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Antonio Pessoa

To contact artist Antonio Pessoa is no big deal after all. To make it simple and reach him directly, wherever he might be in the planet earth at that moment, the best way is to drop him a line to his web based Gmail mail account. Despite his several email adresses, unless you contact the artist to his Gmail Home Studio'll never know who actually happens to be on the other side of the line, probably one of his collaborators or web designers who after reading your message might take him (her) sometimes more than two weeks to send Antonio Pessoa your email, after the usual selection of priority letters as it happens indeed most of the times. I'm sure this advice or suggestion is very valuable not only concerning art galleries managers, art collectors, artlovers, fans, family, friends, web designers, art critics, art reporters, art issues in general, but also for emerging artists and even top artists, for it happens Antonio Pessoa right now is entirely involved handling and managing several very interesting projects, a process of global art expansion, increasing in size, range, volume, voice, public and scope, in which the artist, art expert and art mediator is basically excited in welcoming other contemporary artists in order to invite them to participate in one of the most fascinating operations of the nowadays art scene. By contacting Antonio Pessoa, either you're a gallery owner, art critic, art dealer, art collector or an artist, can turn out to be an open door to break on through to the other side and make part of a dynamic team, an area in which art expansion in every sense of the word, acts and operates as a supersonic jet. This situation exists and improves, growing more and more substantially solid, lively, stimulating and definitely enjoyable, rewarding and exciting. Antonio Pessoa's worldwide Project is right now focusing on so many interesting areas, that anyone skillfull enough, namely web designers, art dealers, art critics, writers, artists, public relations, etc, by contacting the artist they might as well be about to have indeed the Big Break of their lives. Give it a try and then let me know! Regardless his busy professional life, his daily art making performance, plus the hundreds of mails arriving into his inbox every week, Antonio Pessoa somehow manages to dedicate the breathless extra aftermidnight hours to reply to all of those from all over Europe and United States who contact him with interesting propositions, ideas, tips, critics, greetings, suggestions and even well designed projects just waiting for the right time and particularly for the right team to make them work, improve and succeed. So if you think you fit into this criteria I will require you to contact the artist as soon as you possibly can, for at the other side of the line very probably is the great opportunity you've been searching for too long now, all you need is a huge burning desire to be part of a wonderful team, Antonio Pessoa's Project, right now already a big united family of different trades, nacionalities and ethnic origins. For the past three years artist Antonio Pessoa has been restlessly monitoring a multi-national group of happy and now prosperous collaborators developing mutual projects and in so doing, engineering common links and relationships, aiming to create more and more each and every day a global partnership, a striking network, secure and satisfied in the increasing potential of Antonio Pessoa's well informed, organized and most importantly, amazing high quality program. Have you ever been searching for the answers to life's greatest questions? Perhaps you have been looking to find them in the books that you've read, the people that you talk to and the movies that you've watched. You've probably found bits of the puzzle here and there but maybe, just maybe, you still can't put it all together or get to the essence. Well, Antonio Pessoa has the most awesome Project you would probably ever come across in your life.Fact. Therefore, by contacting the artist, you are about to unlock all the doorways to creating everything you ever wanted in life. Please, do allow yourself to learn all about the key step of creativity, well-being, satisfaction, fullfillment and success. Antonio Pessoa's universal flow, governs a Project in motion through a totally effortless way just by mastering the art of being surrounded by his gifted collaborators, living the perfect lifestyle and the rewarding fullfilling experience of acquiring happiness and success through a art Project indeed born to win! As time goes by and the World keeps going round and round there in an on-going happening called international art scene in which the artist fits like a whale surfing in the Pacif Ocean. To contact Antonio Pessoa is entering as by magic, a dimension of energy, great entrepeneurism, creativity and New Age vision focusing on emphasize new talents and new skills on behalf of art expression, contemporary voice promotion and worldwide communication. The artist is humbly aware that his outstanding success and systematic achievements, both concerning his personal life and his professional artistic career, has been depending upon the valuable infrastructure of his closest collaborators, partners, friends, art critics and public in general. A new generation of communication wizards, as we know by now, namely web designers, young art observers and writers, public relations and emerging artists. A brand-new study about to be published by the french art critic Pierre Fontanals ,finds and shows us that the body of Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle is after all a well selected team, a dynamic natural human force permanently managing everything related with the artist's affairs, let alone the fact that each and every one of them is by now leading the wonderful, rewarding and stimulating life of those who have known to take the wise option of doing exactly what they are spontaneously meant to do, exactly what their natural skills have delivered them in character, efficiency, uniqueness, initiative taking, decisions making and even genius. To contact Antonio Pessoa, this volumetric internal combustion man, artist and communicator, is reaching the light source, the unit of energy, creativity, working togetherness, self-satisfaction and happiness. What else there is to know? Antonio Pessoa's worldwide project much more than an official institution is a Universal contemporary art based program with the implementation of a broad set of bodies, functions, a rather eclectic group of talented people accomplishing specific aims by carrying into effect new ideas, a new outlook of life and therefore inevitably providing brand-new and refreshing practical means for the international art scene public reputation and worldwide projection enhancement. The new Art Genesis concerning Pessoa's lifestyle, solid beliefs and Project, sustains the elegant image of an open book available for the absolute believers, the bright side viewers, the fine human support vessel flowing towards the fast paced growing process of extending the New Age screen resolution with the intuitive- reflective polarizer brightness bound to display new concepts, formulas, positive solutions to local artistic environments, however preferably in the process to convert the hazy international art scene into a first priority commitment status in the worldwide general public's perception and even excitement. The brumuous world art labyrinth, that foggy landscape of blurred outlines, gains a new projection, a new