorful fields of spacious a light new possibilities of contemporary fine art. Wassily Kandinsky's abstract sensorial magnificence and invention richness has always been Antonio Pessoa's strongest reference and influence concerning linear abstract art lyricism ever. Paintings such as Improvisation 31 (Sea Battle) from 1913, Black Spot, Yellow-Red-Blue, oil on canvas from 1925, shown at the Musée National D'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Painting with White Border now belonging to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Founding Collection, among many others masterpieces by the russian painter, had a great impact on Pessoa's early abstract first experiences helping him realize that supreme art expression doesn't necessarily need to be represented by figurative human or specific object sources in order to establish a profound perspective on communication and meaning in the pursuit of the ability to reach the viewer's deep understanding of the artist's linguistic. Therefore it seems only natural that it doesn't take too long before Antonio Pessoa fully accepts and consequently adopts Wassily Kandinsky as the undeniable abstractionism pioneer of modern art and his most reliable model of non-objective compositions of the twentieth century's global art scene. Pessoa in his determined desire to convey emotional or expressive feelings and ideas without reliance upon or reference to reconizable objective forms already existing in reality, goes on throughout the years maintaining this unbreakable faithful connection with other abstract modern masters such as Richard Anuszkiewicz-one of the founders and foremost exponents of Op Art-Joan Miró's optical changes, motion configurations and high-intensive colors, the portuguese Paris-based Vieira da Silva, Peters Graham and at last but not the least, of course, Jackson Pollock. Although theoretically Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period was over and out for good in the year 2002, during the next two years, 2003- 2004, already settled in Barcelona, according to accurate facts the artist keeps on reporting the same aesthetic content both in his artworks on canvas and watercolors. Basically only in the year 2005 he definitely breaks up with the old traditional fine art standardized patterns, something now regarded as a perceptual last conclusion of his past studio performance and the stand by period of reflection, a calm lengthy intent consideration time where propagating beams and rays of a new wave of art vision began to surpass and out do the old art expression concepts, thereby making way for an amazing new line of progressive contemporary fine art excelling in colors, motion, visual impact and communication. Therefore, throughout this aesthetics concept switch process, Antonio Pessoa's favorites proceeds in a circle of pure abstract artists, both the great modern masters pioneers and the latest contemporary avant-garde. The meaningful whole according to Pessoa's new perspective of what art vision today must be leads him to a determinant continuous judgment and evaluation concerning a widescreen of the on-going variety of creative talents, living entity parallels within his now prototyping selection suggesting the future of contemporary fine art. Antonio Pessoa and his closest collaborators and assistants approach art galleries with growing curiosity learning on a daily basis with genuine transparency the outs and abouts of current abstract art patterns totally disconnecting from the old figurative symbols and entirely integrated within the colorful screen which embody the latest parameters of contemporary visual arts. One of these graphic significant examples is Galerie Beeldkracht represented artist Koos Smit colorful wilderness fine art excursions, a perfect inspiration for Pessoa's general perception of his artworks new line. Koos Smit comes up as an excellent source providing multiple ideas and possibilities, a well placed bookmark in his favorites directory. Also represented by Galerie Beeldkracht,Vania Pentcheva's dynamics and shapes in our environment oriented artworks, grabbed Antonio Pessoa's attention at first sight, raising his excitement level to the point of considering immediately Vania Pentcheva's artworks as a contemporary fine art first rate nominee and a good magic fuel for him and for all the nowadays worldwide art scene young talents. Pierre Fontanals gives me a ring before Christmas on behalf of Antonio Pessoa asking me to take a look at the Alphan Gallery home page and check these artists out. Chris Burnside and Jennifer Burbank. From his words I immediately knew Pessoa had discovered another artist of his fancies. Next day I entered Alphan Gallery's website and there he was, Chris Burnside amazing juxtapositions taking little flights in a unique pleasant dreamy way. I understood right away why Antonio Pessoa was so enthusiastic about this one. The short but quality collections of Alphan Gallery also presenting Jennifer Burbank, were widely obvious to indeed had become part of Pessoa's preferences and I should be safe in saying particularly Chris Burnside had that kind of magic in his artistic speech Antonio Pessoa simply adores,for his current art concept had long become for me as clear as a cloudless sky. Pessoa after dipping his toe in the colorful pool of contemporary abstract fine art actually adopted a pleasing way of making solid sure there is no way back. Antonio Pessoa's paradigmatic view of a new reality, much more than a purely theoretical level of a New Era of contemporary art expression, forces us to admit a prevailing new ideology of artistic and emotional answers, a meaningful consensual dialog between science and creativity. This means that he has developed a live vision