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Antonio Pessoa

FREE, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007, is one of the hugest King-size canvases the artist painted lately. The size has nothing or little to do with the amazing meaning of this charming contemporary masterpiece, pure coincidence if you ask me, however, most importantly the current determination of a fine art veteran to turn the upcoming times into a wonderful living journey throughout a challenging self-improvement absolute discovery and total awareness intensive process, no matter how much effort and daily training and well focused involvement is going to be required in order to definitely accomplish one of the most fabulous and daring goals Pessoa has faced so far.Fact. Unlike "When the Going gets tough the Tough get going"... FREE represents not a way in but, surprise, surprise, yes indeed, a way out of the racing rush, universal gossip, art scene anxiety, controversial personal relationships, greedy art dealers manoeuvres in the dark, plus an endless list of times perverted bad seeds that year after year can knock us down to a potential checkmate situation from which only a Power Supreme might have the mighty ability and skills to come to our desperate circumstancial rescue. The artist is an artist, the artist is an artist. Where is the Big Fire anyway? Highly recommendable a distress free lifestyle and definitely no slap-bang slanderous circuits nor frozen withered old fashion concepts, for all that matters. The Show must go on, only this time with a very special savoir-faire to respond appropriately to a "sauve qui peut" sort of world we all live in and share, but also a Planet in which knowledge and wisdom are as valuable as gold and the Basic Essentials of simply how to be happy, creative, inspired, effective...and Free! Antonio Pessoa, a studio fine art veteran and a real life veteran as well, has reached a point in his general perception field where after claiming enough is enough, finds himself filled with an unbreakable, unmovable and an unstoppable determination looking straight forward to unyieldingly make the most of his life as a traditional positive-thinker and in so doing get down to seriously exorcise malicious software and incompatible demons, a complete removal program aiming high rather than big, aiming the home made happiness and freedom package rather than hanging out with the whimpering wishy-washy distant dark dundgeon regulars. FREE is one long story, current and upcoming fascinating episodes of a up the Hill of a self Glory alpinism odyssey, climbing light, fast and high up a wonder route of art, human, communication aesthetics where universal awareness comes up as the perfect Guardian Angel, the Uni Master of wide intuition and creative emotional intelligence. Live and Let Live-oriented, Pessoa calls for a brand-new experience drawing and painting his own destiny with the very same inventive precision and innovative living measurements as his remarkable art performance. On the whole, given all these basic clues we are definitely talking about one valuable beautiful issue. Freedom! As in Art, and everything else he's been involved in, steady-going Antonio Pessoa steadfastly progresses towards the Supreme Heights of Freedom, inner Power and Universal Mind. Words and Facts! Surely this mastery excellence will be hard won, however the already visible and most importantly rewarding fulfilling results have by now become a part of the artist's universe, moreover it sure seems with amazing increasing fast improvement as the days turn into moonlit nights and this awesome fantastic eclectic world keeps spinning round and round. This super model of Western Mysticism puts the spell on the artist as the heavens open their vistas to the uttermost limits of Freedom! Body and Mind deep relaxation allow the thoughts flow run in a special spontaneous effortless effective manner and after a short while subconscious surfing turns out to be an overwhelming soul-searching process, consequently an abundant source of magnificent references and bright ideas, originating an overflow of inspiration which lives and multiplies giving birth to the so called and so much expected state of total awareness. No effort whatsoever. Pessoa knows by now that all the clear answers and solutions solving once and for all life's controversial complexity, live within the inner reservoir as genius substances willing to come all out in the open field of total perception, enlightening and stimulating emotional intelligence, intuition, creativity, artistic performance and personal well-being. Free!! Through with art scene stressful living for good, Antonio Pessoa's Mind tools responses with extreme reliable punctuality, delivering right on schedule and right on the cool spot, step-by-step valuable instructions, a new outlook of life, easy, clear and bright visualization. Trance Hypnosis fantastically has the means and the tools to process a real asap download of total awareness, wise discernment and new solutions updates, a lifetime free trial of experiencing the wonder of continuous Mind-Body rejuvenating, high quality artistic intuition, effective real life entrepeneurism power enabled, inspiration and most importantly a ever lasting pleasurable sensation of solid togetherness, self-realization, Freedom! As days go by, Antonio Pessoa as always lately, uses Cosmic Cognition to set up the stage of his living standards, destiny and priorities. As a proficient psychotherapist, Pessoa uses the individual formula approaching self- psychotherapy with his peculiar, ourstanding, traditional auto-sufficiency, establishing a steadfast self- improvement program in order to quickly implement a rematkable Mind-Power and practical efficiency, both in his personal life and in his art action performance and career. No wonder that an iron-determination man such as Pessoa, used to continuously overcome big challenges obstacles sooner rather than later and consequently accomplish titanic goals, planning ahead, "savor-faire" improvising, knowing exactly what to do next, smashing procrastination by breaking it into pieces, focusing his mind to give birth to brainstorm ideas, being systematically a positive- thinker no matter what's at stake, plus his enormous capacity to visualize upcoming complex situations, specific and artistic, measurable, adjustable, realistic and absolutely time-related...Antonio Pessoa once again goes for his dreams, switching options, wisely recreating his life, I would even dare to state skillfully talented in the expertise of realizing and therefore enhancing his true potential, the amazing potential of turning any of his wildest dreams into everyday reality. Pessoa's reknown will power has always been the main source and force, the inner power which throughout the years has made possible for the artist to systematically attain his goals overcoming every obstacle that was standing in his way. That's why Pessoa is the artist that he is, that's why the artist became the wisdom legend man cool and easy living on the fast track of his fascinating cinematic life. Paintings such as "Night Gospel", "Cosmic Cognition", "Close Wits", "Night Wits", "Universal" and of course, FREE, show us clearly Pessoa's growing commitment to the self- psycotherapy, moreover a total involvement with subconscious research and the Mind-Power science. All these resources, inner information, on the whole all this Mind network research program and chall enging process, are obviously leading the artist towards a fantastic universe of perception, wisdom, knowledge and global awareness, already suggesting publicly a new profile of the artist and most importantly a new relationship with himself, art, life, friends, human condition and the world we live in. Pessoa's latest artworks already reflecting this self-discovery related to the Super Mind subconscious endless possibilities, to the deep inner-self almost virtual communities letting out in the open flying spheres of awesome revelations, enlightenment, spiritual comfort and happiness. FREE, the painting is after all Antonio Pessoa's concept of absolute Freedom, redefining his life, art performance and everything else for a new spiritual envolving dimension, a world where the time is now and the evaluation of the material art scene begins to project a different global perception, suggesting a new analysis results and thereby generating an innovative psychospiritual content to the general outlook of social public life and art market, meaning a conscious evolution towards a mind hosting where everything is touchable while the soul becomes a valuable treasure, untouchable. Magnificent