interconnecting dynamic flow plus an easy going, easy digest path and vision and perspective for art lovers, art collectors and worldwide public, once Antonio Pessoa's universal team have decided and are actually fully determined to give contemporary art a high international public ranking, from Madrid to London, from Barcelona to New York, from Chicago to Los Angeles, from Paris to Berlin and maybe one day from Cape Canaveral right up to the Moon! Art expression will fly over to a universal public understanding and genuine passionate involvement, far beyond the obsolete orbit of art scene past decades desintegrated trademark. Furthermore, if you ever contact Antonio Pessoa, coming up with new ideas, clever suggestions and preferably with a well designed speech or statement, you might as well become pretty soon pleasantly surprised and truly amazed by how your life is about to change in such a drastic manner, quickly turning out to be the unexpected fate's gift you probably even haven't dreamt of or if you did have then, voilà, it's just about time your dream actually come true. The artist's worldwide communication links have become in the past three years a awesome eclectic talented people community and indeed also a online dynamic creative network. To contact Antonio Pessoa is basically relocating a new focus into an art space strictly related to transforming valuable random details into upcoming events. Through the artist's art expression export- oriented iniciative, via email or self service application, you are about to enter a well organized concept of innovation designed to provide an ambitious voice managing to establish a rather energetic communication tool in order to create a short term-long term relationship between contemporary art and public. Pessoa's groundbreaking global keys, shared by talented players from all over the world gathering to perform their skills the best way they know how in the same stage of this unique, original and fascinating experience, transforming new ideas into impact action and thereby improving art, culture and universal themes and in so doing, reaching the international art lovers community, encouraged to dine, digest and discover a new depth of sense making in the powerful features of today's contemporary art. Fast and effective, Antonio Pessoa's worldwide club, succeeds transforming public suspicion into authenticated admiration and genuine contemporary- oriented motivation right at that connecting point of mutual genuine chemistry where art expression finally manages to transduce bright and exciting new changes occurring on the highest level of the infinite and flexible contemporary communication experience. Incredible as it seems but entirely true this intense communication fluxus flow created, produced, directed by the artist, and wisely maintained by a reliable supreme team of well inspired,heartfelt and motivated collaborators, for one reason or another or even for all the good excellent positive reasons in the world, anyway, fact is they are all willing to herald a New Era of healthy, reciprocal celebration and a systematic broad cumplicity between art and public. Antonio Pessoa today, much more than a contemporary fine art veteran artist,is a man who puts a whole great amount of effort, extra time and even sacrifice in order to make this wonderful dream come true. A Voice telling the whole world to make way for creative gallery owners, web designers, public relations, renowned and emerging artists, art dealers, art curators, publishers, editors, art reporters, art critics, corporate clients, art lovers, art scene observers, art collectors, tourists, progressive thinkers, contemporary poets, movie directors, free enthusiasts, celebrities, drifters, beggars and rolling stones, inventive teenagers plus intuitive believers, actors, musicians, writers, adventurers and many others... Antonio Pessoa's worldwide club making art expression face the crowd, dressed up as macro transformers, converting contemporary progressive language into its expansion, reflecting today's aspect of concreteness and importance of this universal message, if you wish, shall we say a function well defined and looking forward to get fast a new breeze of spontaneous feedback results. Antonio Pessoa's artland is by now a loud and clear voice freely advancing in a remarkable worldwide performance in order to make art literature reach a substancial statistical significance in the sum of all upcoming excited art lovers and hopefully potential art collectors. Pessoa's eclectic group of collaborators is a real believers crowd, a motion stage in which everyone has indeed the legitimate right to the freedom of opinion and personal preferences. This active philosophical grounding however mainly based on cultural universal communication, embraces and drives an impressive vehicle of updated notions, concepts and processes, overlooking an emphasis of new values, possibilities, human development alongside the vigorous expansion of contemporary awareness as art expression flourishes and finally conquers for good the spotlighted top of the hill it definitely deserves. One of the most remarkable aspects of Antonio Pessoa's personality is his well-developed capacity to bring out in the open the very best in everyone's potential, just by turning on a results-oriented communication searching formula, plus an effective improvement exercise which sparks and generates not only self- confidence but actually produces a working - sharing full commitment compromise enhancement and a growing deep understanding of the inner abilities and therefore the next step which consists in bringing them up, out and into practical life and productive flow. In addition, Pessoa's method explores the dynamics of technical capacity building in developing interesting ideas and projects, definitely one of the reasons the artist has indeed effortlessly conquered the hearts of many of his now collaborators consequently generating and provide them with a well motivated attitude and response plus a natural sense of emergency in order to confront specific and punctual complex situations related to the same shared experienced and project, just as it should happen in any united community facing new challenges on a daily basis and focused on accomplishing difficult breathtaking tasks bound to quickly achieve ambitious goals. All put together and particularly throughout the past three years, the artist managed to create a wide community of talents, plus a reliable amount of regular fans, namely art collectors, a faithful upper class clientele and art buyers who have seen not only fine art quality and plenty of spicy inventiveness but also a fascinating artistic project know how in which they believe, participate, promote and invest. From a general point of view this phenomenon could be seen and interpreted as another ephemeral lucky stike, a fugacious blossoming enthusiasm or a passing fancy. None of that, whatsoever. Antonio Pessoa's contemporary project has gained step by step the profound trust of many independent art dealers, art lovers who right now are entirely persuaded of the astonishing potential of the artist's oeuvre and furthermore well aware of its historic weight and infinite relevance in today's contemporary art scene and surely in tomorrow's international reputation. An accurate prediction and consequently a wise assumption underlining Antonio Pessoa's project evolution as a paradigmatic model of an infinite- range contemporary fine art worldwide new concept and equation.




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