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Antonio Pessoa Night Gospel NIGHT GOSPEL, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa, 2007, might be or turn out to be on a short-term or who knows maybe even on a long-term, a very, very important masterpiece of the artist's whole oeuvre. The fantastic very true special meaning of this painting evokes a nightly calling down the spirits of knowledge and wisdom from the subconscious mind, from that intelligent, emotional, intuitive power station of plenty awareness, we all have within the hidden depth of our minds, although we just don't make much use of it most of the times or even never, indeed an unforgivable distraction or mistake, for the high price we therefore have to pay for the basical disrespect concerning this endless source of practical and philosophical accurate answers can and actually does make the difference between mediocre living and Life Supreme! Digesting NIGHT GOSPEL and what it actually involves, might turn out to be a great deal more complex and mysterious process than one would primarily assume, taking from the only natural idea that this particular painting is just another output among the large Antonio Pessoa's oeuvre. Not quite so, for all the given evidence and symptoms carefully and clearly point out enough areas where coincidence is not an option anymore,whatsoever, yet the strong probability that the artist is definitely getting seriously committed to a new phase of positive self-control, self-improvement, Mind-Body-lifestyle, attitude-outlook-perception synchronization, seems to be a much more valid, reliable and accurate overall conclusion. As in so many episodes of History, when the ultimate sense of urgency rings the bell and gathers enough will power substances to break through titanic solid cement barriers and immensely powerful faith to move mountains and cross ferocious ocean swells... Antonio Pessoa's NIGHT GOSPEL is bound to deliver a unmatched emotional intelligence, creative intuition optimization and acceleration, not only improving his artistic and living well-being quality but maybe most importantly turning out to become after all the most exclusive luxury personal investment anyone could eventually be desperately looking and hoping for. On the very, very overwhelming whole, NIGHT GOSPEL stands out as a unique masterpiece excelling in resistant symbolism, a basically abstract-oriented art expression representation of the subconscious Mind power phenomenon a pure science-based pursuit of the inner wisdom master secrets. NIGHT GOSPEL comes up as an historic self-hypnosis, psycho dynamic, mighty power of Mind Plus chronicle, generating a striking and exciting fluxus of revelations during sleep. A complete guide to effective thinking, high quality emotional intelligence performance and a successful lifestyle, fulfillment and happiness. After another day in life, another rewarding experience in the hyperconscious sparking reality zone, it's about time to call it a night, time to absorb the cosmic timelessness and enter the kingdom of stress-relieving nothingness. Beautiful in his emptiness the artist experiences the blessed nakedness, the perfect harmony of the vacuum, and after a few short minutes the dominant vocals of the NIGHT GOSPEL start whispering words of wisdom, multilingual, free and confidential, gently blowing the answers to his questions, a true life-transforming vital virtual ritual. Pessoa creates NIGHT GOSPEL in order to, after the great slowly fading out obliviousness, be able to be born again from the multicolored ashes, and in so doing the boomerang effect plays its role again, as the NIGHT GOSPEL celebration indigenous Masters of Universal Awareness come together for their own Creator's emotional rescue. So now, come, come, come together after midnight, all of you NIGHT GOSPEL Gurus, tonight come together and bring the Light, from the basic essentials steps up the spiral winding stairs to the highest level of total inner-peace and absolute awareness. Here is the place and the time is Now! Let the artist break on through to the other side and wake up in the day light ready to show the world how wonderful life is when Supreme Discernment has finally settled down in the resting faith of our hearts. Tonight NIGHT GOSPEL is celebrating new high-voltage vital energy transmission. Celebrate, pray and generate the Third Vision transplant, for tomorrow the top of the hill must be reached, the Summit where the landscapes of life must be the fidel reflection of the artist's gifts. Antonio Pessoa's Guardian Angel is after all himself, throughout this fascinating odyssey in which the first close encounters are slowly but clearly taking place,as the time sure seems to be rip for great Mind and emotional changes. Riveting inner new experiences coming up almost unexpectedly for the artist, now deliciously finding himself in a new ambitious mission, once again totally determined to solve a whole great deal of dilemmas once and for all. The priority desired effects is to delete all adverse reactions for good, therefore creating a wide receptive open field where fresh and surprising new conclusions shall dance freely in a wonderful gathering of enlightened Awareness! No fear, no anxiety, no doubts and no pain. No regrets, fake dreams, no cry, no thunder and rain. The Night Gospel's spirits, dressed up in fantasy or in fancy dinner party tuxedos are all up for the night shift conference gathering consulting and exchanging valuable enlightened information, coming up with amazing solid answers, positive thinking emotional transmittance, delivered hot as the bright morning good news instant messenger. Artist Antonio Pessoa sleeps tight, warm and protected throughout the night's seconds, minutes and hours, while the NIGHT GOSPEL logical, emotional, pragmatic experts move about up and down the stairs, exchanging valuable extra classified information, busy fast paced walking throughout the science fiction like corridors simultaneously to discover how many and how high quality wisdom treasures can be reached in the many specialized departments of the huge subconscious labyrinth. Men and women working in the E.I.S., Emotional Intelligence Department, men and women working in the S.C.H., Social Communication Hall, men and women working in the A.S.S.L., Art Scene Solutions Laboratory, all of them doctors of the subconscious Twilight Zone providing the artist with well designed suggestions, solutions, tips, tricks and tweaks and sunny glittering bright conclusions. The NIGHT GOSPEL, the super Belief Generator analytical testing gigantic one thousand-storey Towerblock Cosmic Lab, manufacturing mentor written tutorials, explicit inner enlightenment coaching videos and recorded teleseminars through scientific research, experiments, well performed operations and well-calculated pecision-oriented procedures, in order to finally come up with the Morning Daily Discoveries Express, Antonio Pessoa's royal breakfast for a better present, a brighter future and fine art performance Supreme Divine! The power of a tiger hand in hand with the serene energy of an Angel turns out to be the perfect combination as the world shows its two faces, becoming more and more a cross between a racing jungle and a Planet where a new age of human understanding and peace-oriented communication is absolutely required. The NIGHT GOSPEL quality is focused on improving an infinite sense of self-control and furthermore a supreme psychological and intesively emotional control over life's circumstances. The nightly research should and shall bring every single day a higher degree of inner strength and significant increasing communication skills in order to solve every complex situation and every challenging obstacle with striking easy-to-do communication flow, infinite wisdom and solid knowledge. Improving productivity,social and artistic efficiency is a definite urgent issue, in which is absolutely required daily priority updates. So let the NIGHT GOSPEL Machine Orquestra play the ten hours symphony and let the award-winning artist get up everyday filled with a marvelous emotional intelligence composition, a stronger intuition, updated inspiration and the fine living Art Supreme! Calling the Master of the subconscious Universe power station, calling the expert spirits of Wisdom and absolute Knowledge. Calling the new revelations night magicians, bring the Power Supreme of absolute awareness, right timing know-how, the best of the miscellaneous eclectic hidden ultra positive resources. Bring the Sun in every morning and a new supply of magical effective togetherness! The World is here and we want it now, for the Show must go on, only this time under the spotlight of Divine Enlightenment in which we have been initiated by the hidden tradition of our inspired masters. Into the Light and into the Wonderland of secrets of emotional fire, the front page of Presence, the higher stage of creativity, the heavenly gift of cosmic intelligence and the flying wings of total awareness. NIGHT GOSPEL sings Getting Better all the Time,not just once in a while. NIGHT GOSPEL sings Here Comes the Sun,not the answer my friend is blowing in the wind. NIGHT GOSPEL sings We are the Champions of the World, We Won't get fooled Again and never "I Still Haven't Found what I'm Looking For". NIGHT GOSPEL sings and brings tons of New Bright Light every single sunny day! The body must be totally relaxed, preferably melted in a warm state of pleasurable nothingness, so Mind can enter the very same soft temperature absolute tensionless domain, consequently the high level of Universal Acceptance is finally accomplished now ready to allow the golden storehouse of the subconscious Mind open its doors and windows letting the concentrated source of unlimited awareness start reprogramming the Body-Mind system through a Cul de Sac molecular cable filling the whole living-perception with valuable key answers, keynotes, wisdom and sharp intuition meta tags, high knowledge solid references and in so doing providing an oceanic wave flow of powerful positive energy coming in, slowly but efficiently creating and enhancing a fulfilling ecosystem from which a new perspective of life takes off in the jet-plane of absolute control upon the real world, creativity, global discernment and cosmic cognition. Antonio Pessoa during the making of NIGHT GOSPEL was fully aware of all this wonderful fulfilling process, actually an easy-to-do prophecy and more than predicting, absolutely convinced that this awesome method had indeed the whole potential to make it possible for him to achieve an incredible high level of emotional intelligence combustion. Antonio Pessoa Teen Times This young boy was saucy and mischievous in school, naughty and annoyingly playful, systematically teasing and worrying with impish laughter. If you have watched, seen the incredible story of Mozart, told in flashback mode by Antonio Salieri, Amadeus, a 1984 film directed by Milos Forman, you might as well assume it was meant to have the main features of a wild child young boy named Antonio Pessoa. Do you get the picture? The cards were thrown, and the radio was on, modulation of electromagnetic waves releasing the last waterhole of progressive rock, the music of King Crimson, Genesis, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Jethro Tull and Yes, were incorporated elements wild and wide-ranging influencing the teenager's moody blues. As young Antonio Pessoa reached the peak of his obscure high school unpopularity, the seeds of Rock n' Roll were plucking him from the unfair trench warfare of recycled misery, lack of motivation and other grey hobgoblins playing average teachers. The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains and the superior teacher demonstrates. That philosophical much was something young Antonio Pessoa was defenitely well aware of. Now the big question at stake was indeed, where for Heaven's sake was the superior master? While Roger Daltrey, through the record player hi-fi speakers kept shouting "We won't get fooled again" and the Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger went on whispering in the young boys ears "time waits for no one and no one waits for me", Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven receiving more radio airplay than any other song in history, Antonio Pessoa grabbed his precious treasure, the secret, his perception of urgency, feeling and knowing deep down inside that hours are like diamonds, don't let them waste. The big city atmosphere was bound and just about to take him out on the racing rushing streets and avenues, with soul mates or even as a lonesome wanderer, safely away from his dreadful tyrannic teachers' captivity. Suddenly, one late afternoon he stopped by a shop window where there was a TV Set on and loud and an old band named The Beatles filling up the screen when a seat chilling voice cut through his ears claiming "I wanna hold your hand". That did it! Antonio Pessoa buys his first acoustic guitar at the age of twelve. Only music could protect the young lad from life's bumps and bruises. He stalked out of the music shop's door with his brand-new toy, his new chance at life in his hands. All his troubles and doubts were gone and his daydreaming nightmares all packed away. The guitar became his closest confidant for the next three years. It was only natural that he would turn to music to see that after all life wasn't supposed to be so harsh, boring and dull. The artist was no longer panic-stricken, for another flash of light called Rock n' Roll Music was holding his hand. Antonio Pessoa bought that old single. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand". The future was now transparent! By the age of fourteen he had an interview with the manager of a professional rock band. By the end of the demo session Antonio Pessoa had him broad smiling at him. Speechless. The young lad told him: "So let me know what you want me to play more". He was hired and next thing he knew he was the leader of the band! Pessoa inherits from his father his taste for classical music long before his 10th birthday, by then the lad was already a great connoisseur of the great composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, Antonio Vivaldi, Pablo Luna, Achille-Claude Debussy and Giacomo Puccini. Another music genius, modern composer of his fancy, Igor Stravinsky, strange as it seems, comes only a few years later when the fourteen years old boy discovers him through Frank Zappa influence. Antonio Pessoa's obsession by the american musician is going to last a very, very long time, becoming one of his contemporary composers and performers in the show biz scene ever. Pessoa enters Music Academy, becoming an average piano player before he is fifteen years old. Nevertheless he drops the Academy classes to travel all over Europe, taking him to new fascinating adventures and get well acquainted with Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and in addition further south with Barcelona and sunny lively magical Ibiza. The crossroads concerning his future in a way were manifesting a whole general interest, leading him to so many different options and activities apart from music and his promising first steps and academic attempts in the drawing, sketching and fine art function, such as Raja Yoga, Pop Culture, traveling, History, languages, ethnic cultures, multicultural perception and awareness, motion pictures, literature and later on even martial arts. Nevertheless, on the other hand all these exciting propositions were bringing his teenage times a whole lot of ideals dispersion and consequently a reasonable amount of distortion, preventing him from focusing his attention on a specific life picture, model and a steady working routine. Despite his Raja Yoga first serious commitment and experiences, his restlessness was going to ensure him a long lasting risky exposure to endure his breathless vivid dreams and wild child adventures plus his continuous wandering-exploring throughout Europe and across the Mediterranean toward the One Thousand and One Nights north african magical exotic space. Young man Antonio Pessoa worships London, loves Paris and simply adores living in Holland, particularly in Amsterdam. It's far too evident that throughout his whole artistic career he idolizes Nederland both in the intensity of his paintings subjects with which he systematically recalls his crazy, wild lively days and promiscuous nightly promenades and in the stimulating cultural diversity he found in Amsterdam during his mid, late teens and early twenties. The dutch background, experience and influences have been clearly proving to be widely generous in the contribution they have given to the brave inspiration and fine art making specifically in his astonishing production of the nineties known as The Romantic Period. Suffice is to say that Antonio Pessoa's teenage golden years have been a product of his wealthy, aristocratic, christian, privileged and extremely well-educated and too overprotected childhood and family background. This social origin heritability, however, involves a controversial feedback causing the effect of the typical spoiled brat, which in his early teens has strongly influenced the by then scandalous impact of the artist's dropping out of high school. Novelty disturbs and repels, and the young boy's originality, playful bahavior and pro New Wave generation appearance and Look, were elements and factors enough, therefore supposed to helplessly make him definitely no exception to the rule. Antonio Pessoa's actions and reactions after a short and unconventional observational sessions period the ultimate ingredients of matter of what it is and how to change it, was gradually dropped, archived and forgotten as in the Common Prayer quote, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. The young boy's yielding tendency was no big deal either, so there it is, his destiny was now being drastically manufactured by an impressive abstract perverted engineer not a bit affected by what would make sense let alone the traditional concept of reasoning responsibility. Pessoa discovers The Beatles long after the band broke up, an objective observer enthusiastically excited about a british phenomenon that no longer existed as a musical ensemble. However the teenager starts collecting all the albums of the worlwide popular four from Liverpool, plus the old singles he grabs on the sly from his two older sisters forgotten idols under the bed overstocked storage dusty piles. The boy besides starting coming up with his own updated versions of songs such as, Back in the U.S.S.R., Dizzy Miss Lizzy, With a Little Help from my Friends, When I'm Sixty-Four, Yesterday, Come Together, I am The Walrus, Don't Let me Down, Let it Be, Octupus' Garden, Here Comes the Sun, and so on... his first watercolors were also illustrations of The Beatles tunes, five of them actually still belonging to the artist's private collection. With the sound of his twelve strings acoustic guitar he manages to survive quite well and sometimes live pretty well off whenever he rans out of money his family sends him on a regular basis, and in the meantime getting spoiled and used to the idea of having always a crowd of admirers cheering him up, willing to get acquainted with the good looking talented kid... therefore enjoying life with the talismanic euphoric electrifying joy, the apparent ecstatic Gladness, witnessing, feeling and loving the smell, eroticism and rhythm of a young God living the time of his life! The great intense rapture and delight of Antonio Pessoa's Europe trotting mighty performance were crucial for the development of his easy going social communication open-minded extroverted mastery and most importantly an endless huge source of cultural references plus personal experiences he is going to put down in oil on canvas much later on with the striking fine art expression empirical command we all are aware of, and well familiarized with by now. At the premature age of fifteen he lives for the first time with an older woman in the sunny, lively, cosmopolitan, charming island Ibiza, southern Spain, his very first experience with a beautiful spanish girl on a marital like life adjustment, a new performing stage where he quicly learns how to handle the situation, how to act the proper way and most importantly experience the flavour of falling in love, sharing, happiness, glory, fulfillment and overwhelming excitement. In the meantime, young Pessoa was about to define the foundation from which his lifestyle, love affairs, art and everything else was going to be built. Without even knowing or even slightly aware of it he was actually creating the "blueprint" of the life of his dreams. The visualization of tropical fun sunny southern Spain as the perfect ideal was taking shape in his mind, heart and soul as a subliminal messaging recommending the perfect living program right there in the right place at the right time. By now he was able to see so many solid changes start to happen, feeling a shift in his inner world and listening to a voice telling him out loud "Go for it young man"! His heart his in a flurry of activity flooded with colorful and powerful images of the way he wants his life to be. The price Antonio Pessoa had to pay for it, well that's indeed something else, the other side of the coin, or if you wish, The Dark Side of the Moon! The price Antonio Pessoa had to pay in order to keep on leading such a cinematic breathtaking exciting and fabulous adventurous life has been equally proportional to the heat of the magnetic heart beat acceleration filled with romanticism, adrenal ecstasy, breathtaking stimulus and unspeakable eroticism. The price the artist had to pay in order to live up to such a motion picture like dynamic play, exploding with creative spontaneous intensity, was after all a continuous display of troubled moments and painful periods, falling cold hard rain, envy, defamation and so very often compulsory forced constrain. However like in the happy ending fairy tales, the artist, dressed up as a modern times Knight in a Shiny Armor, Pessoa metamorphically creates a remarkable immune system which to some degree and extent, became his Guardian Angel and master protector throughout the years and very particularly whenever the sign said "if you're looking for trouble you came to the right place". Nevertheless, Pessoa wasn't definitely looking for trouble, no way, but rather aiming to let his deep beliefs all out in the open and make a magical mystery tour out of his life. Antonio Pessoa, a steady regular of the Louvre Museum and of the Centre Pompidou during his countless visits to Paris, is basically fascinated by the impressionists, namely Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Paul Cézanne, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissaro, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Monet, Bazille, etc... visits for the first time at the age of sixteen, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona and the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueras. If Pablo Picasso - apart from his Blue Period masterpieces - didn't succeed awakening Pessoa's special interest for his oeuvre back then, on the contrary, Salvador Dali's surrealistic paintings caused an immediate impact on the young man's emotions and subjective personal criticism. However, anyway, still not yet to such a degree of love at first sight worth mention it. Only four years later was Antonio Pessoa going to have the opportunity to approach Dali's work and biography with a different perspective and this time now at last with an increasing particular interest, after several visits to a Dali's retrospective exhibition downtown Amsterdam. As for Pablo Picasso, it was going to take a whole lot longer, before Pessoa actually discovers in the spanish master's life and work, enough substantial interesting content to grab his attention and even so, only during the nineties, finally accepts Picasso not just only as a modern art pioneer and a genius unique, but also as an art action working phenomenon lifestyle model. During his late teens, Antonio Pessoa remains totally devoted and genuinely faithful to the impressionism, neo-impressionism and even fauvism. André Derain, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, this one his favorite modern master ever, and even Maurice Vlaminck. Pessoa attends his first art workshops in Amsterdam at the age of seventeen, arousing the teachers curiosity first and after a short while even their astonishment at his drawing skills and very particularly at his unusual action speed. Despite his obvious growing interest in Fine Art, Antonio Pessoa's priority is still music. He enjoys playing Live with bands but on the other hand playing solo provides him with a much higher daily-weekly income plus the absolute freedom he feels, enjoys and relishes, with his new Fender acoustic guitar always by his side to keep him company and keep the show going on. By the age of seventeen, Pessoa has indeed become a very interesting, vigorous and enthusiastic piano player, a rather eclectic singer with a powerful and now well trained voice, a guitar player with a very spontaneous improvising flow plus a highly developed technical quality now which naturally gives him always the privilege of being accepted and hired right on the spot by some of the best New Wave rock and Jazz bands in the dutch-british Amsterdam's music biz scene. Back and forth from southern Europe to the magical northern Triangle, London, Paris and Amsterdam, Antonio Pessoa now an eighteen years old busy, extroverted, dynamic lad, is finally experiencing something close to a nervous breakdown. Too many night Live music gigging around, footloose and fancy-free short-term love affairs, spectacular Live Painting and too much on the road Europe up and down sleepless nights and frantic days, celebrating life, youth and that special take it as it comes sort of breathless allucinating living rhythm, a physical and emotional earthquake which was at last coming up with a rather harsh verdict, ruthless and inevitable, stating that the glittering fast heavy speedy trunk was running out of fuel, meaning the young man needed urgently a God-forsaken break, energy was fading away, over and out! That actually did it and the Final Countdown was online like a boomerang feedback effect warning. Antonio Pessoa drops everything in a wise hurry and after randomly pack his backpack, he takes off in the first available plane and yes, next thing he knew he was landing at Casablanca airport. Exoctic, magical and new, like being in another far away Planet, another cultural twilight zone he had been reading about in books and by watching old Golden Years Hollywood motion pictures. However he was no veteran brave Lawrence of Arabia, nor dressed up like Peter O'Toole neither that was a cinema silver screen opening widely making way for a CinemaScope Twentieth Century Fox Technicolor great adventure. This time it was for real, useless start playing Indiana Jones, Valentino or even Humphrey Bogart, for now this daring young man knew right away he was on his own in a strange new world, where learning how to play by the rules was just about the same as starting from the scratch. Wandering around Casablanca was definitely really something, fascinating, that puzzling feeling of weird excitement, on the other hand there were to many resemblances in the superficial details with the modern European metropolis. That wasn't his idea of breaking on through to the One Thousand and One Nights incense smelling, colorful marketplaces established in mysterious narrow streets, where anything can happen, even oblivion. Pessoa entered Casablanca's bus Station and after one hour map researching he found his index finger pointing at one specific spot by the sea. Essaouira! The Rolling Stones lead guitarist Keith Richards, and Jimi Hendrix favorite Moroccan hangout. Also the place where in the early fifties Orson Welles stayed during the filming of his classic version of Othello. Also legend has it that during Welles sojourn in the town he met Winston Churchill. Anyway, what do you know! The long, long bus trip to Essaouira supposed to take seven hours, after all turned out to be a fifteen hours noisy, shaking endless voyage across a mysterious outstretched display of strangely silent exoctic small towns where the screechy bus came to a long waiting stop during which scruffy looking and shabby dressed folks slowly came to board carrying dusty straw bags, rabbits, chickens and the round eight inch diameter moroccan loaves and titanic goat cheeses they gently shared with everyone in the Noah's Ark looking bus, with some mint tea to go with it. If the heat in the Moroccan Doodle Dandy bus running at its made in the fourties full running speed was basically unbearable, the long motionless wait times became a beyond imagination burning overcrowded concentration Purgatory. Nevertheless, the loud crying children and resigned happy moroccan adults didn't seem to be suffering much, calmly and patiently putting their concerns into a slow low-pitched voice conversation as if the time concept hadn't yet arrived to those fairly backdropped remote villages of the northwestern Africa's semi-arid landscapes. Antonio Pessoa is going to keep these images, impressions, smells and sensations in his system, slowly cooking a cultural recipes collection he is going to print on canvas with rich imagery and captivating fine art narrative, a visible indicator how the extent of these arabian adventures provided a great influence upon his later artistic performances during his mid-twenties. During those six weeks in Essaouira and it's sandy, sunny, soporific outskirts, the young artist pulls himself up the dunes diving into the hot sand, running to the beach watching the sun tumble red beyond the oceans skyline. He scans his daydream searching for the new meaning of all related to life, spirit, culture, awareness and imagination, chasing the magic's wild horses running after a mirage just about to become real. No, that wasn't a dream, rather a high quality revelation as he by raising his head could make out diamond designs as sensual erotic pleasures, now with his hands in the sea water and feet in the air smiling at friendly upside down angel faces dancing to a sound of an old arabian music he couldn't explain, only hold that vision, feeling and thought and keep it forever as a knowledge private treasure, a universal religious arrangement he could only entirely confess in the privacy of his later fine art sessions. No more searching in vain was the final conclusion as the flying angels kept on getting back to him, as the african red sun went on falling behind a great distance. The young man only felt a pleasurable tiredness after receiving the unexpected instructions, finally falling asleep behind a soft tender dune under the One Thousand and One Nights stars, knowing that from then on he could live forever in harmony with the universe and that all his efforts should be directed towards the realisation of the Truth, goodness and beauty in love, heart, life and Art! Antonio Pessoa leaves Morocco with a new outlook of life and very particularly with a new perspective of Old Christian Europe. After a few summertime weeks in is dear Nederland, he returns to his family nest. He goes back to his Raja Yoga and Meditation sessions and rituals and becomes a seriously commited disciple of the oriental martial arts high values principles and philosophy. With nineteen years old he has a daughter, Paula, with his first official wife, Helen. For a few