and Supreme! Mark my words. FREE, more than just a fine art lovely masterpiece, is becoming rather a true odyssey across the untroubled Kingdom of Universal Awareness, across the realms of infinite time, across the universe of daily awakening and global perception. When the Sound of Silence, becomes the sound of soft charming Free Jazz tunes, that's when the Mind Power system disconnects from the frustrating absurdity and returns to the nothingness sweet abstraction, where everything makes perfect sense again, where Phoenix once again rises from the Ashes, more and more the enigmatic legend ready for a new comeback, with a new belief, probably with a brand-new look and definitely with a new humanitarian positive power. Antonio Pessoa during the making of FREE already knew what was at stake, a priority sometimes awkward challenge however at last a wonderful long rewarding journey throughout a crossword puzzle of transparent ambivalences destined to fade out in the very same proportion of the spiritual guidance angels arrival. Fine art wizard, psychotherapist or even the New Era spiritual Guru, Pessoa's only option is following the voice of Truth Supreme, definitely bound up with the fortunes of a great lifestyle, inner-self, contemporary art enterprise, devoted to his deepest beliefs and wrapped up in the Universe of Freedom! When acceptance becomes a delicious routine, patience is no longer required. However it takes time, time and perserverance in order to open the natural virtual doors of the subconscious. The persisting repeating behavior based on the worldwide known quote Practice Makes Perfect, might and actually is the perfect model. It's not an easy task, although once the subconscious population spring up on the Mind's periphery, swallowing the surrounding negative interferences and the first trenches of resistence, that is unquestionably the very beginning of the close encounters with the awesome and rewarding inner Mind wisdom provider universe. RELAX - After the conclusion of Night Gospel and Night Wits, Pessoa, far from being satisfied with his subconscious Mind explorer results, stubbornly keeps on trying to break through the solid interferences ring right in front of his Special Night subconscious Mind revelations Show Opera House. The first attempts to escape from the art scene nine to five pressures and Europe-America art dealers continuous demands by simply disconnect and enter once and for all in the Temple of Wisdom as he loves to call it, thereby to experience the first encounters with the Guardian Angels of the subconscious Twilight Zone...left him if not down to the ground disappointed at least, so it seems from very reliable sources, including his cook, house keeper and the all time faithful butler, still miles and miles and miles and miles away from the burning desired rewarding sensation of awakening fulfillment and total enlightenment, the artist has stipulated as his priority number one these days, meaning right now. Pessoa reports he is actually using one thousand and one methods in order to enable the auto disconnect feature before he falls asleep to let him much more at ease therefore a whole lot more receptive to receive favorably the blessing from the Lord of the dimlit subconscious Mind . Before the urgent commitment turned into frustration, let alone desperation, the artist organizes multiple eclectic mental tricky programs aiming for a coming soon advanced contact with the depths of the inner-self where he is absolutely sure there is a mine of wisdom gold, knowledge and awareness diamonds. The capacity to disconnect only becomes possible with a whole lot of meditation and an intensive relaxing sessions daily training. The wonderful hollow state creates the basic peaceful receptive minimal commodity senses flow ready to switch from material reality to cosmic awareness. That should enable the artist to start exploring the high standards of global understanding, that supreme level of cognition where little or nothing can affect us directly anymore and most importantly, where little or nothing has the power to interfere negatively with our integrity, identity, interior life, emotional energy and thought. As far as we are able to detect and thereby to report, Pessoa is well aware of the big challenge ahead, aware of the high level of interior power, Genesis comfort, well-being and top emotional intelligence activity he is indeed fully determined to accomplish once and for all, no matter what's at stake and how intensive and time-taking this self-improvement odyssey might turn out to be, for he certainly has by now the strong prognostic to foresee the coming up soon rewarding effects and consequently the glorious and fulfilling achievement of receiving the supreme gift of Mind's absolute control mastery. Based on Antonio Pessoa's latest phone reports, he is unquestionably convinced that absolute body relaxation focusing on the muscles is the first step to Mind's liberation. As the areas of tension that remain begin to surrender to the soothing waves of stress cleansing, Mind and body become a cool mood togetherness whole, slowly becoming more and more receptive to the subconscious enlightenment transmission, that powerful spiritual energy bringing awakening and supreme light, aiming for the so urgent and valuable Universal Awareness! However, despite all the basic essentials Antonio Pessoa has to go through in order to become a master manager of the Mind's mysteries research and absolute commander, the subconscious night show must go on everytime the sun falls down all around him and the night surrounds him in a blanket of starlight...The Temple of Wisdom must open its doors and windows so the artist may at least hear the enlightening whispers of the Knowledge Angels. Soon will be the day the artist is going to gloriously enter the community club for Higher Level Awareness. The place for spiritual counseling in the after midnight express the fine art wizard takes before he falls asleep. Golden stairs to the subconscious Mind magical castle, and the art studio veteran by now should be able to handle wisely the ultimate effort he has to put into climbing the one thousand and one steps to claim all the inner power which legitemately belongs to Him! Something like the "Pinball Wizard" song, performed by the english band The Who, however not quite so, fine art wizard Antonio Pessoa comes up with Intuition, acrylic on canvas, 2007, expressing a perspective of what talent in real life is all about. When a lukewarm action leading role isn't definitely an option in the world we live in, whatsoever, particularly if one is facing overwhelming challenges plus a continuous and peculiar on-going urgent demands from art dealers and art collecters, moreover with no immediate alternative to, shall we say, reduce daily-weekly professional priorities...Intuition at its highest top level comes up as an absolutely required science.Fact. Always literally punctual and wisely convenient about his latest artworks as a systematic direct reaction method in which is extremely skillfully and witty published under art expression articles, a positive attitude and a very well situated response towards smiling happy or earthquake-prone circumstances plus unexpected heart trembling feedbacks, Pessoa's special sharp interpretation of the global time frame allows him to use contemporary art as a reliable reflector of his well focused observing opinion, emotional waves and general perception. That's what art nowadays is all about...or must I least it should be. So, once again, everything seems to make perfect sense concerning the artist's truthful grown-up posture which is a breath of fresh air in today's overstocked propaganda-oriented racing emerging academic artists miscellaneous ways to cash off any local art scene, the best way they know how. Antonio Pessoa's personal success reports a substantial cool as cool can be sort of wholesome contemplative profile connected to the world by playing juggling balls with faqs and answers, playing by the rules but most importantly playing by Intuition. Personal News travel fast, therefore Pessoa is the first one to become aware that the most reliable source to come up with an accurate statistical measurement of his own Intuition amperage, is actually himself. So no wonder we are now able to have the visual and emotional privilege of here and now stand before a charming painting titled Intuition. Antonio Pessoa's 2007 artworks definitely show us a man, an artist going through an exciting and prodigious period of self-discovery, Mind research and emotional improvement. This instinctive knowing without the use of special resoning