of a new world of effortless communication through fine art, now beyond the limitations of figurative art by entering a totally empirical interpretation of reality through abstract constructivism splitting his fantasy between an impressive collection of references,preferences and multiple influences. ART METAPHORS shows us a perfect interior world where the importance of art as a powerful communication tool, provides infinite possibilities by establishing an intimate relationship between the artist and the worldwide public. Moreover, Antonio Pessoa's art of traveling across many of the emerging contemporary artists concepts illustrates an image of a remarkable interaction, a genuine interest in what's goin on,a sharing good natured open-minded commitment to other artists talent and work. MIND EXPLORER, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, comes up basically at the very same time as the artist once again decides to turn his whole life into a wonderful Masterpiece. Pessoa keeps on surprising us all with his brilliant unexpected resources, always as an immediate response to firefight the art scene wildfire plus the hurricane changes of life's natural unpredictable aspects, reacting wisely and punctually to the systematic rain of daily new circumstances, dilemmas and decision taking scenarios aiming for the steady high-efficient capacity to know with amazing high-precision what is the right thing to do,at the right place, at the right time. Antonio Pessoa's reknown remarkable mind content knowledge for practical, intuitive and philosophical reasoning, provides him with a solid cognitive ability to absolutely enjoy the privilege of depending upon his own high quality critical thinking permiting him a fast introduction, automated inner Mind - inner Self inspection and consequently a skillful almost effortless self-improvement once this repeatable reasoning process is on and going running at silent supersonic speed, thereby generating a well advanced preferences, answers and bright solutions logical-emotional tracking subsequently summarizing the gigantic complex whole mitigating it to a digestible compositional model and methodology, an easy-to-use toolbar for great decision quality optimization. MIND EXPLORER, a faithful product of the latest sequence of contemporary art expression reflecting healthy and positive ideals, a seties of charming paintings after all an interesting and hopefully historic biographical profile of the artist's persistent emotional intelligence experiments and serious Mind explorations, shows us and makes us witness a daring, appealing self-guided adventure in the fascinating deep and wide ideal of global perception, a friendly art expressed clearly suggesting a new twist and most importantly a multi dimensional performance in the Mind-Body machine interaction. It's quite obvious by now Pessoa's serious approach to the inner Mind language and infinite powerful resources, let alone the art action in motion publishing on canvas one of the most original art collections and genuine reports of the artist's intimate nature, feelings and viewing so far as a matter of fact. Pessoa's latest explorations in the realm of Mind have been unquestionably providing him with a well driven biofeedback potential, amazing public, art lovers and gallerists with this colorful, abstract and contemporary avant-gardish cognitive neuroscience artistic new look. Antonio Pessoa beams us all up with his Mind spaceflights he so skillfully can turn into lovely lively art expression delicious visual games and color motion projection curated by excellent taste, style, ongoing research and at last presenting us fascinating new windows into our outlook of contemporary fine art. Elegible enough the solid determination focused on a straightforward pursuit after the inner secrets of the Mind and its subsequent rewarding feedback, the big thrill is undoubtedly the already current speculation over the fair enough topic question of how long is the artist going to keep steady on the Mind exploration track and therefore how long is this charming and original art collection going to follow this very same aesthetic line proposed by the artist's ongoing integral methodologies in the development of the Mind's visual design and its effective high-performance both in his personal, social, professional life and naturally in his art productions. Despite Pessoa's undeniable commitment to this highlyrecommended issue, the present method for generating sharp inner Mind perception, awakening spontaneously new formulas of visual arts delights... the unpredictable long-term fluctuations are intrinsically a potential threat to this wonderful period the artist is going through. Times they are a-changing and surely Antonio Pessoa isn't immune to this unavoidable everlasting worldwide universal phenomenon, nevertheless the carrying signs of a serious affair with the discovery of the Truth through this effective emotional intelligence developing process, seem to me to be already a firnly established no surrender, no retreat, no turning back consistent enough motivation for all of us to believe in the growing intensiveness of this human creative potential already giving birth to Antonio Pessoa'as most happy, friendly, cool and interesting artworks series up to now, plus the evidence already suggesting with deserved credibility the artist's Mind discovery mainstream personal riveting achievements and rewards. MIND EXPLORER, definitely an impressive title for an easy digest abstract contemporary painting, might however turn out to become a historic symbol, for the powerful inspiration root behind the canvas space, moreover for its solid predictive value related to the artist's coming up times. One way or another, one day