years he dedicated his time to live music, fine arts and his family. However it wasn't going to take long before Pessoa hits the road again, playing live and developing his art technique, expression and performance wherever he is and most importantly accepting new influences, such as Wassily Kandinsky, Joan Miró, René Magritte, Tanguy, Man Ray, Vieira da Silva, Marc Chagall, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, just to mention a few. He becomes for some time a true eclectic artistic tendencies researcher. Nevertheless yet ten years still have to go by before Pessoa drops music professionally to become a steadily full commited art studio worm and on a surprising short-term, a unquestionable experienced art studio veteran, working on a daily basis, almost as a religious ritual, a solid lifestyle prospect he's actually going to develop and cherish with a unique enthusiastic endeavour, maintaining it with increasing passion, devotion and an amazing fast improving determination, learning eagerness, method and discipline, a validated procedure which is going to become the basic essentials of his worldwide artistic professional reliability reputation and at last but not the least the very power source of dynamic art action remarkable studio performance naturally and inevitably turning out to be the creative energy fluxus which after all gave birth to one of the largest high quality solo artist fine art collections of the last decade of the Twentieth Century! THE BELIEF GENERATOR, oil and acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa, 2007, is paradigmatic enough of how the artist is stubbornly committed to his wonderful plan of self-assurance and certainty by continuously administrating his primary beliefs regarding the wisdom he is already being rewarded with and inevitably by translating it into contemporary fine art expression, more and more able to reflect the spreading of supreme awareness elements, persistently fertile, clear signals of a new age of higher artistic values propositions surprisingly concise despite the colorful illustration of the running symbols plus the elite drawing description, obviously a still remaining aesthetics conceptual principle and traditional consensus of his huge oeuvre's different periods. Ready, Steady... GO! This could be an intro for a cool running marathon, a racing start being broadcasted all over the Planet. However, this new breeze marathon has no special schedules nor a beginning and end. In short, to make it properly stated, it's more about an enjoyable Mystery Tour, where artist Antonio Pessoa takes the leading role,not because he obssessively wishes to, but just because one way or another the Show must goon, and the artist, like it or not, has got to take the leading role of this motion picture making, Antonio Pessoa contemporary Fine Art! Cool as cool can be, the modern master enjoys life over career struggle, self-satisfied in his comfostable lifestyle, making the most of every single moment and social meeting, an attitude which only a high level of wisdom can afford right there, in the kitchen's heat, in the middle of today's art scene traffic jam. No need fo more reference guides, exhausting analysis or nail-biting volcanic information, even thrilling adrenaline last minute think things through rally time emergency episodes, some kind of "help me God this is driving me crazy" sort of B Movie like, bad TV soap drama sinking one's soul fast into an abyss of awfulness. No Sir, I say, definitely, no way. As I put down in words what's happening in Antonio Pessoa's life, I love to admit what I suppose I already knew. The artist paints and does it with the amazing and amusing serene emotions of a true art studio veteran. His command of the contemporary fine art language has unquestionably reached its highest level up to now. Regardless the multiple projects he is involved with, plus his systematic and deserved spare times of adorable procrastination, he manages to develop his oeuvre program with the easy-to-do quick and cool flow of the experienced Modern Master, an almost exotic performance, resizing an endless selection of ideas onto the canvas, downloading already invented framed pictures and sketches wandering for the past few days across his mind, with the high technical precision of his striking painting brush caresses. Great achievements occur when an artist has something original to say, art at home and abroad, here he goes once again, the contemporary dancer for some moments let us suppose that instead of painting he is in an Edgar Degas Ballet rehearsal, exhibiting a harmonious serene emotional flow, voilà, a gentle and sentimental gentleman excelling by doing pure contemporary marvel! Too much for one day sometimes in Antonio Pessoa's life. The phone doesn't stop ringing, the artist has already been talking to a whole lot of collaborators, art dealers, friends,family, art critics, web designers, to a point of feeling overwhelmed by the interferences rush, good news, bad news, problems,urgent decision taking situations,you name it. Nevertheless the modern master gets back down to work, in his devoted art action intimacy, writing his own diary on canvas with the steady punctual recording reliability of a life reporter. The Fine Art synopsis gains more and more expression as the artist solves the composition puzzle, through his own interpretation of his thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and conclusions. Tomorrow will be another day, another adventure, very probably another artwork, ready for the viewers eyes and public opinion. His art well expressed diary shall be always the mirror of his most intimate perceptions, as the world keeps going round and round and life proves to be a magical box of unexpected surprises, a complex fascinating interconnecting forum in which a great communicator such as Pessoa definitely will have a word to say, something to share, a message to herald and an interesting role to perform. Mr.Vicente Fernandez Lago, Antonio Pessoa's closest friend, partner, public relations in Spain, Miami, southern California and Latin America, and the artist's most reliable and steady collaborator for the past ten years up to now, is the unmovable solid as a rock structure which proves to be the most effective support mainly in south western Europe, entirely involved, excited, enthusiastically motivated and focused in the modern master's worldwide Project.Fact. In today's growing selfishness-oriented racing world, a strong partnership such as this seems to be a rather royal priviledge both for the artist and Mr. Lago. Anyway, in the meantime, Antonio Pessoa lives up to his lifestyle concept, the sort of life he actually wishes to lead and also the glamorous social, dynamic and creative daily routine which better fits his unique, contemplative, even controversial personality, perception of space and time, art performance, living aesthetics, roots and traditions, deep beliefs and general interests. Right now, owning four art studios he calls home, Pessoa paints as he prays, actually by using a very sophisticated method of Mind Power improvement and enhancement, thereby systematically downloading inner philosophical and pragmatic links, providing him with a true substancial existential amount of references possibilities and daily sunny new solutions in order to face art action, public communication, social meetings, art scene unexpected puzzles and real life challenges... with the easy going decisions taking and making expertise and in so doing obviously getting the work done, so to speak. On the whole the art scene and art market practical matters demand a well defined matter-of-fact positive thinking, plus a master approach to each and every complex issue, crossroads, task accomplishment oriented processes and a healthy straightforwardness to manage and deal with urgent action-based rough sledding situations. Antonio Pessoa more himself than ever before, seems to have dismissed most of the old specif and too obvious influences and in so doing, his today's art expression definitely gained a wonderful and charming miscellaneous New Look, with a new original togetherness about it. Nevertheless it's good to be able to observe that his favorite old and modern Great Masters still have a very special place in his heart, in his art and most importantly still have the power of the wise advice providing, plus the honour of being consulted now and then, once in a while, most of the the time or even maybe on a daily basis. Let alone the so many very interesting contemporary emerging artists from all over the world Pessoa admires, unquestionably an excellent source of new ideas, concepts, aesthetics and tendencies definitely not to be ignored... the Twentieth Century Modern Masters live on forever in Pessoa's Temple of the Great Masters, where the flame of genius keep on burning and sparking, sheltering and fuelling Antonio Pessoa's inspiration with their eternal teaching, foresight and veteran experience. THE BELIEF GENERATOR is a good example of why, how and where the Great Masters come back alive and live together again celebrating and surely congratulating the talent, skills and mastery of one of the most relevant contemporary artists in today's art scene. Antonio Pessoa Spiritual Light SPIRITUAL LIGHT, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, describes a lengthy experience of Divine Spark, a five star self-education manifesting itself as a out of the darkness process and resolution, predicting a sudden and intensely bright relationship with life itself, the immediate awakening to a new outlook of existence, peace of mind, global perception, universal understanding and Art Supreme. Many questions arise concerning Antonio Pessoa's latest changes, although to many arguments entitled to make this magical resurrection unecessarrily more complex and unbearably annoying, might be an utterly useless waste of time and energy. Suffice is to say, though, that all this wonderful phenomenon is indeed a far more simple and tangible spiritual accomplishment, and I don't think it involves some kind of Buddhist etiquette to achieve this rewarding self-realization level.Fact. There's a time and a place for everything, now was the time for artist Pessoa to exorcize the leftovers from his enfant terrible recent past, and the place is an open to the universe New World, a holy planet where the unclean poor devils and perverted demons have no more connection with roleplaying in the awesome marvelous motion picture titled Antonio Pessoa Fine Art. The Show must go on, however this time now, once and for all and for good, under the Spiritual spotlight, a bridge over troubled waters where the good men and women can picture the presence of the accredited broad range of positive thinking, follow the true easy-to-do higher beliefs, a magnificent model rooted in living out loud in the moment, in the Temple of Love and eternity! With the Spiritual Light guidance and universal perspective, for artist Antonio Pessoa art career urgent issues, daily weekly stress and rush hours social traffic, is not a problem anymore even when the weight of pressure begins to fall and there he is standing in a crowded solo art show opening stuck in a conversation nobody seems to hear and not a single care in the world but the supreme sensation of being alive experiencing the motionless pleasure of cosmic awareness. Just like the Sun, Art through the Spiritual Light seems to fly upon the wings of the new revelation, the creative rainbow rise as the wisdom everlasting breeze softly and gently blow deep into the artist's wide inner acceptance providing inspiration, genius, invention and in so doing everything comes out generating art action spontaneity ,art expression command and flow in every stroke of the painting brush. With the simple notion "I am the Light", Antonio Pessoa becomes more artist and great communicator than ever before. He is now in a far higher level of contemporary fine art making supreme because by now he already knows the most natural, reliable, healthy and powerful way to achieve all his desires as an artist and a human being. His Mind! Whatever his desire or dream, Antonio Pessoa has now the easy-to-do ability to realize it and release it. Thanks to Spiritual Light it's all truly within his reach TODAY! The artist starts his daily art performance journey and over the next few minutes he is going to find out how to take the next step, the step that shows him to unlock his full potential and realize all of his dreams as an art communicator. His subconscious Mind takes control and drives the artistic intuition while his conscious Mind is well focused on absolute art action. Believe it, that's exactly how it happens in Antonio Pessoa's life today. All of his desires are just a step away. Changing his subconscious, Antonio Pessoa is now delivering into his art ritual and artistic productions, all of his potential almost instantaneously. He has unearthed a method that within a few short while, will have his current subconscious destination falling to the canvas space, allowing his new artistic destination to take its place. Suddenly amazingly fine art possibilities and new opportunities appear where nothing existed before. Antonio Pessoa, more than ever feels the art making friction begin to turn in his favour. After weeks and even several months of personal research and exhaustive concentration, Pessoa finally found the secret to changing his artistic destination the easy way,his life and art performance is now filled with joy and happiness. Antonio Pessoa today has increased the depth and intensity of true and effective art communication, public voice, worldwide reputation and without special effort. Spiritual darkness is a thing of the past. With doubt, anxiety,and fear of confrontation behind, the artist, studio veteran, art expert and communicator, Pessoa now wins at all things and artistic challenges he takes on. No wonder so many friends and artists from all over the world are in awe of his ability to actually achieve against all odds! Flying answers overflow as in Dylan's song "Blowing in the Wind", flooding the canvas atmosphere, a dim lighted dawn where passaging bright undefined icons expand across the narrative field, conducting feelings and sensations through a super motion range of tones. Cubist style windows stand as the puzzling background providing light, as a temperamental spiritual heating, as a supreme emotional ventilating system. More than storytelling, Antonio Pessoa reveals spiritual graphics, magical verse words of wisdom through some playful fine art fiction. He dares to be different while pleasing the viewers eyes and senses, and in so doing also letting them discover the epicyclical relations within their hearts, over the Moon and straight back down to Earth for a new mystical existence and freedom enhancement. The Timeless Time concept is now a well integrated attitude in the artist's practicalities of Living, as Spiritual Light generates true liberty, counseling and soul's spring guiding. The Timeless Time concept thereby becomes the interpretation of life in a new edition of universal appreciation and meaning and so therefore establishing a fundamental new equation of contemporary art, a timeless time transpersonal relativity in his everyday fine art making life function,creating and maintaining this private meditation well-being high above to receive continuous Spiritual Growth, tangible artistic objectives plus the wonderful nature of infinity as the next and most reliable unifying point between nothingness and eternity. The Big Thrill as for right now is indeed what future attitude is the artist going to faithfully adopt and by which endless road is the Spiritual Light going to lead him. Once established that his art career is just another alternative