processes, still a rare gift possessed by only a few,is well explicit in this artwork on canvas, apart from its abstract quality the concept's fingerprints are all over the art space, a mirror reflecting and reporting this fascinating inner guidance tool, Pessoa and his higher self sharing with all of us his field of new found information beyond the bounds of space and time and consequently getting back to the heart of the public as he moves out of static coherence in order to increase the unfoldment of Intuition. Anyway, Intuition, the painting and all its meaningful symbolic abstract neo-surrealistic content is after all a part of Antonio Pessoa's current concept named FREE. This reference identified and directly related to the artist's contemporary art expression evolution, which is by itself the communicating mirror of great inner personal achievements, a unique experience profile conducting his qualities and skills towards such a magnificent supreme level of steadfast self- improvement, right now still too premature to predict the extent of this challenging mission and the outcome general effects of this daring remarkable emotional attitude plus odyssey. As for right now, that's the big thrill and the spicy mystery, for not even Pessoa is able to actually realize beforehand just how long it's going to take for him to accomplish a reasonable high degree of this fascinating dream, nor is he still able to foresee the depth level at stake let alone the probable wonderful possibilities, fulfilling and rewarding consequences of all this self-psychotherapy chemistry. The general perspective is obviously excellent and on the whole and most importantly, sure thing Antonio Pessoa's Intuition is bound to lead him safe and sound to the sunny place he profoundly feels and deeply believes he belongs to. Freedom! However...hold your horses, Ladies and Gentlemen, not quite so fast. Great goals take time to accomplish and overcoming life's adversities one by one takes a great deal of energy accompanied with a whole lot of patience and resistance. As the artist practises self-control he approximates more and more to this magical inward kingdom, and is less and less swayed by passion and grief, pleasure and pain, and lives a steadfast and virtuous life, manifesting manly strength and fortitude, in art performance, personal life, professional commitments and public communication. Freedom bound, Pessoa's determination keeps looking forward to the coming up soon Free at last happy ending. In the meantime, positive artistic suggestions such as Intuition, in art expression and real life timing, are always mostly welcome, both for the public's eyes delight and the artist's Conquest of his personal Glory. Just a short simple word. FREE! However what's at stake is a lengthwise dimension wonderful something, mysterious but bright, unpredictable but rock-steady. Just like Antonio Pessoa's fine art performances, art scene disappearances and Symphonic Orquestra soundtracked public comebacks. Antonio Pessoa recently came up with a rather brilliant concept named "MASTERPIECE". Not what you might be thinking or imagining right now. Not a painting, at least for the time being but actually a high-quality concept related with Mind Power and subsequently with art performance and lifestyle know-how. In short, the artist decides to turn his life into a spectacular Masterpiece! Breaking News! A Kingdom where everything fits and everything makes perfect sense, even when apparently the circumstances point out to the red lights of a general puzzling situation and sometimes even chaos. Sitting in his Doing without Doing comfortable leather armchair, Pessoa turns on his striking Mind Explorer search engine and after downloading the latest updates he is ready for another voyage across the Super Mind Universe. No matter how long it takes, he only takes action when his intuitive-logical reasoning makes sure everything makes perfect sense once again and it's action time! Not only deep down inside but throughout his year-after-year journey increasing awareness and self confidence, Pessoa truly knows how - one way or another - order out of chaos, train his brain and body for focused success and thereby once again make a striking Masterpiece out of his personal and professional life. After all he has proven to be a genius, not only in his larger than life high quality art expression, but overcoming disappointment, setbacks and at last check as by magic come the other side emotionally a whole lot stronger. When the contemporary master painted FREE, he sure knew exactly what he had in mind, what he was spiritually and emotionally up to, in short, set himself free of all the negative forces, turn on his super powerful imagination, install his wide Knowledge toolbar and higher, taller and stronger than ever, totally focused on his top of the list priorities, relax, cool down, and now with his easy- to-do intuition machine in full- swing... Abracadabra! Make a sensational Masterpiece out of his life. Free! It seems as if the artist starts everyday with a clean white canvas where he is going to express his top secrets to success and proceed with them in all that he will do 24 hours in a row. Surrounded himself with a team of believers, professionals in all areas, ready to step out everyday and network within his scope of top of the list priorities and Must accomplishments, his life is unquestinably day after day becoming a true Masterpiece.Fact. Antonio Pessoa, inevitably the Captain of his own ship, besides his challenging art studio performance, keeps on developing his mindset, leadership skills and global attitude in order to be able to take risks on a daily basis, confront systematic changes with open arms, thereby amazingly attracting all that he wants and creating his own MASTERPIECE ! Excellent concept. He actually named it to claim it! To turn disadvantages and setbacks into advantages and prosperity, has indeed become one of his most remarkable talents, let alone his mastery when it comes to listen and follow his intuition and instinct, a reference brand of his global reputation. Thereby, no wonder Antonio Pessoa's innovative concept of Life-beautiful and Free, meaning The Masterpiece, is not only achieving the unlimited nature of personal happiness, but actually creating already a consistent now-reality in his professional commitments and most important of all in his Life's rock solid integrity, perfect sense and global success! The way I see it (...and I'm not the only one...) - and believe me, I know what I'm talking about - the artist's fascinating and very specifically, rewarding process of setting himself Free...and consequently lead a truly fulfilling life, excelling in art performance, personal issues and professional systematic indeed by now coming up with truly amazing positive results. By adding The Masterpiece factor into the Free brilliant equation, Pessoa instantly illustrates this with such a magnificent contemporary fine art king-size canvas precisely titled FREE! Antonio Pessoa thereby uses the Art-Pleasure- Time principle as an instant, also efficient gratification, his transparent secret with a potentially very big result. Emotional Freedom! However, his top commitments more than remaining safely untouched, they gradually gain more and more positive attitude and mind-power togetherness. A truly fantastic combination. Maybe (just maybe) I have the privilege to be among the few people who actually fully understands the artist's outlook of life and most importantly his sharp perception of his inner- self. That's another reason which contributes to make Free, one of the most significant, important and meaningful paintings of his latest art collection. Let me explain. Antonio Pessoa, more than anyone I came across in my life, fully understands the power of his thought and imagination, enabling him to establish the "Doing without Doing" concept as one of his most dominant omnipresent Zen-oriented visualization of effortless action based in the wise principle that says that in the practice of the way, everyday something is dropped, less and less do you need to force things until finally you arrive at supreme manifestation through powerful action, only this time now with no struggle whatsoever. That is the artist's out in the open secret, the very heart and soul of his Masterpiece conceptual visualization and definitely his stairway to Freedom. Free, is the paradigmatic painting which - for obvious reasons - turned out to get the important task of being the gatekeeper-guarding the emotional freedom visualization that is increasingly growing and gaining solid shape, body, meaning and power in the artist's mind. Antonio