or another, but most important of all Antonio Pessoa makes sure the Show must go on, dressed up with a surprising brand-new transparent honesty as an artist and a stainless law-abiding citizen of the world, let alone his daily updated human values, a great combination indeed, a great symbolic period establishing a significant irreconcilable difference between the past and today's vibrating artistic and human higher standards. On the whole, MIND EXPLORER reports a magical Mind incorporated analytical search engine generating and endless display of revealing motion pictures where the metaphysical meanings dance away to the sound of silence with global awareness, expanding wisdom content, flowing, growing and incredibly high reaching the so expected point where everything makes perfect sense... even in a racing world where divine madness seems to be taking over. When Pessoa paints a canvas such as MIND EXPLORER, he knows what he is talking about, now it's really up to you to render an accurate interpretation through a natural effortless diagnosis simply relying on cognition, intuition or even processing curiosity in order to fully understand the fine art original message, soul and beyond. Most importantly, MIND EXPLORER should and actually can be after all a highly advanced daily ritual and a lifetime positive experience for all of us! Antonio Pessoa Intuition Something like the "Pinball Wizard" song, performed by the english band The Who, however not quite so, fine art wizard Antonio Pessoa comes up with Intuition, acrylic on canvas, 2007, expressing a perspective of what talent in real life is all about. When a lukewarm action leading role isn't definitely an option in the world we live in, whatsoever, particularly if one is facing overwhelming challenges plus a continuous and peculiar on-going urgent demands from art dealers and art collecters, moreover with no immediate alternative to, shall we say, reduce daily-weekly professional priorities... Intuition at its highest top level comes up as an absolutely required science.Fact. Always literally punctual and wisely convenient about his latest artworks as a systematic direct reaction method in which is extremely skillfully and witty published under art expression articles, a positive attitude and a very well situated response towards smiling happy or earthquake-prone circumstances plus unexpected heart trembling feedbacks, Pessoa's special sharp interpretation of the global time frame allows him to use contemporary art as a reliable reflector of his well focused observing opinion, emotional waves and general perception. That's what art nowadays is all about... or must I say... at least it should be. So, once again, everything seems to make perfect sense concerning the artist's truthful grown-up posture which is a breath of fresh air in today's overstocked propaganda-oriented racing emerging academic artists miscellaneous ways to cash off any local art scene, the best way they know how. Antonio Pessoa's personal success reports a substantial cool as cool can be sort of wholesome contemplative profile connected to the world by playing juggling balls with faqs and answers, playing by the rules but most importantly playing by Intuition. Personal News travel fast, therefore Pessoa is the first one to become aware that the most reliable source to come up with an accurate statistical measurement of his own Intuition amperage, is actually himself. So no wonder we are now able to have the visual and emotional privilege of here and now stand before a charming painting titled Intuition. Antonio Pessoa's 2007 artworks definitely show us a man,an artist going through an exciting and prodigious period of self-discovery, Mind research and emotional improvement. This instinctive knowing without the use of special resoning processes, still a rare gift possessed by only a few, is well explicit in this artwork on canvas, apart from its abstract quality the concept's fingerprints are all over the art space, a mirror reflecting and reporting this fascinating inner guidance tool, Pessoa and his higher self sharing with all of us his field of new found information beyond the bounds of space and time and consequently getting back to the heart of the public as he moves out of static coherence in order to increase the unfoldment of Intuition. Anyway, Intuition, the painting and all its meaningful symbolic abstract neo-surrealistic content is after all a part of Antonio Pessoa's current concept named FREE. This reference identified and directly related to the artist's contemporary art expression evolution, which is by itself the communicating mirror of great inner personal achievements, a unique experience profile conducting his qualities and skills towards such a magnificent supreme level of steadfast self-improvement, right now still too premature to predict the extent of this challenging mission and the outcome general effects of this daring remarkable emotional attitude plus odyssey. As for right now, that's the big thrill and the spicy mystery, for not even Pessoa is able to actually realize beforehand just how long it's going to take for him to accomplish a reasonable high degree of this fascinating dream, nor is he still able to foresee the depth level at stake let alone the probable wonderful possibilities, fulfilling and rewarding consequences of all this self-psychotherapy chemistry. The general perspective is obviously excellent and on the whole and most importantly, sure thing Antonio Pessoa's Intuition is bound to lead him safe and sound to the sunny place he profoundly feels and deeply believes he belongs to. Freedom! However... hold your horses, Ladies and Gentlemen, not quite so fast. Great goals take time to accomplish and overcoming life's adversities one