creative support-not financial whatsoever, given Pessoa's privileged circumstances-the general perspective seems to be deliciously abstract to say the least. Antonio Pessoa becomes more than ever a quality Living arquitect, a global entrepeneur and ironically a new sort of emotional-intelligence Guru, definitely a new format of spiritual designer. The Big Time artist now possesses and fully enjoys this universal unmovable faith. Not an ephemeral daydream that lacks maturity and understanding, but a genuine attitude of deep belief in himself and in his growing worldwide community of followers and soul mates. More than ever before, in tune with his amazing skills, talents and now the new abilities to see the unseen and to create the uncreatable, Antonio Pessoa besides going on and on producing quality contemporary masterpieces, also by steadfastly bringing out all it takes to make the most of his unstoppable beliefs and high-faith... becomes a leader-believer sharing, expanding, promoting the valuable vision of lifelight welcoming friends, artists, writers, art curators to explore the rewarding possibilities of spiritual power, of purpose and impact in order to provide contemporary expression with a far much stronger worldwide Voice, involving media, the new generation of modern masters, art gallery managers, art collectors and obviously the international art loving public. A wonderful project thanks to a new outlook of life, basic meaning perception and the Spiritual Light as the latest and most reliable supreme energy and human belief generator. Viewing and observing Spiritual Light, one thereby witnesses that what makes this charming painting worth being exhibited to the world's art lovers and the sensitive educated art collectors judgement and opinion, is its eclectic identity regardless the original competency and unique quality stamp of the masterpiece. However, Pessoa's multiple influences on this particular canvas development, may take us directly to recall Wassily Kandinsky, not only for its colors and abstract iconographic metamorphosis but also concerning the global conception of the whole artwork, where sensorial magnificence, inventive richness and emotional eclipses are exposed with the highest precision and clarity, plus with the spiritual lyricism of linear forms and of course the inevitable figurative-abstract art expression interesting opposite visual forces. As for Jackson Pollock, that's something else indeed, as far as Antonio Pessoa's latest oeuvre is concerned. The unmistakable influence of the controversial american painter is well illustrated not only in Spiritual Light, but actually in most of the artist's artworks from 2006 up to now. Maybe it's just a necessary period of experiments, maybe unwrapping Pollock's magical box in order to solve the mystery and in so doing creating a wisely updated version of his style mixing it with other plastic formulas bound to get the required togetherness whole combination, which in fact has always been somehow one of Antonio Pessoa's traditional methods plus one of his most honorable manners to pay tributes to his favorite renowned Great Masters, consequently even sometimes surpassing them excelling in such a daring performance not only as an artist but also inevitably as a notable art historian. The general idea after all, gives us enough accurate perspective and solid ground to assume that Spiritual Light, much more than another excellent painting among the huge Antonio Pessoa's private Art Collection, is a rather sufficient evidence of the current global emotional and positive thinking climate changes within the artist inner atmosphere, and inevitably in his lifestyle, social life, professional status, art career and most importantly in his personal well-being generating a stronger art expression impact and empathic communication skills. Getting rid, step by step, and finally once and for all of the old patterned prototypical misguiding concepts, the artists breaks out of the stereotyped shell and in a wink of an eye he wakes up to a new sunny journey of imaginative individuality, gracefully protected by the rewarding Divine density of Spiritual Light bound to self-perfection. This essential advice has given Antonio Pessoa the keyanswers to achieve brilliant awareness and brightness, the highest level towards creative quality art and living transcendance. Embracing the enlighted living, not only the artist is by now discovering latent abilities but also higher standards of emotional interaction introducing him to a surprising legitimate artistic authority which, as it is,contains the timelessness vital space where art expression and effective communication performance are at last able to find all the tools to accomplish total freedom, happiness and very probably on very short-terms the justifiable pertinent possibility to finally achieve Nirvana! Antonio Pessoa Art Times Antonio Pessoa Lifestyle As we all know,life sometimes can be very stimulating and rewarding, although unexpected changes and unpredictable surprises may sometimes turn everything upside down in such a frantic manner that next thing you know one might as well start having the strange sensation of being living in another life. That actually happens quite often, despite our daily efforts to organize our routine and shape it into a life style model we've been dreaming of for quite a long time.fair enough. Nevertheless destiny or fate have a weird way to continuously show us we should be always ready to be born again in a new dimension of perception, emotions and philosophy. And that's what happened with Antonio Pessoa, a far too long display of adventures, relationships, art style changes, love affairs, a broken marriage, more last minute made up decisions leading too yet another frantic new adventures, falling down and stepping up again... and suddenly waking up in a new universe of wisdom, peace, emotional rescue and maturity responding to the circumstances in the appropriate manner of a wise artist, person and citizen, now acting more out of a learned intuition rather than the impulsive associations of a few years ago. Most important of all, amazing as it actually is, Pessoa somehow managed to keep his life style intact, maintaining his powerful strong beliefs in complete form and function, an entire integrity towards himself, art, friends, partners and life in general. Unquestionably we are indeed facing and witnessing a high quality inner motivation source, a sustaining inspiration definitely related to skills, talent, artistic performance, commitment and an absolute striking positive thinking and energy. In the contemporary fine art field it has been always genuinely spontaneous and heartfelt the way Antonio Pessoa managed to share and also promote his faith, heart and soul both with the worldwide public and with his fellow artists as well. This apparently basic overview of Pessoa's proven solid principles provides us with enough high ranking common-sense when it comes to accept once and for all this artist and art expert,as a unique and gifted excellent example of a true remarkable paradigmatic manifestation of a continuous urgency to turn daily routine into a supreme positive and productive lifestyle. I would say that maybe one of the secrets for Antonio Pessoa's lack of anxiety concerning his artistic career,lies on his general perspective of life, in his particular case a huge endless universe of possibilities, obviously in direct relation to his eclectic multifacetic skills, his high cultured, educated background, plus an outstanding hyperactive intuition and intelligence providing him with an impressive selection of options and several dimensions of identity, life approach and striking performance. Antonio Pessoa's global cognitive and abstract relational functions allow him a continuous easy-going life leading just by sharp instinct and highly developed emotional intelligence. An IQ also playing a very important role in today's contemporary art scene as we all know by now. To assess Pessoa's relationship between art production-invention and his always glamourous, original lifestyle, we should be able and capable to actually examine a great deal of his stimulating and almost Hollywood-like biography, the most reliable form to bring enough discernment of the essential motivations of the artist and art expert, for, let's face it, indeed an artistic performance of Antonio Pessoa's caliber is definitely the blending of intelligent intuition and some hard work to go with, naturally. One of the great aspects of Pessoa's lifestyle is, from my personal perspective - a reliable view considering my already ten years as one of his closest collaborators and friends-actutually his tremendous capacity to disconnect from the pointless pursuit racing crowd and by choosing the withdrawal back to his unique spiritual universe, quickly recovering the vision of soul, matter and self, exploring new existences of thought,space and art expression, a gathering place for truth, creativity, self-improvement and usually the results of all this fascinating process come up as the art science necessarily starting with new propositions of true amazing contemporary communication, by dissecting and interpreting all the philosophical conclusions. Lovely! Antonio Pessoa as a contemporary art programming languages wizard, continuously researching areas related to pure fine art high performance, provides us simple, affordable and almost familiar contemporary art codes and references, the true colors of existence we all feel commited to and helplessly inclined to pleasantly absorb. No wonder Antonio Pessoa keeps on showing the world how wonderful is to create, make art to amuse, delight and give genuine enjoyment to his growing faithful public, followers, art lovers and art collectors. Pessoa, much more than an artist, art expert and art curator, is an art scene observer, watching the fascinating universal out and about of contemporary art opera with the scientific patience of a well absolute focused examiner's mind, gaining day after day, step by step the solid experience and updated information required in order to esteblish a self-trained ready for action know-how. Antonio Pessoa, reloaded with a new outlook of the international art stage, with a great help from his closest collaborators recruits young art critics at the same time that he is indeed entirely commited in the process of organizing an impressive list of contacts of some of the major art collectors worldwide. Great expectations for this young man and his team, plus a great luck and privilege for art galleries directors, curators, artists and art collectors to know they can count on the multifacetic skills of an artist who decided to become one of the most promising and reliable art experts of today's contemporary art scene. However, Pessoa's secret has nothing to do with magic. Actually just a more accurately measured announcement heralding a new performing attitude directly related with the rushing, growing, expanding today's worldwide contemporary art ring. Antonio Pessoa shows this genuine interest and spontaneous tendency, I would say and bet, out of a conscious urgency to fully understand the global art world atmosphere and therefore enjoy the deserved feeling of growing up and improve as an artist, as a mediator and most importantly as a responsible professional all the way, hungry for knowledge and updated information. This well planned and already performing project provides Pessoa with effective oversight, a vault of new ideas, thoughts, visions ans references, acquired art market leteracy and a rich delivering fluid of new solutions, a fresh new art scene guide, the new fundamental assessment tools for artists, curators, art gallery managers and of course, art collectors. The big challenge is aiready an on-going fact and in so doing new devices are already allowing Antonio Pessoa to communicate and share information faster and better than ever. Mr. Pessoa, we all surely shall be looking forward for more! Antonio Pessoa. Winds of Changes Through the winds of changes, artist, art curator Antonio Pessoa, searches for new solutions for his personal life and inevitably for his career as well. A great communicator, Pessoa might find himself at times rather distressed, experiencing doubts, a dangerous field of emotions and unsolved priorities coming and going in a sort of magnetic resonance. Overwhelmed by a ruthless hurricane of contradictory ambivalences which structure seldom turns out to be not as solid as it should, however striking hard enough to create a state of fragility involving lack of interest in the art scene and therefore involving an immediate urgency calling out a new resuscitation of perception and life style. Obviously, this sort of emotional overflow happened so many times in Antonio Pessoa's adventurous life and artistic career involving personal and professional relationships, somehow making him carving his destiny with the unpredictable manner of the ones who never surrender to mediocrity, no matter what's at stake and very often taking the most apparently unthinkable options. Pessoa continues renewing his conclusions, leading him to new values, obviously the necessary Winds of Changes, brand-new updated solutions focusing their positive energy and wisdom on a more solid, self-sactisfying and rewarding life style. This isn't supposed to mean a switch of direction but more likely a fresh new take of perception, self-improvement and therefore happiness and character enhancement step by step method and program. Antonio Pessoa, the artist, Pessoa, I would claim a new sort of art expert, keeps on living and systematically goes on rearranging his inner relations paradigms and beliefs accurately representing reality as a matter of discovery on a daily basis. His personal and always unique life style and posture in the frantic world of today's art scene very probably on very short terms are going to be projected inevitably in his always surprising and tremendously innovative artworks. Unquestionably it has been this unbreakable enthusiasm for the things in life as a whole which has been interesting the public,art lovers and art collectors, somehow turning Antonio Pessoa's life to become even more exciting and thrilling than his artwork. Despite all the ups and downs, ins and outs, Pessoa has always been proving to be and to live at the highest level elegantly faithful to his living and emotional values, no matter what was at stake, let alone his artistic career. Knowing Pessoa as I do know him I can easy and certainly bet that these blowing winds of changes are once again part of a yet another splendid metamorphosic process making way for a new outlook of life, emotional level, life style, perception, happiness and surely a new stage of contemporary fine art performance hopefully coming soon. Nevertheless, one way or another, with more or less art production, Antonio Pessoa seems to be going through a period in which one dozen of stimulating activities seem to come up almost at the same time, involving the artist in a breathtaking overflow of mental energy spending, plus a lot of pressure from the ones who only expect him to act and produce like the average art making commited artist. The apparent effortless manner of leading his life alongside his artistic career,turns Pessoa into one of the most original personalities in today's contemporary art scene, stamped with the uniqueness of distinction, I would even go further and suggest, actually very suitable for a Hollywood production leanding role. Mitigated by the undeniable fact that his artwork is worldwide friendly accepted, admired and cherished, the crash point comes alive time after time when Pessoa runs out of patience or legitimate interest for a specific situation and consequently next thing we know, Antonio