Pessoa is by now unquestionably the spiritual forerunner of all contemporary artists. This great truth is known to all his closest friends, and as good news also travel fast, this truth is thereby becoming globally accepted, cheered and admired by a wide community of art lovers and public in general, thereby gradually becoming his faithful followers, as the artist's energetic waves vibrate and are brought near them as a new revelation artistic-spiritual sympathetic resonance. The Masterpiece concept making way for an impressive and remarkable positive transformation coming into his life, is constantly feeding his creative inspiration with brand-new aspects of reality, innovative images and cutting-edge ideas. Free, is the best example so far of this mindfulness, self-awareness and positive beliefs aiming at achieving the most rewarding of all goals. Art Supreme...and Emotional Freedom! A Life quickly becoming a Masterpiece! Virtue elements, such as focus, patience, tenacity and commitment, have been some of the better options in the artist's life throughout the years up to now, providing him with a relaxed, glamorous, fulfilling lifestyle, thereby allowing not only his artistic achievements pursuit sufficient time to grow and develop but also his personal-social life to have a brilliant positive impact on the non-fiction amazing story that his life has been, is and most certainly will be. As for now, prioritizing important issues such as turn his life into a Masterpiece, is where imagination ties in with focus, the dream of yet a better present and an even better future, by placing more value on the steps in between and all along the way! Not only mind-power, inner-self awareness and determination are required, but actually a great deal of talent, yes, talent aiming at reaching the wonderful state of Freedom by making Life the ultimate Masterpiece. The Light by which Antonio Pessoa's life is systematically guided, more than the lamp of experience, is the burning flame of positive thinking and rock solid courage to accomplish higher levels of personal growth, such as total emotional Freedom, a wonderland of supreme happiness inspired by the world's greatest faith. Universal Love! The Masterpiece concept, the artist's ultimate formula, is by now powerfully crushing and eliminating the last negative influences bad seeds and definitely providing him with a grab-it- now, go-for-it super vital energy and consequently with a cutting edge skyrocket quality artistic productivity. Antonio Pessoa's Free, and Live-the-Life-you-dream Masterpiece concept, takes off from his solid mindset, his technique of powerful visualisation as he actually put himself successfully in a privileged situation of global fulfillment. Here we go. You might enjoy reading the next paragraphs to grasp the concept and thereby come closer to fully understand the artist's fascinating universe. For starters, the difference between him and most of today's art scene contemporary artists, believe me, is the very fact that he has developed, particularly throughout the past three years, a very focused, trained and powerful Mind. Now, Pessoa visualises, feels, emotionally reasons and at last he can invent and communicate every innovative idea through quality art expression. Read more... FREE...anf the Masterpiece concept is after all the beautiful togetherness, a global living arquitectural breakthrough entitled to expand his knowledge, perception and every available emotional tools - mind, body and soul - an apparently complex process, however for him, due to his large experience and mastery in this field, a pleasurable easy-to-do emotional and intuitive processor that by now enables him to excel in art studio performance, to live and enjoy life to its fullest extent. Unlimited Freedom! FREE - What is the world public saying by now about Antonio Pessoa's winds of far as their eyes can see? Is his quality new line of contemporary fine art series an accurate reflection of his successful dynamic lifestyle? Let me explain. The Masterpiece concept is above all the artist's state of mind. The thought that we always have the choice is one of the most relevant notions of the Free canvas process, very particularly Antonio Pessoa's The Masterpiece concept. Through this free options endless Universe, the artist stands before every each of his now life's red traffic lights at the intersection he is eventually and actually daily approaching. That's precisely where experience, knowledge, decision-taking efficiency, talent, perception, intuition and most importantly, imagination, do actually come in. A great living combination is seriously at stake, Life Supreme, Art Emotion, The Masterpiece! And so it seems, as I personally profoudly believe it, there's no way back. He never gives in, never in nothing, great or small, large or petty, he never, never gives in except to convictions of Freedom, Emotional Greatness, Universal Love, global good sense...Life Supreme...The Masterpiece! The Masterpiece concept, as Pessoa visualises it, is really about making a wonderful life-plan and following through, cultivating innovative ideas and the mindset that is by now bringing him joy, fulfillment and excellent artistic performance. The Masterpiece concept turns out to be after all mainly a mental toolkit of practices he does implement to ensure his thoughts and actions lead to a quality level of Life Supreme! In two words - worth two thousand two hundred images - the wise Masterpiece freedom generating process, holds the golden secret keys to unleashing full global togetherness, super potential and definitely a rewarding legendary life. Waking up for a striking new adventure, that is the question and that is the miracle at stake. Values and beliefs, talents and passions, true purpose and life absolute meaning... The Masterpiece, Antonio Pessoa's everlasting partner and lifetime commitment, starting yesterday its fascinating non- fiction motion picture, bound to make a big, big difference and just about to take place in the huge magical screen of Universal Freedom Inn. Pessoa's effective Masterpiece concept generates desire to strive for things that were thought to be impossible before. The greatest reward lies in positive thinking, thereby the artist's mental conditioners to power up his Masterpiece absolute conceptual process, art long programming his whole vital energy and creativity to strive for the dreams he loves the most, setting his sights on higher artistic and public performances as his global abilities and skills grow in structure, quality, effectiveness and communicative chemistry. The stairway to everlasting emotional Freedom! That's absolutely contemporary, that's magical, that's Art, that's the ultimate cutting- edge Masterpiece! Aiming at the ultimate power of spiritual- emotional-social-universal-artistic Freedom, Antonio Pessoa adopts the pace of nature, his Secret leading him fast to the wonderful Life Supreme. Plenty of time researching, studying, thinking and patiently feeling, gut instinct development pointing towards the right direction...when everything suddenly starts making perfect sense and all the natural elements come into place, the perfect life's combination, exactly what it was meant to be, a worthwhile awesome adventure, the Free state of mind, the absolute togetherness, The Masterpiece. Simple as spite of the inevitable complexity and commitment intensiveness of the long but rewarding journey. The artist uses his mind to create the wonderful reality he desires by forming a clear image of the true purposes of his life including his art performance daily living and brilliant creativeness. This spacious Universe of materializing and particularly manifesting this interesting talented and delightful combination, is actually where he is totally focused in driving his full potential into. Basically the idea is to follow a path of mind control that is by now leading him to experience a supreme state of consciousness, powerfully effective and bright like a transparent crystal, thereby accomplishing whatever form of lifestyle and art expression he wishes and decides to explore and consequently achieve. A blissful concept, the ultimate level of quality imagination, the absolute chemistry of higher conceptual elements aiming at a better, faster, richer living experience. Freedom, the ultimate destination of life transformation, is the artist's current key formula he has come up with to indeed being able to influence imagination to such an extent that effortlessly life's whole combination becomes... The Masterpiece! Some kind of Magic! Living in the fast lane of Elite, Pessoa goes on and on and on...inventing his own