by one takes a great deal of energy accompanied with a whole lot of patience and resistance. As the artist practises self-control he approximates more and more to this magical inward kingdom, and is less and less swayed by passion and grief, pleasure and pain, and lives a steadfast and virtuous life, manifesting manly strength and fortitude, in art performance, personal life, professional commitments and public communication. Freedom bound, Pessoa's determination keeps looking forward to the coming up soon Free at last happy ending. In the meantime, positive artistic suggestions such as Intuition, in art expression and real life timing, are always mostly welcome, both for the public's eyes delight and the artist's Conquest of his personal Glory. Just a short simple word. FREE! However what's at stake is a lengthwise dimension wonderful something, mysterious but bright, unpredictable but rock-steady. Just like Antonio Pessoa's fine art performances, art scene disappearances and Symphonic Orquestra soundtracked public comebacks. Antonio Pessoa Night Wits Night Wits, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, is once again another sign of the artist's full determination to establish the first encounters with the subconscious Mind infinite possibilities related to the night shift ritual of being systematically provided with the inner-self super potencial revelations during sleep. The artist's straight forward determination, persistance, self-assurance and patience, play once again an important leading role in this fantastic odyssey across the infinite universe of the Mind available enlightenment power resources. Pessoa developes his growing ability to deal with the resistance overcoming process, fully determined to break on through to the other side and thereby start drawing upon the All-Knowledge infinite supply within the mysterious depths of the subconscious Mind. Delving into the mystery of the Heart and the depths of the subconscious, exploring the meaning of his true meaning in life, fine art and the genuine identity of his creative nature, has become Antonio Pessoa's main priority well reflected and so obviously expressed both in his private daily self-psychotherapy rituals and in his latest amazing and rather interesting artworks. Experiencing the first episodes of this inner metamorphosis, has been given the artist more than enough stimulus, motivation and enthusiasm to carry on digging down to the depths of the inner Mind Super Potential. Turning on the automatic mind explorer turbine, tune in the mind radio system and start surfing across the subconscious network universe, is the basic essentials A B C procedure number one before the rewarding celebration of finally enter the natural virtual subconscious encyclopedic labyrinth and consequently start decoding the secret keys into plain awareness, effortlessly recollecting vital knowledge information and, surprise, surprise, waking up in the morning with an impressive emotional intelligence extra power supply. The positive influence and the super-dynamic efficiency acquired through this inner-Mind wandering nightly exercise is the expected moment of personal achievement and glory, this inmensely intense pleasure of feeling the overwhelming sensation of having absolute control upon our life and destiny, plus a special structured creative enhancement through which the art action will turn out to be a veritable master fine art session astonishing performance. Sleep on it! Antonio Pessoa sleeps while NIGHT WITS play their tweaks and tricks. After fine-tuning the subconscious Mind engine the artist enters the Garden of Earthly Delight to pluck the flowers off the bush. That's the Mind's Twilight Zone, where the clock stops working and the new time zone is now a delicious concept of timelessness. The natural virtual Temple of Wisdom welcomes the artist for a wonder magical tour through the dimlit marble halls of the infinite castle of universal knowledge and cosmic awareness. Whispering angelic voices now echoing against his ears, surrounding him and gently delivering songs of wisdom, suddenly revealing answers and unspeakable confessions for complex doubts and incisive questions. The Light is shining at last, the hiding place is now a bright universe of stars in shining armour, the spiritual subconscious master essence activation introducing integral amazing overviews of global awareness, accelerating approaches to new models for universal understanding, awakening his inner power, supreme energy potential and high emotional intelligence. NIGHT WITS tell the artist "now you will be revealed the mystery of the inner Light and Fire that enables you to raise the vibrations within your body to attune with and become an instrument for your Soul, Life, Destiny and Art! Not quite a real masterpiece for Antonio Pessoa's quality standards, NIGHT WITS is however a charming painting and most importantly I believe it will be widely reconized as a puctual historic item of the artist's fascinating commitment to the Mind subconscious discovery let alone all the upcoming positive consequences and hopefully miraculous feedbacks this start from the scratch first serious experiences and daily systematic explorations are naturally and very, very probably leading to. Pessoa's reputation as an outstanding determined man obviously precedes him to the point of by now having grrabed our attention and genuine interest in what might and most certainly will be not only another remarkable personal achievement in the artist's life but on the whole the great contribution all this self-psychotherapy process surely will give on a short-term period to a contemporary fine art performance drastic quality evolution.




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