Pessoa is driving every of his closest friends and colaborators, crazy and near desperation filtering through the screen of real life in a splash of emotional storm, freezing flames and God knows what else. And, yes sir, that's when everyone around him starts hating to admit that maybe, well, just maybe, a hard rain is about to fall. Well, art lovers, please do keep these images in your head because according to my ten years of experience, as an art critic and close friend of Pessoa, usually all this on-going Commedia dell'Arte turns out to bring a new breeze of fresh air, well, well, then everything goes back to smooth routine, even against all odds. Anyway, let's face it, an intense, talented, creative one such as Antonio Pessoa, artist, musician, art expert, mediator, couldn't be expected to always react like a John Doe, so to speak. However, despite the amount of good reasons he might eventually think he has to react or overreact, Pessoa at least always seems to dress with the common sense enough to eventually apologize or at least keep in mind in order to be a bit more cool next time social life's weather report isn't favorable to his peculiar and very personal tastes. Sala Panaderas - Antonio Pessoa http://www.galeria- pessoa/2-30-2-30.htm Sala Panaderas in La Coruña, northern Spain, seems to have adopted one of the most promising artists of the international art scene right now, Antonio Pessoa, showing some of his best series of the worlwide known Romantic Period. A very wise choice unquestionably, considering the place and the time when this actually happens. Together with some of the most interesting emerging artists from Galaecia, Pessoa returns to this wonderful region of Spain and in one of its largest cities, La Coruña. This could be the very beginning of a close and expanding partnership, between the artist and Sala Panaderas, in order to give worldwide voice to a culture and a region yet not so much known among europeans and the United States art lovers and art collectors. Looking through the windows of Sala Panaderas front door, we immediately become aware of Pessoa's unmistakable style,the very remarkable stamp of his Romantic Period excellent productions. On a short term this could turn out to be a brilliant and bombastic opportunity and possibility just to break on through to the other side, for them both Sala Panaderas and artist Antonio Pessoa. Precisely just about now when Pessoa is getting ready to take off for the New York art adventure, it's good to find out that an important piece of his most amazing and striking working periods remains in the wise hands of an art gallery which seems to know its way around today's competitive segments of the global art market, despite the fact of Sala Panaderas local environment out and about on-going expanding art vision. Specifically in a region of Europe far from being among the art merchandise leaders, Sala Panaderas swings about obviously with the connoisseur operating knowledge, intuition, wisdom and savoir-faire, managing artistic combinations, style schemes and recipes plus with the punctual layout of elegant and snappy informed conduct aiming and focusing on a relevant qualified performance of a label, product, artists and artworks, providing local art collectors with the comprehensive taste and flavour of quality. Focusing on essential techniques, so it seems, Sala Panaderas or galeria-arte, presents us with a stimulating improvement and Know-How, stepping further ahead and definitely not far from actually taking the leadership of northern Spain's art market monopoly stage. Antonio Pessoa's career, unpredictable has it has always been, leaves us a whole lot of open field to imagine, dream and speculate, however when it comes a time when an artist reaches the point of public under falling burning acceptance and admiration, the synonyms of all these undeniable facts leaves us no much more ground to consider let alone doubt. Pessoa's systematic working method in order to make this wonderful project available to the world is already conceiving interesting results to say the least. Therefore, Sala Panaderas galeria-art, sure deserves our most excited and cheerful applause, definitely our infinite respect for the outstanding enthusiastic passion for your artists plus all upcoming new initiatives in order to expand what is already beginning to look like an impressive and great teaching of art gallery management. As for Antonio Pessoa and Sala Panaderas we are truly lucky to have you both in the recognition club and surely in the spotlight of the international contemporary art scene! Antonio Pessoa Fine Art From now on, anything is possible concerning Antonio Pessoa's professional career, personal life, art production and lifestyle. If all depended on luck then we could sit back, still and quite and wait for the Lucky Stars to do the job. Let's be realistic, things don't actually happen that waymost of the times. So what's the catch? Definitely not a fishing trip. More likely an investment of energy, talent, intuition and public relations common sense. With all the differenceof opinions from the so called "experts" on how to be a top artist in twenty four hours, the on-going process sure requires a extreme high level of human potential, let alone an experienced background in the art studio, art making, talent, art expression, technique and skills. This is something which doesn't seem to worry an art wizard such as Pessoa. In today's worldwide art scene, clearly on the verge of erupting into hundreds of thousands of artists, the art planet on the other hand is quickly loosing the genuine talented species such as Botero, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Georg Baselitz, Pollock, Man Ray, Frank Stella, Thomas Baumgärtel, Antoni Tàpies, Dale Chihuly, Will Ryman, Michael Anderson and at last but not the least Antonio Pessoa, one of the most promising talents of the contemporary new generation. Antonio Pessoa's outstanding artistic achievements, art studio and public performances so far have been showing and providing us with some of the most prolific series of amazing diversity contemporary avant-garde results. For the past ten years Pessoa has been responsible for one of the largest fine art encyclopedias on canvas, shining in his brilliance as an inventor, sketcher, mixing and matching manipulator, new age fine art dancer, an art expression boundaries breaker, daring projects generator, his wonderful spontaneous inventiveness daily updated, successfully acomplishing a high quality innovative artflow identified and recognized as a top contemporary artistic phenomenon.Fact. Reasons enough so it seems, for the world start betting on a sudden explosion of a mythical contemporary art new wave worldwide label titled Antonio Pessoa. Et Voilà! That's the good news. The bad news, perhaps, is Pessoa's comfortable procrastinating attitude, as if life should be an endless leisure contemplative time, despite the artist's natural capacity to sustain a fierce lasting motivation when it comes to sudio artworking, however mitigated by a long term home seet home hypnosis which in a way has been feeding deep relationship with his inner self, on the other hand also the source of the unfair delay of his international reputation. Antonio Pessoa's communication skills, the great artist specialized in visual problem solving and artistic storytelling, exchanges what it could be his pwn version of a top artist for a environmental easy solutions, at home or at the country club, happily following his spiritual stabilization network, as an excuse and also a bad example for the struggling artists from all over the world. I would say, without being much far from the truth, that Antonio Pessoa since the very beginning of his art odissey became fully aware of how much public projection would always determine the voice power and communication strengh ans flow of art expression. However his luck strike in the early 90'sturning him into the most wealthy and productive emerging artists of western Europe, didn't actually change his perceptions of how little art does matter for the public in general without a projection backup to make it enough interesting and charismatic for the art lovers and art collectors. Antonio Pessoa kept on playing his cards, although plenty aware that like beauty, luck and social position, artistic charisma could indeed open many doors in the art scene world. Pessoa's intuitive circuits entirely adapted to the modern times, prevented him from taking himself too seriously and become an artist all the way without experiencing the down-side of the trade, always somehoe protected by his solid rational viewing of art scene community and public. Throughout the years Pessoa's emotional rescue came mainly from his own inner self intuition and wisdom, allowing him to set a stage of favorable situations in which it was possible for him to accomplish a remarkable fine art collection of artworks generating an unquestionable intensive fine art research program, an endless list of art pieces all of them reflecting a live a life you love sort of inspiration status, dream and attitude. All this studio fine art performance took the artist to such a technical degree in which Pessoa at a certain point had indeed constructed a well developed method of easy going power of invention and real time art action on canvas. Recently, Antonio Pessoa, always faithful to his deepprinciples and beliefs, breaks up with the old tendencies and model references, embracing entirely the contemporary speech, despite his collaborators and friends pressure to make him go on with the same old figurative stamp. The recent series of contemporary art reports, show us clearly a great innovative change of his traditional art communication concept, aiming and achieving a brand-new philosophical range, world and lifesyle general perspective and outlook and of course his personal life dimension as well. Antonio Pessoa looks at the international art scene as a wonderful fascinating huge monster, a great amount of art galleries concentrated in the world's largest cities downtown, precisely the sort of noisy, tremblong, erupting, rushing, racing cement jungle, the artist tries to avoid sometimes at any cost, even aware his artistic career depends a whole lot on those top galleries stuck in the middle of the breathtaking metropolitan atmosphere. More and more comfortable in sunny small cosmopolitan spots such as Ibiza, Mallorca, southern France and southern Portugal, Pessoa goes on helplessly postponing his big break and at the same time building up the sort of lifestyle which suits his deep and real nature and conceptual perception of time and life. This contradictory system and situation seems to have gained a great deal of control upon Pessoa's decisions and definitely upon the way he leads his life and lets his artistic career follow behind as if some higher and much more powerful voice keeps on calling alomg the day after day essence of truth to an idyllic perfect combination of pleasures of pure philosophical excellent and delightful easy going glamour. Nevertheless Antonio Pessoa's fine art goes on inevitably despite his obvious production slowdown. Unpredictable as the weather report, Pessoa's personal and professional artistic life one more time remains in God's classified information department. This seems to be so far all the planning tips I can actually come up with and provide the readers, despite the proven reliable Antonio Pessoa's painting machine reputation, his specific and unique energy, cultural heritage and contemporary fine art skills. Private, personal and inner issues always have seemed to be playing the vindicatory role, have always sustained a far more expanding range of influence, than simple matters os position, social status or regular income in Antonio Pessoa's life, for all that matters,and it sure does matter at least what concerns and might affect one way or another one of the most controversial, stimulating artisys of today's art scene. I wish I had a hunch that one line would be enough to state a reliable prognostic, a more consensus panel to clarify, report, solve, reveal, the hidden secrets of the remarkable contemporary art acrobat named Antonio Pessoa. Communication, mixed media on watercolor paper, Antonio Pessoa 2007, could be seen as just another artwork by the artist, however the title leaves enough suggestions, loose ends, arrow keys to navigate related to the frequently asked questions, a dimension of legitimate curiosity where the public, local or worldwide, wishes to know more and more about an artist project, syatematically updated, collecting a punctual interesting selection of information, the classic guide for art lovers, art collectors, art gallery managers, art curators and public in general, providing them with substantial lines to be and being kept informed about what's happening with Pessoa's life, career, work and events. Since 2003, Antonio Pessoa already living in Barcelona, Spain, the internet oviously came up and turned out to be another magical and powerful communication tool, providing the artist's closest collaborators with a rather interesting and direct way to tell the world about Pessoa's on-going events and all sort of valuable information concerning his artitic and even personal life. Antonio Pessoa at the beginning clearly not particularly interested, to say the least, in the internet scene, step by step became convinced of the wonderful communication stream of the cyberspace nowadays. If Antonio Pessoa wasn't after all destined to paint live,as it was his primary purpose at the very beginning of his career, at least now he could be in contact with a great amount of public, mainly in Google, as we all know the most consulted and popular search engine in the internet world so far. Therefore, from then on, Google, Yahoo and Msn indeed helped tominimize the time required to find information about Antonio Pessoa out and abouts. When this internet exploring first experiences took place, Pessoa was going through a rather complicated and complex emotional period due to his personal life, to such an extent that at a certain given point he could hardly manage and handle his studio work on his traditional daily basis, actually slowing down his art production almost to a dangerous situation of total paralysis. For the first time in ten years, Antonio Pessoa was clearly showing signs of obvious lack of interest in art making, proportionally to the great action time golden years of his remarkable Romantic Period fine art performance. Nevertheless, the show had to go on, and despite the emotional whirlwind, Antonio Pessoa had to make a supreme effort and get rid of a great deal of inner contradictory forces in order to get back up on the road again and start from the scratch, one way or another, anything but surrendering to the evil powers of negative thinking up to cripple his fierce creative spirit. In order to star dealing effectively with the stressful rhythm of the big city and the contemporary art scene life, Antonio Pessoa definitely needed a nice warm bath of courage and at the same time an urgent immersion in the stimulating positive bubbles of daily art working time. Antonio Pessoa got back down to work, back down to earth, with the will power of someone determined to create a new version of his unique lifestyle. While the internet communication and information operation began his close encounters with the contemporary art scene world, Pessoa kept on overcoming his painful emotional blackout the best way he knew how, defeating his inner ghosts with the sword of a remarkable straightforwardness, at last dealing with the infirmity quite successfully. Only two years later the artist finally broke up with the old masters persistent influences giving birth to a brand-new stamp