lifestyle. His philosophy on life is very simple. Life is too great to be little and he isn't specially concerned with what other people thinks of him. He knows he can solve most of the daily problems, his strenght lies within, it doesn't come from any outside forces. Self - Education of the highest merit! Thereby he takes chance after chance, aiming for the ultimate Freedom through imagination, individual style, truth, self-faithfulness and most importantly, a super motivated minset. A hero of his self-made circumstances, Antonio Pessoa travels through the big Art City, visiting systematically the affluent, high-class neighborhood, talks to the art collectors, artists, art critics, gallerists, just to discover the same old thing. There are a whole lot more exciting opportunities out of the art scene zone, just about to be explored. The Keys, so he keeps on telling me all of the time, are quite simple. Whatever he gives his attention to and focuses on, shapes his Supreme Combination, the artist creates the perfect stage to determine and thereby create his ultimate destiny. Creative success, emotional prosperity and absolute happiness, resulting in the magical rewarding cause and effect all in one. The Masterpiece! It's definitely not an illusion. It's a Must on- going now-reality, taking place in every aspect of Pessoa's increasingly exciting life. This larger than life concept, made reality by the artist, holding with rock solid determination the handle of faith, has landed in the Here and Now Wonderland of the one thousand and one secrets of stress-free life. No adrenaline rushes required, even when the art scene pressure gets as hot as hot can be. Consumed with loving, playful artistic performance, enjoying inner, professional and social life fully, Antonio Pessoa is absolutely trusting the supreme flow, connected with a high- level of emotional potential and a perpetual vital energy, a freedom flow of bliss within himself. The ecstasy everlasting state he has achieved successfully using invention and full- swing imagination as the Ultimate Oeuvre, the higher form of Art, where the entire Universe became his playground and Freedom the omnipresent flow of his River of Life! Divine mindfullness in the Now, celebrating the Now state of perpetual ebb and flow of the tides, celebrating his fulfilling existence and in so doing becoming the Master of his Art, of all arts, and most important of all the Master of Life. The Truth shows up as the rising summer sun, showing the wonderful infinite nature of The Masterpiece! Sharp cognitive abilities and imagination are the artist's basic essentials in the exciting process of the making of The Masterpiece. Mind power function efficiently zaps away all negative forces and interferences, and a new striking creative energy flows and his nutrient imagination is optimal to such an extent that putting all the pieces together to solve life's mysterious puzzles and overcome all obstacles and crossroads, suddenly turns out to be a rather enjoyable, entertaining easy-to-do task, and the more he now experiences Life Supreme the better it becomes. Pessoa's now powerful attraction to manifest what he wishes the most, Emotional Freedom and Super Artistic Performance, is the golden key to the Masterpiece concept, to the Absolute Freedom project absolute effectiveness, perception of himself and reality making the whole Universe conspire and thereby providing him with the magical tools to make and update the top quality privilege of living and being alive, while achieving the highest level of self-fulfillment. Life Supreme! At last, Here and Now, so easy to do it in a snap. Just fun ways for the artist to raise his manifesting vibration and thereby reach higher and higher levels of hopefulness, expectation, art studio action perfect alignment, joy, excitement, emotional intelligence, literally taking full control of life and manipulating at will the making of his most adventurous, daring, colorful and rewarding ultimate Work of Art. It seems to be more than perfectly clear, there is no doubt that artist Antonio Pessoa is fully determined to achieve his Masterpiece-Oeuvre resolutions, one by one, one day at a time for ever and starting yesterday. That's his wisest choice and he's doing it today, tomorrow, everyday. He turns his Masterpiece concept resolution in a few, easy-to-do simple common sense steps. He dares to dream, he excells in decision-making, he intuitively defines the abstract notions of living, developing plans, dreams, visions and projects, and he does it on a pleasurable, exciting systematic daily basis. A permanent Life Supreme lifetime resolution, something so wonderful that is with him for good. Furthermore it's pretty obvious he has become a much better artist, a privileged man, he is loving it all the way and enjoying the exciting journey. Free! It's vitally important to put what the artist Free process is all about, into words. The concrete steady meaning of the canvas creates right from the start an enduring set of exciting short-term, long-term commitments, however almost a virtual space in which is spontaneously visualized and emotionally accomplished in one fell swoop the whole concept of quality living. A Big Dream? Definitely. By all means the greatest Artwork Pessoa could have possibly come up with, the most challenging, exciting and rewarding of all dreams. Must I remind you - just in case - the level where all Life elements Must and do Match! The Supreme Understanding as to how the artist deals with his life, relationships and his career path, which fits entirely into the Free - Freedom - process and into the frame of the Masterpiece combination phenomenon. Time out! The artist decided before taking the first steps to make this real commited decision. Freedom was the priority number one, The Prize, and as a result, living a life of excellence turned out to be a current natural process in his awesome agenda. And he is definitely succeeding! The Magnet keeps on growing in strength and alignment, the energy to excel gains more power as imagination keeps on producing more and more creative elements filling up the exciting colorful puzzle-game titled The Masterpiece. However, there is no single secret. It's rather a combination of many different items. A Formula! The following principles, imagination, universal love, strategies, emotional positive heartbeat and daily fully determined action are after all the magical stepping stones leading him to become the paradigmatic high achiever aiming for accomplishing the ultimate artwork ever. Free! Changing artist Antonio Pessoa's entire life and art performance! Surpassing anything that our imaginations can conjure, Antonio Pessoa's Masterpiece concept is yielding mega results by now.Fact. The artist's strong message to share with the world, that's also the Free concept Art to Life, Mind-Power to Freedom, artist to public congeniality. Built on sustained, consistent and honest prescription values, Antonio Pessoa's Masterpiece master phenomenon - definitely not an overnight success - acknowledges on the whole that living a Life Supreme, far from being a whimsical dream, is by all means turning out to be a fine tuned now- reality quickly on it's way up the ladder to absolute Freedom! Antonio Pessoa Delicious Silence Delicious Silence, is one of those paintings that suggests a variety (apparently simple),of ways to affirm the artist's daily religious rituals, moments of pleasurable relaxed meditation, through which he becomes stronger in confidence and in so doing listening in his mind to the diminishing volume of loud and racing city life noise. Also one of those spiritual- visualization canvases that in spite of their simplicity, actually take weeks and even months before the artist finally decides That's It and signs them. Also one of those alternative non- stereotyped day after day mirrors, in which the artist basically performs patiently his most enjoyable and inspiring momentes of inner-self contact silence and high level of perception and insight. Unquestionably to a certain extent the driving force which keeps him essentially magnificent, absolutely positive thinking and thereby immune to the daily challenging picture of professional commitments and quite often feverish burning social life flame. Sunset! Delicious silence! As we walk up the hill the sky was already turning from blue to orange. The anticipation was building with every step. As we got closer to the top of the hill the bright orange sun came into view. It was glorious! Antonio Pessoa was so excited he couldn't stop running to get to the top. As we got to the top of the hill and sat on a bench, the sun was slowly sinking