in his oeuvre. The New Era! By this time the online communication flow had already gone a long way with the talented collaboration of several web designers, young emerging art critics and a new vision of interesting possibilities in the art information field. Antonio Pessoa was coming out of the dark shadows of his studio to the limelight of the cyberspace and therefore exhibiting his life and artwork to a much wider and eclectic educated crowd of art lovers and public. That's the least we can do for all simply adore contemporary art,provide them with all information available, building up a system of online communication, a labor of global sharing just to be rewarded by witnessing with great satisfaction how art lovers get deep enjoyment from knowing more and more about an open book sort of artist, Antonio Pessoa , a man who truly understands that art expression nowadays and more than ever must go beyond the framed canvas and galleries walls, straight into the worldwide public awareness, judgement and criticism, a flying satellite equipped with update art life information reliable reports. Internet allowing fine art and even the artist's personal life as a whole connecting with the world, seems to be unquestionably a healthy and supreme attitude towards the thousands and millions of all of them art lovers, after all the ones who actually make possible and a fact the increasing fluxus of the contemporary art scene. Antonio Pessoa The Picasso's affair Pablo Picasso portrait, oil on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 1999, a tribute to the great twentieth century's spanish master by the artist in the late nineties Romantic Period apotheosis, has survived in Pessoa's private collection throughout the years,one of the main reasons due to his high price, but not quite so... The hidden reasons concerning Pablo Picasso portrait high rating has been so far Antonio Pessoa's unwillingness to sell an excellent oeuvre representing one of the great masters he most admires. In the picture above, Vicente Fernandez Lago, Antonio Pessoa's friend, partmer, collaborator, manager and public relations in Spain and Latin America, stands side by side with the magnificent Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait, clearly happy and proud and expanding joy with a broad smile on his face,due to the fact that this summer Antonio Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait has indeed been hitting the big time, due to the unexpected countless offers from several top art collectors from all over Spain and also Germany. Crazy as it seems, despite all this rather tempting offers, the jubilant Mr. Fernandez Lago had to turn them all down, one by one,due to the fact that artist Antonio Pessoa simply doesn't seem to be yet quite prepared to say goodbye to one of his private collection's favorite masterpieces. Pablo Picasso portrait. Naturally as the ceaseless offers kept on coming, the painting's price kept on striving higher and higher toward the shinning pinnacle of ninety five thousand dollars! What do you know! Even so, despite the daily continuous pressure from Mr. Lagos, Antonio Pessoa was stubbornly determined to refuse the frantic maddening traffic jam of offers arriving everyday at Mr. Lagos office, either by fax,mail or phone calls. The reason for all this unexpected rushing race after Pessoa's Pablo Picasso portrait, as for the time being still remains quite an unsolved mystery, despite Mr. Lagos helpless efforts in order to actually find out the source of all this sudden summertime fever over one of Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period private collection favorite masterpieces. Art news travel fast, so it seems, however as nothing can be done against the artist's last word, Pessoa's private collection remains intact just as it was eleven months ago when the artist decided to sell, for a very reasonable price so I've been told, also one of his favorite paintings, titled "Lovers Union", a mixed media on canvas from 1998, delivered to a french art collector who, lucky him, happens to be one of the artist's new friends in the glamorous parisien Jet Set circuit, le beau monde of the french capital city Antonio Pessoa simply adores. It's never enough to mention, Antonio Pessoa's outstanding art studio performance during the nineties and the first two years of the new Millennium, worldwide known as The Romantic Period. It's also quite obvious that Pessoa at a certain point of his feverish hard working studio odyssey, used Picasso as a model and a reference, not necessarily by adopting some of his art expression style but more accurately by leaning on Picasso's working method and discipline. During that time in which Antonio Pessoa could hardly get proper stimulus let alone inspiration from the social circle of local procrastinating and rather démodé artists, surrounded by a bunch of mediocre art dealers whom by fate, culture and circumstances, settled down in a local short vision and small range of art merchandise sort of entrenchment, Pablo Picasso working method comes up as the perfect paradigmatic support for Pessoa, in order to obtain a better focused labor system, the art action process taking the right course of intensiveness, invention and art production. This art action-oriented programming, maintained this powerful model named Picasso well linked with the talented emerging artist named Antonio Pessoa, providing him with a substantial positivism and unquestionably with a great amount of potential energy and motivation. Knowing these facts and once we actually become aware of the great contribution Picasso gave him during times of doubt and lack of references, it's at last understood the clear picture of Antonio Pessoa now and then creating a lasting remembrance with a tribute to the spanish master. Thereby this meaningful attachment between the artist and Pablo Picasso portrait, can be easily interpreted as a touching symbolic gesture of gratitude not only for the supply of psychological support but also as a sign of respect for one of the greatest creators ever! Antonio Pessoa Fine Arts Fine Arts, mixed media-collage on canvas, Antonio Pessoa, 2007, projects a clear new art expression and communication attitude and of course a personal option in which the artist obviously signs up a definite commitment to the latest contemporary fine art tendencies, plus a steady purpose to be entirely involved in optimizing new versions of the progressive art langusge of nowadays. This new time and talent updated art action will now be expected to demonstrate Pessoa's increasing quality as a communicator through his classic and traditional fast-paced art action capacity and technical skills. However, the title Fine Arts suggests clearly Antonio Pessoa's personal artistic plans, revealing both his identification with the traditional fine art school and his unquestionable contemporary advanced vision, which may be seen and entirely digested as the artist's specific project right now and also in the long term future, so it seems.Fact! Fine Arts, this assemblage of interesting different forms creating a new whole yet maintaining not only the appearance but also a deep concept of the old masters oil paintings. Agreat admirer of contemporary installations, sculpture, photography and even video and architecture, Antonio Pessoa isn't however quite yet focused on starting transposing his artistic productions into experiencing and experimenting these other fields of contemporary visual arts. Nevertheless as an art expert and full-time art scene observer, Pessoa is inevitably by now highly influenced by all sorts of new avant-garde manifestations as an important redefinition of our times, thereby systematically following and absorbing the whole context of today's artistic innovations thematic features, with the expertise eye on this fascinating contemporary art science and wonderful miscellaneous aesthetic forms of expression. Consequently, Antonio Pessoa's new artworks generally grow significantly aware and motivated by this impressive variety of techniques and media, inspiring him to use this valuable information and natural influences in his latest and upcoming oeuvre. Most importantly, Pessoa strongly believes that any artist should remain faithful to his own convictions, after all the most honorable challenge for any well settled down creative process. Therefore, Antonio Pessoa by building his self-instruction around his own solid convictions, keeps on stumbling upon outstanding lucky artistic discoveries and visual results throughout his passionate art action life and times. Wisely managing his own development and thought, Pessoa persists in the only possible situation. Absolute artistic faithfulness! In a world overloaded with sports and politics, Antonio Pessoa has always been wide aware that art must be definitely emphasised with the public's cumplicity support, as a huge partner in the complex procedure focused on the systematic purpose and effort to give contemporary art a powerful voice worldwide. Pessoa, the artist and always the standing communication fan, leads his lifestyle and manages his energy, expecting something like a brad art boom among the world's population, as just another and yet fantastic tool to provide people with the visual poetry and sense making philosophical items, that interactive dimension which one way or another we all so desperately need in order to keep on going across this mysterious correlation of existence, meaning, freedom and happiness. By thatmeans, Fine Arts - Antonio Pessoa, much more than a painting, a title or even a tandard definition, it's a deep meaningful attitude towards a global project, a new usage, pronunciation, vision and concept of the important role contemporary art should and actually is able to play,as a powerful universal language, an international idiom full of positive.thinking icomic phrases, a whirlwind of true metaphysical substance and genuine humanitarian content and potential. I'm positive it is by now worldwide understood that Antonio Pessoa's project has long ago made its way through the studio walls out into the global concept of a fascinating visionary and humanitarian-minded job. Pessoa's entrepreneurial spirit through the creation of contemporary art operating as a global union and shared motivation mediator, it is after all the real and very true soul of the artist's daily persistent action and efforts. Much more can be siad and it will, a whole lot more can be done and it sure will. Meantime, Antonio Pessoa's Fine Arts project keeps on going as one of the strongest contemporary voices today. It's a given fact and thereby a logical conclusion that the artist's lifestyle is more than ever focused on setting up a stage in which, artists, gallery managers, art collectors and public in general can meet and celebrate one of the most wonderful visions of a new age of art expression supremacy and most importantly fine arts at the service of the dream for a better world, hopefully coming soon. Cheers, Mr. Pessoa! Antonio Pessoa The Black and White album The Black and White album, Antonio Pessoa, 1997- 1998, is a must, a historical period in the artist's career and oeuvre, a unique series of charcoal and graphite on paper drawings and sketches, examining and exploring an impressive amount of subjects, from portraits to eroticism, from social caricature to neo surrealism pure automatism, from fantasy art to local cultural traditions, well, you name it. Antonio Pessoa between 1997 and 1998 accomplishes a gigantic something like one thousand drawings, indeed a huge collection, most importantly, a high quality collection, an absolute eclectic display of ideas, memories, visions and inventions, let alone the sharp technical skills the artist once and for all demonstrates leaving no doubts concerning both his talent and drawing technical level. Published in Spain in the year 1999, Pessoa's Black and White album, is a carefully chosen selection of three hundred drawings, by the time of its edition actually intriguing the conceptual and analytical view, senses and sensibility of art critics and public, for its unusual gripping, riveting and even provocative visual content let alone the daring sexual and erotic clear suggestions too far gone explicit in the whole collection. Despite the public embarrassment, Antonio Pessoa's Black and White album, quickly achieved a growing acceptance, enthusiasm, admiration and at last a global positive reputation as one of the most striking art performances of the late nineties in western Europe. In his uniqueness as always, Antonio Pessoa was proving to himself several theories at the same time, during the intensive days of the making of the Black and White album. One, his grand final like self-assurance he had enoughmastery and art action speed for live art performance. Two, the urgency to improve his capability to invent and creat without models, that sum of drawing expertise of a Salvador Dali, Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci, just to mention a few. And at last, very probably the basic instinct telling him it was about time to explore the freedom of a great adventure across the universe of pure automatism, his deepest unconscious aesthetics and inner complexity, a voluntary sleepwalking sketching performance odyssey. By the time of the making of the Black and White album, Antonio Pessoa was living in Vigo, the lively charming city in northern Spain, where the artist indeed had the time of his life. Living and working in his gigantic home studio named Atlantis, Pessoa was back then feeling himself rather comfortable and happy with his daily routine and night life as well. Vigo, a five thousand population city on the spanish atlantic coast, provided the artist with a plenty of inspiration atmosphere, plus a stimulating social and artistic circle. Pessoa's Atlantis studio turned out to be his private wonderland, slightly Art Deco decorated, was indeed by then the perfect stage for such a stunning art action performance such as Pessoa's Romantic Period and this particular case related with the unique collection of drawings and sketches titled The Black and White album. After all these years the whole collection of three hundred drawings published in 1999 under the title The Black and White album, still remain in the artist's private collection. Why? That's quite a general mystery, although the main possible reasons point out to the endless display of artworks on canvas Antonio Pessoa accomplished between 1997 and 2002, The Romantic Period, systematically in circulation in the spanish art market providing the artist with more than enough income to live like a king and thereby enjoy life and studio work without the stress of finantial anxiety. The Romantic Period actually gave birth to something like four thousand oeuvres,namely oils on canvas, acrylics on canvas, mixed media on canvas, watercolors, mixed media on paper and as we know, something like two thousand sketches and drawings.Far out! The nineties and the first two years of the New Millennium are so far the most productive period of Pessoa's career. What has been the inner force and motivation making Pessoa get down to work in such a fierce labor activity manner, a pure and genuine art performance without competitive or selfish goals, is indeed a subject which requires a whole lot of examining research and definitely a great deal of time spending in so doing, just to try to figure out the true reasons, motivation and stimulus that made possible the proven accomplishment of one of the most astonishing art studio performances of the nineties in the western world. Antonio Pessoa Living Joy Another dimension of life and perception, a twilight zone of universal peace, inner enlightment and cosmic understanding allows artist Antonio Pessoa to face personal and