behind a distant mountain range. "Goodbye sun!", the artist said as it sank beyond the horizon "I'll see you tomorrow!" It was a most relaxing time. The artist sitting next to me on the bench, said" Delicious Silence! I love it...and I will paint it!" Effective therapy. Said and done. More than you can imagine the artist's level of well-being and happiness is much higher in his Home Studio creative peaceful atmosphere than in the downtown at times emotionally disturbed racing madness. His philosophy and and rock solid concept of emotional brilliance comes out of his systematic research upon the keys to the art of living a fulfilling, rewarding and happy life. Delicious Silence is another of the multiple artistic results of this expanded awareness, optional lifestyle and faithful daily rituals. These patterns of existential preferences and self-therapy, such as peace of mind, serenity and continuous pursuit of higher levels of happiness, creates his art, his life and at last makes his ultimate personal dreams come true. Slowly and rhythmically, artist Antonio Pessoa gets down to work, finding a delicious quiet and peace overcome him little by little. When he has finally reached this stage, then he begins to focus his full attention on the canvas before him. Lovely! That's in this delicious silence where he meets once again this delicious presence of supreme awareness, and that's when and where imagination flows and art expression perception grows. Settled down in his Studio 1, where mainly his important art performance takes place and his most relevant artworks come alive, Pessoa here and then takes again some downtime to quiet his being, and thereby allows his mind to become sharply aware of his silent environment from the input of all his senses. Delicious Silence... Art Action Time! Now that he has reached that high level of awareness inwardly and outwardly, he sinks even deeper into the magical universe of supreme creativeness art making, now with a far greater confidence, stability and attentiveness to the artwork at hand. Worthwhile waves gravitate to the artist In, around, underneath and beside him. Ascension to a new state of consciousness! Antonio Pessoa rides the serenity energy waves while painting, while I sometimes watch him painting, asking him questions, listening to his vibrational answers as I put them down in brief words on my notepad. Studio 1, in its pleasurable contemplating silence, is a higher dimension on earth, so I feel and I know, a place of reflection, art and creative positive frequencies. Leaving the old, outdated methods to discover new, beautiful ways of contemporary art expression, new color combinations, fascinating mood swings, multidimensional interconnected forms, shifts and levels, gradual chromatic transitions, the quiet Studio 1 space effects making sure every bit of his dancing body is loose, mind without tension, connecting with the art planet, feeling the sources of inspiration within the silence, deliciously bright, as the striking brush strokes take it away onto the canvas until it's glowing with brilliant visual metaphysics. The veil is lifting as the show goes on in Studio 1's heartbeat. The soulful side of life, the art side of life is beginning to take center stage within the artist's creative spirit. Pessoa is now in the cycle of evolution where imagination and art expression is demanding to be acknowledge and allowed to be at the helm of Heavenly life. Antonio Pessoa's spiritual side requires the essential nature of Delicious Silence, where life's interpretation knows no lack, only abundance of all there is. This is the part of supreme inspiration that is desiring to shine and the artist at work is only the mediator and the conduit. So it's in this third- dimensional reality that Delicious Silence has grown week after week, month after month, gradually reflecting more and more the artist's relation with pure abstract poetry, with that level of relaxing awareness, where everything starts to make perfect sense, and the call to art action becomes a religious ritual, totally focused on the Here and Now, where pure art performance takes place aiming at create the alternate perception of reality. As Antonio Pessoa becomes more and more seriously involved in the pursuit of self knowledge through silence, this spirit of Universal Awareness is thereby leading him to a delicious feeling of a special sort, his Secret for all the highly creative sessions in the particular field of his latest abstract neo- surrealistic contemporary fine art series. Visual literature and poetry through the soft colors combinations, reaching the magical very best of its quality characteristics, subtleties and innovative aesthetic atoms. In Delicious Silence, the artist makes therefore evident that there is a purposeful mystery contained in its melting body, in its serene passion and mood that is changing with every moment the viewer contemplates this relaxing work of art. Continuously moving and changing, it can hardly gives us a consistent identity, and the more we surf away across tha canvas space, its planetary motions inspiring infinite interpretative changes, suddenly give us a delicious cosmos understanding, feelings dancing in a continuous state of flux, whispers of truth silently walking on the doorsteps of our hearts. This Spirit- source-Art-Universe that is emmited from the quiet strength of this canvas, supports this inner- self discovery influence the artist displays in his latest work and life. Accessing the Wisdom within this charming artwork, we inevitably embrace its latent sense of spirituality and in so doing we inevitably penetrate much deeper into the nature and the world of Perception, again, Antonio Pessoa conducting us to understand what lies beyond the visual field of our objective imagination. The artist's method to develop this latent, additional senses through silent meditation is skillfully well summarized in the soothing atmosphere of Delicious Silence, softly whispering us the fascinating phrase, Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder! Antonio Pessoa Visions Antonio Pessoa, more than ever, is well aware that there is a whole system out there running our Universe. He's been intensively working this over for over two years now, as a steady Mind researcher and inevitably his recent contemporary art series reflect faithfully with definity reciprocity this on and on and on Spritual Genesis process the artist is going through. One million stepping stones for his personal, artistic, social life and public journey. The artist's honest evaluation and reputable wisdom dictates that Freedom starts every each moment he takes a look at his life and knows a fullfilling life must be spiritually, personally and emotionally rich, and art action is the priority factor that brings him rewarding results on a daily basis. The one thing that brings him the greatest satisfaction. Visions of Freedom and Life Supreme, provide him with the boosting motivation to make growth a daily commitment. Beyond Antonio Pessoa's Visions excellence comes up not as an act but as a natural effortless habit. Now we all have no doubt he is succeeding in all areas he is commited to. Free! A creative Mind building Visions and make them what he wills. Every hours of his life consciously and unconsciously. An artist creating his own mentality, and in so doing powerfully suggesting and influencing his increasingly rich and exciting reality. By systematically establishing a close connection between the Individual Will and Universal Will, Visions of Life mighty power at his command, the artist experiences the ultimate Mastery of emotional Freedom. Fanciful Visions to Truth and simplicity following his own voice through the magical art performance odyssey as a cheering heavenly audience erupts in a deafening ovation. Let alone being totally focused on his exciting Contemporary Fine Art series, studio daily work, in the spiritual field, Antonio Pessoa in essence systematically develops a sunny bright Tunnel Vision providing him with a powerful ability to focus on what is crucial and relevant for his knowledge enhancement, one of the main reasons his level of life quality is becoming more and more in correlation to his amazing talent to make the most of completely re- programming his Mind and go on walking down the sunny boulevard of Life Supreme. This is an absolute Must thinking Magic, a Psycho Cybernetics exciting adventure, a Vision on the hook for absolute emotional and artistic Freedom. Yes, the artist is successfully performing some effects that suggest what Visions may turn out to be, depending on how you perform them. Remarkable! And fact is, the ongoing