professional life from a very special perspective, swimming with the wave of interior freedom and self-transcendance, an experience which marks his whole present life and thought, this wonderful emptiness is the dance and the soul of his spiritual development, a magical practice aiming the total equilibrium and the ecstasy of true peace and happiness. In a world globally motivated by money, status and competitiveness, Antonio Pessoa gets a good supply of inner peace and solid structure by the usage of the traditional methods of relaxation, meditation and self-improvement, transforming hard constraints into easy stress relief, body and mind recovering from the everyday art scene rush and thereby providing him with a range of positive states of mind and substantial energy potential in order to reduce, even entirely delete pressure and consequently perform more effectively in his personal, social and professional life. This inner life gift acceptance brings Antonio Pessoa the living joy he's so fond of. Regardless the fact this heavenly state of mind and body download might be a slow process, the happiness and lasting satisfaction upload turns out to be the ultimately rewarding experience, the aspect of spiritual perfection becoming more and more tempting and an increasing pleasurable ritual, as the material world values relevance fade out and away, as the Universe becomes our global perception, so does eternity, peace, love, understanding, acceptance and happiness. What is happening is indeed quite easy to explain. Antonio Pessoa, as always, takes the road of his deepest beliefs and consequently the wise option of maintaining his inner peace and equilibrium as the most important task and achievement in his life, over artistic career ambitions and goals, finantial status, public recognition, press coverage, worldwide reputation and so on. Pessoa's existence optimization succeeds assessing the quality approximation of a junction point of emotional freedom, peace and togetherness, where anything related to greed, struggle, fear, anxiety, let alone career ambition and competitiveness stress, is absolutely dismissed. This self-improving development for higher knowledge, universal wisdom and cosmic awareness well-being is for Antonio Pessoa, man and artist, the best and most important, even urgent qualification over everything else, including his artistic career, naturally. Stairway to Heaven Antonio Pessoa, 2001 Years ago a fifteen years old boy named Antonio Pessoa, discovered Raja Yoga. Patanjali Maharishi's tutorials and guidance leads him through a new perception of omnipresent consciousness the artist accepted as a basic principle which was bound to give him valuable assistance and even protection throughout the years yet to come. That was the very beginning of Pessoa's philosophical excursion into the realms of the Spirit. In moments of doubt and distress, Antonio Pessoa could always count on the inner dimension of Kaivalya, the divine state of emancipation and absolute independence, providing him with the privilege and power of individual soul, knowledge of perception, wisdom and liberation. This wandering spiritual energy led him to that superconsciousness level where absoluteness is experienced in life and in art. These revelations dealing with ultimate truth and self-realization later on turned out to be the body of Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle and the heart and soul of his amazing artistic performance up to now. Antonio Pessoa in the year 2001 paints this lovely and charming watercolor titled Stairway to Heaven, obviously inspired by Led Zeppelin's worldwide known song writen by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, one of the artist's favorite tunes and poems in his early teenage years. Another clear sign of Pessoa's spiritual beliefs, despite his only apparent attachment to the material world. Antonio Pessoa's spiritual infused nature is systematically stated and manifested not only in the gigantic whole of his oeuvre but culturally installed in his inner serene intensity. Throughout the years the artist embraced the perfect life of Supreme Truth, sheltered within the Universal perception of God, a divine image and concept without frontiers, races and cultures, and thereby is this involving fullfilling experience, Pessoa's mystical perceptual belief, which has been after all the Heart and Soul of his unique parallelism of artistic motions punctually reflecting his mind's infinite idea of a universal, even cosmic conclusion of the many marvels of inner peace, happiness and creativity. This spiritual process has indeed successfully managed to involve the artist in a new generation of new contemporary fine art ideas and concepts and in so doing,in his lifestyle as well. The artist's striking creativity has been many times attributed to divine intervention, much more than merely associated with genius, technical application let alone chance. There seems to be no signs of ambiguity in his multi-dimensional oeuvre, but rather a undeniable fascinating mysterious phenomenon of visible artistic inspiration ever associated with a wonderful spiritual model towards existence and at last generating a positive and impressive affect relation between his inner self and art expression. Despite the dramatic stereotypes, visual impact and fierceness of the Black and White album as in many paintings of the bombastic, inflated and sometimes even pretentious Romantic Period, Antonio Pessoa keeps on going back to his depth seeking exercise, where he's once again pleasurably delighted to return to the dimension of feelings control, dancing away with the sound of the silence and the body of the Great Revelation. Stairway to Heaven is just another reflection of an artist charged with the power and the presence of God, that universal immense ocean of wonderful wandering awareness that surrounds us, but too often we just can't see it nor feel it. But then Art communication by the hands of a devotional wizard can bring us or gives back the gift of contemplation and understanding, that supreme degree of emotion and intuitional sensations we all so desperately need in order to finally see, feel and witness the bright side of reality, the true side of existence. The Stairway to Heaven!! Antonio Pessoa Space Space, mixed media on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, besides establishing and expressing a definite new line of aesthetics, plus an apparent simplicity despite its complex set of effects, let alone the traditional pattern of chromatic abundance in a well combined display of emotional and motion variations, reflects clearly the artist's growing commitment to the inner methaphysical dimension of spiritual togetherness, mind and body exploring and experiencing the vast horizons of deep revelations, that supreme moment in time and space fusion when after the shutting down of all negative interferences, the sensorial Space becomes the whole universal, where wisdom, knowledge and awareness flow in spherical positive and bright radiations like shining stars into our soul. Antonio Pessoa expresses in Space the light of eternal wisdom, love and inner power when spiritual sight breaks through a vision of cosmic reality, that level of metamorphosic bridge between nothingness and rebirth! As the figurative elements quickly fade away, a new breeze of inner contentment and deep serenity art expression spreads across the canvas field, unwinding the space far from any suggestions definition based, supplying genuine concepts of pure and universal abstract thought, not only in a total contemporary format but most importantly with a manner of speech inspired by simplicity, spontaneous in its making and art expression, bound to a lightning approach for immediate communication with the viewer. The transformation of art from solid into liquid, that's how Antonio Pessoa melts the light atmosphere of cosmic discernment into colors and shapes, pure contemporary fine art easy digestibility literature, embellished by soft beauty looking poetry not only reflecting an advanced fluxus of perception and emotional design, but a global heartfelt determination to share, spread and absolutely communicate. Antonio Pessoa's now everyday life's faithful listening, discovering the truth, clearly enables him to come up with amazing artistic choices such as Space, where the Divine awakening ritual, spirit, possession and even mysticism, bowls well out in the open in the full glare of a new life's shining sun, of a new life's burning flame. This personal option to turn his art career a less and less urgent, even important issue, and in the meantime his personal life a first priority self-improvement wonderful procedure, always counting on all the lovely people, those who wish to make our planet a much better world to live in, might be Pessoa's most remarkable achievement of the New Millennium. Impressive but entirely true, the increasing attitude aiming to convert himself into a paradigmatic model of serene strengh, love, positive emotional freedom and happiness. And in so doing, we gradually can count on a valuable and creative presence of a faithful bright new age voice sender, expressing himself through art and hopefully more and more throughout the world. I personally believe there is no way back, now that artist Antonio Pessoa walked out for good from the lascivious lifestyle of the Romantic Period, the lustful times of an artist looking for something or even someone he hasn't found after all those years of fine art theatrical fantasmagory and seven days a week night life cocktail. Those days are gone and gone forever, no doubt about it, the only loose ends remaining is the foggy memory, as cloudy episodes of another period, another time, another life's extravaganza, cinematic and burlesque, lavishious delights, passionate childish exhibicionism and euphoric social performance. After all Antonio Pessoa is well aware that all those maddening precipitation events that followed the bohemian Romantic Period days, if not God's punishment for the artist's rebellious behaviour, at least it has been a long cold black night in his soul and in his life as well, a long time enough of storm and hurricane just enough to be face to face with tragedy and consequently to regret. That's when a self instructional program comes up as an open door and many open windows overlooking a new world of perception, well-being, sharing, confort, love and happiness. After the long crossword puzzle, Antonio Pessoa suddenly finds himself in front of a wisdom whispering mirror, telling him Divine Light is the only place in the Space. The artist's self-improvement proficiency, as in many troubled times throughout the years of his adventurous journey, once again has rescued him from the howling monster, transforming anxiety into supreme serenity, as the awesome complexity of existence all of a sudden gently appears dressed up like a magician with angel wings. Space, beyond the harsh atmosphere of life's struggle, Space, a set of wonderful dimensions in which the fundamental abstract concept seems to be the only relevant definition of time, existence and sense. Space, an infinite independent location that challenges systematic notions of pressure, tension and friction. Space, the pure natural awareness where philosophical questions are gently mitigated by Universal Acceptance! Antonio Pessoa Contact To contact artist Antonio Pessoa is no big deal after all. To make it simple and reach him directly, wherever he might be in the planet earth at that moment, the best way is to drop him a line to his web based Yahoo mail account. Despite his several email adresses, unless you contact the artist to his Yahoo Home Studio online... you'll never know who actually happens to be on the other side of the line, probably one of his collaborators or web designers who ater reading your message might take him ( her ) sometimes more than two weeks to send Antonio Pessoa your email, after the usual selection of priority letters as it happens indeed most of the times. I'm sure this advice or suggestion is very valuable not only concerning art galleries managers, art collectors, artlovers, fans, family, friends, web designers, art critics, art reporters, art issues in general, but also for emerging artists and even top artists, for it happens Antonio Pessoa right now is entirely involved handling and managing several very interesting projects, a process of global art expansion, increasing in size, range, volume, voice, public and scope, in which the artist, art expert and art mediator is basically excited in welcoming other contemporary artists in order to invite them to participate in one of the most fascinating operations of the nowadays art scene. By contacting Antonio Pessoa, either you're a gallery owner, art critic, art dealer, art collector or an artist, can turn out to be an open door to break on through to the other side and make part of a dynamic team, an area in which art expansion in every sense of the word, acts and operates as a supersonic jet. This situation exists and improves, growing more and more substantially solid, lively, stimulating and definitely enjoyable, rewarding and exciting. Antonio Pessoa's worldwide Project is right now focusing on so many interesting areas, that anyone skillfull enough, namely web designers, art dealers, art critics, writers, artists, public relations, etc, by contacting the artist they might as well be about to have indeed the Big Break of their lives. Give it a try and then let me know! Regardless his busy professional life, his daily art making performance, plus the hundreds of mails arriving into his inbox every week, Antonio Pessoa somehow manages to dedicate the breathless extra aftermidnight hours to reply to all of those from all over Europe and United States who contact him with interesting propositions, ideas, tips, critics, greetings, suggesti ons and even well designed projects just waiting for the right time and particularly for the right team to make them work, improve and succeed. So if you think you fit into this criteria I will require you to contact the artist as soon as you possibly can, for at the other side of the line very probably is the great opportunity you've been searching for too long now, all you need is a huge burning desire to be part of a wonderful team, Antonio Pessoa's Project, right now already a big united family of different trades, nacionalities and ethnic origins. For the past three years artist Antonio Pessoa has been restlessly monitoring a multi-national group of happy and now prosperous collaborators developing mutual projects and in so doing, engineering common links and relationships, aiming to create more and more each and every day a global partnership, a striking network, secure and satisfied in the increasing potential of Antonio Pessoa's well informed, organized and most importantly, amazing high quality program. Have you ever been searching for the answers to life's greatest questions? Perhaps you have been looking to find them in the books that you've read, the people that you talk to and the movies that you've watched. You've probably found bits of the puzzle here and there but maybe, just maybe, you still can't put it all together or get to the essence. Well, Antonio Pessoa has the most awesome Project you would probably ever come across in your life.Fact. Therefore, by contacting the artist, you are about to unlock all the doorways to creating everything you ever wanted in life. Please, do allow yourself to learn all about the key step of creativity, well- being, satisfaction, fullfillment and success. Antonio Pessoa's universal flow, governs a Project in motion through a totally effortless way just by mastering the art of being surrounded by his gifted collaborators, living the perfect lifestyle and the