effects in his life are proving to b esubstantially good, strikingly magical and surprisingly perfect. The artist's Visions of greater and higher ways to get on acting on his wildest dreams, has long become his number one passion, the next level of Art, his secret tools to celebrate life, applying an exciting whole system of innovative formulas aiming at creating magical results to boosting hapiness and ultimate Freedom. Antonio Pessoa, always particularly talented at generating new ideas and coming up with new schemes to exercise his creative power and instincts, is becoming more and more involved in living his personal, artistic and public life by thriving on adventure, knowing beforehand that some of the best ideas actually come out of the blue and all he has to do is to keep and open mind to see their virtue. Can you actually imagine ever doing what makes you real happy, only ever working with what you are passionate about ? Well, this is the direction the artist's life is taking right now. Bring it on! Perceptive Visions of one thousand and one ways to live and enjoy Life Supreme, make absolute Art, ( and perfect sense ! ) and reach the highest levels of Happiness, Wisdom, Awareness, Enlightnment, Fulfillmen t and everlasting Freedom. Antonio Pessoa's straightforward steps toward effective and magical Visualization are definitely inner guidance oriented and inspired, as a brave new world of outstanding possibilities come to him through pictures, words and feelings. No need to control or manipulate whatsoever. The artist's open mind allows the Visions to come as messages and possible dreams or even revelations that seem to answer even the wildest and most controversial and complex questions as the ultimate confirmation that emotional potential is after all the most powerful magnet that can indeed attract the wonders of conspiring Universe into real life. Visualizing through high level quality Visions, reaching Imagination's full potential, Pessoa paints his present and paints his future, as in Art performance, making absolutely sure all his dreams come true while the conspiring Universe gives him total permission to believe and beyond, take perceptive and accurate action and finally see them become a reality. Life Supreme Newsletter! If Contemporary Art is what stirs his passions, with an intense sunny gleam in his eyes and a powerful bounce in his steps, his Visions these days keep him deliciously tuning into the multiple wonders that are worth waking for in the mornings. It sounds like Magic, but it is really so simple, when he freely goes on finding Visions of Wisdom systematically floating into his mind as he delightfully fascinated watches what now happens in is life and in his Art, in such a way that even pleases the souls of the ones around him, his friends, fellow artists, web designers, managers, co-workers, collaborators, art critics, family and public. While Pessoa is re-designing his complete profile and outlook of life, his Art is unquestionably a faithful reflection of his emotional Freedom Generator. Himself! Most important of all the artist is growing more and more concerned about his necessity (even urgency!) of aligning his dreams to the Greater Good, including the desire to bring Contemporary Art a fresh new Vision through which he is successfully spreading around and widely communicating the vibrational concept of Universal togetherness. Every each day, proving to be a great believer and a full commited contributor to the expansion and liberation of the Whole, through facts, actions, through attitude, and inevitably through art expression, Antonio Pessoa believes and remains connected to how essential it is to infuse all of our actions and thoughts with positive energy. Evaluating his gifts, talents and abilities we finally come to fully understand Antonio Pessoa's Visions snowball effect and how they are actually contributing to improve the quality of life of others, starting right at his Home Studio, among his friends and soulmates, using his inspiration for attaining abundance and experience the freedom and liberation needed in order to manifest his greatest potential and in so doing inspire others to do the same. Visions of Love within desire, while celebrating Visions of sharing, sharing the secrets of how to create well- being, graduating to Life Supreme, Fulfillment and Freedom. The artist's new invention, new intention, new way of living and feeling and consequently bringing these wonderful concepts to life and making way for Contemporary Art on its way to reach the worldwide public with the explicit message of a better World ! The artist never stops learning, and the further he goes he becomes more and more aware that only through self knowledge can he grows in great unwavering belief in the creative process. Open to the many possibilities in which Art can flow. Manifesting innovative high level Contemporary Art expression is all about mental freedom. Freedom in his thinking, freedom in his ability to see cutting- edge Visions around him. On the whole Antonio Pessoa's Visions claim and herald a New Age of Great Art, quality living and sharing once again. It is the age of a new consciousness, the blending of multi-dimensional realities into one experience. This glorious adventure is indeed taking him to that dimension of absolutely knowing where he reunites with the other aspects of himself, very particularly his creativity. Art! Able to control his emotions and make the most of them, Pessoa uses his impulses to make Art - his conscious priority decision and comfort zone - accepting the contrast as a tool for creative growth and using his spirit to bring him to doorway of artistic abundance and quality as he works throughout the day with pleasure, excitement and confidence, truly free once again to live in the essence of Art for Ever-Art for All, grateful for this unique once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the harmony of enjoying Fine Art, Music, Philosophy, nature and people. That's what makes the difference between before and eternity. Visions of Life Supreme and Freedom! Antonio Pessoa Free Speech It's common knowledge that action expresses priorities. Antonio Pessoa has developed it to such a high level Fine Art degree that he really should get an honorary doctorate, believe me. Now you may be thinking that it would be terrific to have all the art lovers community calling him Genius. However the artist is far more concerned about living in the real world, achieve his personal dreams and most importantly have a fulfilling enjoyable life. What you focus on, expands.Fact. The artist recently found a wonderful definition of abundance, in Art and Life. Flow! Flow gives him such a magnificent movement to the feeling of creative abundance. Pessoa describes it like the flow of a river, there is so much abundance in the nature of Imagination, that at a certain point of his studio performance he begins to see himself as a part of that creative abundance. Creative flow! Studio time! There is an ease and a loss of time ( Timeless Time !) to what he is doing. Art! He then seems to loose track of time and he is so present that he actually experiences a breathtaking joy. Totally connected with Art, he is now surfing in the flow, again, like the river, he steps into it and allows the current to carry him as he creates, works and plays. The art action flow feels good and is fun! I speak about artistic abundance in this review all the time. Why? Because Antonio Pessoa's work is about showing others a pure reflection of himself through Contemporary Art expression, it's true larger than life communicative potential. On the whole, the rock- solid concepts that surround these beliefs, lifestyle, attitude and expression of the artist becomes inevitably his identity and consequently his reputation. The story teller, in great detail or in abstract art fashion, fuels his public identity of being significantly the paradigmatic contemporary communicator and automatically he keeps on finding new people, artists, art collectors, web designers, art critics and art lovers with whom to play it out. Like attracting like, set in motion in the ultimate positive and creative process, format and manners. The author of his own life and the master of the Art, magically motivated to serve the public, which is after all the soul of the artist's natural commitment to use the visual expression tools to share, express, educate, re-design, suggest and communicate a New Era of literate perception and herald the great possibility of a new fascinating world of mutual positive manifestation and interaction, Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art