rewarding fullfilling experience of acquiring happiness and success through a art Project indeed born to win! As time goes by and the World keeps going round and round there in an on-going happening called international art scene in which the artist fits like a whale surfing in the Pacif Ocean. To contact Antonio Pessoa is entering as by magic, a dimension of energy, great entrepeneurism, creativity and New Age vision focusing on emphasize new talents and new skills on behalf of art expression, contemporary voice promotion and worldwide communication. The artist is humbly aware that his outstanding success and systematic achievements, both concerning his personal life and his professional artistic career, has been depending upon the valuable infrastructure of his closest collaborators, partners, friends, art critics and public in general. A new generation of communication wizards, as we know by now, namely web designers, young art observers and writers, public relations and emerging artists. A brand-new study about to be published by the french art critic Pierre Fontanals, finds and shows us that the body of Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle is after all a well selected team, a dynamic natural human force permanently managing everything related with the artist's affairs, let alone the fact that each and every one of them is by now leading the wonderful, rewarding and stimulating life of those who have known to take the wise option of doing exactly what they are spontaneously meant to do, exactly what their natural skills have delivered them in character, efficiency, uniqueness, initiative taking, decisions making and even genius. To contact Antonio Pessoa, this volumetric internal combustion man, artist and communicator, is reaching the light source, the unit of energy, creativity, working togetherness, self-satisfaction and happiness. What else there is to know? Antonio Pessoa's worldwide project much more than an official institution is a Universal contemporary art based program with the implementation of a broad set of bodies, functions, a rather eclectic group of talented people accomplishing specific aims by carrying into effect new ideas, a new outlook of life and therefore inevitably providing brand-new and refreshing practical means for the international art scene public reputation and worldwide projection enhancement. The new Art Genesis concerning Pessoa's lifestyle, solid beliefs and Project, sustains the elegant image of an open book available for the absolute believers, the bright side viewers, the fine human support vessel flowing towards the fast paced growing process of extending the New Age screen resolution with the intuitive-reflective polarizer brightness bound to display new concepts, formulas, positive solutions to local artistic environments, however preferably in the process to convert the hazy international art scene into a first priority commitment status in the worldwide general public's perception and even excitement. The brumuous world art labyrinth, that foggy landscape of blurred outlines, gains a new projection, a new interconnecting dynamic flow plus an easy going, easy digest path and vision and perspective for art lovers, art collectors and worldwide public, once Antonio Pessoa's universal team have decided and are actually fully determined to give contemporary art a high international public ranking, from Madrid to London, from Barcelona to New York, from Chicago to Los Angeles, from Paris to Berlin and maybe one day from Cape Canaveral right up to the Moon! Art expression will fly over to a universal public understanding and genuine passionate involvement, far beyond the obsolete orbit of art scene past decades desintegrated trademark. Furthermore, if you ever contact Antonio Pessoa, coming up with new ideas, clever suggestions and preferably with a well designed speech or statement, you might as well become pretty soon pleasantly surprised and truly amazed by how your life is about to change in such a drastic manner, quickly turning out to be the unexpected fate's gift you probably even haven't dreamt of or if you did have then, voilà, it's just about time your dream actually come true. The artist's worldwide communication links have become in the past three years a awesome eclectic talented people community and indeed also a online dynamic creative network. To contact Antonio Pessoa is basically relocating a new focus into an art space strictly related to transforming valuable random details into upcoming events. Through the artist's art expression export-oriented iniciative, via email or self service application, you are about to enter a well organized concept of innovation designed to provide an ambitious voice managing to establish a rather energetic communication tool in order to create a short term-long term relationship between contemporary art and public. Pessoa's groundbreaking global keys, shared by talented players from all over the world gathering to perform their skills the best way they know how in the same stage of this unique, original and fascinating experience, transforming new ideas into impact action and thereby improving art, culture and universal themes and in so doing, reaching the international art lovers community, encouraged to dine, digest and discover a new depth of sense making in the powerful features of today's contemporary art. Fast and effective, Antonio Pessoa's worldwide club, succeeds transforming public suspicion into authenticated admiration and genuine contemporary-oriented motivation right at that connecting point of mutual genuine chemistry where art expression finally manages to transduce bright and exciting new changes occurring on the highest level of the infinite and flexible contemporary communication experience. Incredible as it seems but entirely true this intense communication fluxus flow created, produced, directed by the artist, and wisely maintained by a reliable supreme team of well inspired, heartfelt and motivated collaborators, for one reason or another or even for all the good excellent positive reasons in the world, anyway, fact is they are all willing to herald a New Era of healthy, reciprocal celebration and a systematic broad cumplicity between art and public. Antonio Pessoa today, much more than a contemporary fine art veteran artist, is a man who puts a whole great amount of effort, extra time and even sacrifice in order to make this wonderful dream come true. A Voice telling the whole world to make way for creative gallery owners, web designers, public relations, renowned and emerging artists, art dealers, art curators, publishers, editors, art reporters, art critics, corporate clients, art lovers, art scene observers, art collectors, tourists, progressive thinkers, contemporary poets, movie directors, free enthusiasts, celebrities, drifters, beggars and rolling stones, inventive teenagers plus intuitive believers, actors, musicians, writers, adventurers and many others... Antonio Pessoa's worldwide club making art expression face the crowd, dressed up as macro transformers, converting contemporary progressive language into its expansion, reflecting today's aspect of concreteness and importance of this universal message, if you wish, shall we say a function well defined and looking forward to get fast a new breeze of spontaneous feedback results. Antonio Pessoa's artland is by now a loud and clear voice freely advancing in a remarkable worldwide performance in order to make art literature reach a substancial statistical significance in the sum of all upcoming excited art lovers and hopefully potential art collectors. Pessoa's eclectic group of collaborators is a real believers crowd, a motion stage in which everyone has indeed the legitimate right to the freedom of opinion and personal preferences. This active philosophical grounding however mainly based on cultural universal communication, embraces and drives an impressive vehicle of updated notions, concepts and processes, overlooking an emphasis of new values, possibilities, human development alongside the vigorous expansion of contemporary awareness as art expression flourishes and finally conquers for good the spotlighted top of the hill it definitely deserves. One of the most remarkable aspects of Antonio Pessoa's personality is his well-developed capacity to bring out in the open the very best in everyone's potential, just by turning on a results-oriented communication searching formula, plus an effective improvement exercise which sparks and generates not only self- confidence but actually produces a working - sharing full commitment compromise enhancement and a growing deep understanding of the inner abilities and therefore the next step which consists in bringing them up, out and into practical life and productive flow. In addition, Pessoa's method explores the dynamics of technical capacity building in developing interesting ideas and projects, definitely one of the reasons the artist has indeed effortlessly conquered the hearts of many of his now collaborators consequently generating and provide them with a well motivated attitude and response plus a natural sense of emergency in order to confront specific and punctual complex situations related to the same shared experienced and project,just as it should happen in any united community facing new challenges on a daily basis and focused on accomplishing difficult breathtaking tasks bound to quickly achieve ambitious goals. All put together and particularly throughout the past three years, the artist managed to create a wide community of talents, plus a reliable amount of regular fans, namely art collectors, a faithful upper class clientele and art buyers who have seen not only fine art quality and plenty of spicy inventiveness but also a fascinating artistic project know how in which they believe, participate, promote and invest. From a general point of view this phenomenon could be seen and interpreted as another ephemeral lucky stike, a fugacious blossoming enthusiasm or a passing fancy. None of that, whatsoever. Antonio Pessoa's contemporary project has gained step by step the profound trust of many independent art dealers, art lovers who right now are entirely persuaded of the astonishing potential of the artist's oeuvre and furthermore well aware of its historic weight and infinite relevance in today's contemporary art scene and surely in tomorrow's international reputation. An accurate prediction and consequently a wise assumption underlining Antonio Pessoa's project evolution as a paradigmatic model of an infinite-range contemporary fine art worldwide new concept and equation. Antonio Pessoa New Solutions New Solutions, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, apparently a chromaticity celebration, a brave new world for the eye view, brilliant, joyous like a birthday cake, apparently a warm display of colors wavelengths, a broad range carnival of intuitive related shapes, circles and emotional motion spectrums, ski jumping on top of the canvas space, apparently a glaring vivid and graphic sensationalism spitting lurid contortionist details, ejecting substances like a Hollywood motion pictures earthquake, releasing seismic waves of shocking colors with no particular focus or hypocenter. Apparently a friendly web of happy combinations flowing and interconnecting like beaded bra straps, a dizzying visual whirling revolution, sprinting backwards, onwards and upwards, through the ruins of a wonderland of desconstruction, like a networking impact of exuberant misconceptions, bioplastics and beyond, icecream notions, obfuscation, cool recycling, windpower, climate changes, fuel cells, just plain crazy moods, plastic crosswords puzzle, miscellaneous conversions, polychromic radiations, awesome undefined features, apparently a mixed media Circus of pop stylings, suspension performances and Divine Madness! Entering Antonio Pessoa's Home Studio, one immediately feels the urgency to recover from the outside world and pass through into another dimension of timeless time, universal perception, glam lifestyle and even outstanding decoration. A large collection of canvases hanging on the labyrinthic corridors web walls. The silent bystanders remain quiet and silent as part of the musical whispering sound of silence softly playing in the almost romantic medieval interior design. It seems as if though I am the only genuine curious spectator as I take a seat in front of the recent masterpiece titled New Solutions. Not many explanations required as far as I'm concerned, me, an humble expert on Pessoa's oeuvre to get the instant message and feel of the whole artwork. The almost non participant artist moves about gently providing me with some, well, classified information concerning his private life and sensorial latest discoveries and achievements.Valuable tips to helpme to make out the deep meaning of the painting and therefore to be able to actually come up with a quite reasonable objective understanding. Did I say Objective? Well, yes, in a manner of speaking... NEW SOLUTIONS involves as much mystery and philosophical depth aspiring to a neo surrealistic level of argumentative sophistication, as a novel, reflecting and offering a riveting plot, flowing plastic prose and visual poetry, intense although serene conflicts and cinematic surprise happy ending. Just a considerable whole amount of conceptual braincrunching the viewer has to go through in order to read and consequently interpret. The artistic power with which Pessoa reveals his emotional temperament, conclusions, plus all methaphysics manifesting introductory impressive questions, and raising thrilling doubts in terms of groundbreaking and provocative cinematography, has forced the artist to urgently solve the puzzle and thereby come up once again with his scoring self-interview capacity and gift waking up all of a sudden with the infinite awareness, great clarity grace... and New Solutions. NEW SOLUTIONS is after all Antonio Pessoa starting from the scratch after a summertime season of relaxed meditation and systematic reflexion, now borning again from the ashes like Phoenix, an astronaut returning to the Moon and then taking aim at Mars, which might as well be Berlin, Basel, New York City, Madrid, Chicago, Paris or even maybe, just maybe, when nothing seems to matter much anymore concerning his art career, but to be safe and sound in the cool winter of Marbella or in his favorite studio in San Antonio, Ibiza. After a calm lengthy intent consideration, a likeness in which left and right are reversed, a careful consideration over so many beams and rays, it's only natural that the wonderful phenomenon of a propagating wave of light and discernment has once again been thrown back from the inner subconsciousness to the sharp awareness of a wide open window overlooking a New Solutions field. No wonder Antonio Pessoa's contemporary fine art has become more and more a very accurate mirror of the world surrounding us, where new solutions are after all the holistic approach breaking down the barriers between strategic thinking, creative thinking and the desire for a better and far brighter future. Antonio Pessoa writes the A B C of quality living, with the heartfelt honesty of a gentle giant of fine art, who knows, maybe as a New Century preface, at the request of his own humanitarian beliefs. The modern master after seeking new solutions has indeed found new steps towards the highest level of creative insight plus the expertise of meaningful living, completing his eclectic capabilities also by delivering a New Planet of contemporary fine art New Solutions. Coming out of the closet for a brave new world of artistic innovations not necessarily as a new solution but as Antonio Pessoa's worldwide known tradition.




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