Universe proves systematically to be a new potential of quality references in total relation to everything around us, and everything which directly concerns us, affect us and at last can actually change our thoughts and life, attracting the real possibility for a better World. Before and during the making of "Free", the artist already knew too well what was supposed to come up soon. That the future of his life, his Art and most importantly the future of his Art's power to spread, communicate and share, would be a short term product of the Thought which substantially inspired and gave birth to the charming contemporary Masterpiece titled "Free" This had to be a painting totally capable to attract positive energy in every possible direction, namely in his own perception and emotional wisdom and definitely in the public's understanding that a new and innovative inspiring concept and magnet was available and providing new answers, new solutions and a whole lot of surprises. This painting, a truly positive emotional state generator, more than living up to its title, is the artist's ultimate vision of happiness, sharing, fulfillmente and Freedom! Antonio Pessoa's main message, he successfully expresses through his latest contemporary series, much more than just Hope, is the assurance which allows us to actually believe we all can go beyond our boundaries and reach our wildest expectations and dreams through emotional abundance and the magical forces of imagination and creativity. The whole message seems to be clear enough by now, how it is possible to achieve the ultimate condition to actually be able to live fully the "Free" concept, experience abundance in all areas and to grow into Life Supreme, becoming an artist of life and be able to relate and respond to whatever shows up so we all be ready to enjoy the creativity in it and live our existence by expressing ourselves from our authentic beings. The artist's message magic simplified, meaning we all can do anything we like, we all can live the life we desire. A cutting edge new Vision, Pessoa systematically expresses and shares through Arts! After reading this article, we all should have a more thorough understanding as why Antonio Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art series and all which they involve, have received positive reviews for the past three years. Blissfully reputable. However, strange as it seems, the fact is, the artist on the whole has no idea what professional success is, nor does he cares. It has no importance in his life and the fact that he doesn't give any particular attention or specific worry about fame levels , means that his Art remains pure, healthy, untouchable and most importantly, alive! Thereby the incredible power of "Free" manifesting a Free Speech of significant spiritual models, innovative emotional concepts, new Art and positive intentions, creates a continuous interesting paradox across the universe where creativity, productivity and communication perpetuate the cycle of his endless methods to transform perceptive synchronicities and intuitive opportunities into one of the most charming and stimulating combinations of today's contemporary art. At this point of his fantastic journey, it seems only natural that, if there is something the artist systematically makes his priority number one, is the implied desire to turn Contemporary Art expression into an easy digest worldwide exciting reality. This is after all his reputable process of direct communication through Visual Arts, while he goes on identifying people's general perspective as a prerequisite for providing them with the right attractive formula in order to make them experience the emotional power of visual literature as a most enjoyable, playful, effortless and exciting Must ritual. In short, Art doesn't have to be a boring issue, that's the general idea, on the contrary, Pessoa volunteers his way and style to make Visual Arts seem like fun and magic. This exciting vision of what Contemporary Art should, must and can actually be, after all, once again and once and for all makes the ultimate difference between the ongoing average and his unique communication notion, potential and motion. Antonio Pessoa's "Free" contemporary Masterpiece, actually gave birth to this and made way to this interesting related display of new artworks, an Art Collection "Free" oriented and inspired by the artist's Best Life, Know How To, Anything You Like Project. Easy, said and done. Free Speech was just another spontaneous artistic investment, part of this conceptual abundance and exciting commitment. So far, the huge painting titled "Free", is the paradigmatic canvas, which illustrates and leads into every possible direction, these magical forces inevitably programming his ways to Life Supreme, actually the greatest shortcut to Quality Living, the artist came up with so far. Changing his views, changing his Mind, changing his Art and inevitably changing his Life, is right now Pessoa's cutting edge experience, the ultimate challenge and definitely his most relevant Masterpiece ever! Antonio Pessoa Imagination Throughout his Contemporary Fine Art odyssey, and very particularly when it comes to what absolutely involves the "Free" heart and soul, Pessoa describes commitment as everything that goes with it, Imagination, playing for keeps, making Art, communicating through Art and going the distance. After Imagination, the two keys to living life full, Passion and Commitment. Heartfelt Passion for his dreams and artistic projects and Commitment to systematic research, aiming at new solutions, new action plans, new artistic, social and public performance. Using the power of his Art in the direction of truth, love and togetherness, Pessoa is well aware that his world is substantially the power to create. His world is the gift that comes directly from Imagination. Imagination changes our views and changes our mind. Changes Art and it can change the World! In Art, perspective first appeared in the Renaissance, as a system for making paintings look more like the real world, incorporating distance as well as size. Gradually the term broadened to refer our mental outlook over time, as well as our visual. Of course, our mental and our visual outlooks are connected through the act of perceptive Imagination. Art is also a metaphor for reality, and just like reality it isn't static, it moves and changes and none of us are able to see the whole thing at any one time. Antonio Pessoa uses his Imagination to connect Art with the outside world through sight, color, texture and meaning. But far from delivering us a universally consistent view of the same old concepts, his rich Contemporary Fine Art highly communicative expression is shaped by his Imagination. Imagination, personal and artistic sustainability, daring to transform ideas into artworks. The contemporary young master dances often with his lover and partner called Imagination. They wouldn't dream of performing their best without recounting the lessons they learn together. One has only to look upon his latest great works of art, beautiful performances in color, concept, aesthetics and visual literature. Imagination is a fascinating system of rules of conduct or methods of practice, synonymous with invention, artistic intuition and intention. Imagination jumps out and its presence challenges the artist to be true to his standards. Imagination lurks in the Studio shadows surrounding every crowning moment, Antonio Pessoa takes it by the hand and spin it around the Art Studio dance floor a couple of times then they become a dance team. Art Action time! Using Imagination consciously is Pessoa's secret to creating the Art of his dreams, the visual literature for his public. Communication. It has little to do with technique and everything to do with creative awareness. This cause and effect relationship is after all the heart and soul of the artist's Contemporary Fine Art new series general concept. The key factor for Antonio Pessoa's latest artistic significant changes, discoveries and progress was his ultimate decision to put himself in the right environment that could not distract him from the creative process he intended. Studio 1! Most of the time during the making of these charming artworks he sets aside a reasonable amount of hours in a row totally concentrated in this fascinating artistic challenge. Theoretically what he was seeking was a framework of the new ideals, visions and concepts that were important to him in order to come up with a New Line of aesthetic references and new solutions, his innermost aspirations focused on transcend the ongoing average art and provide the public with innovative formulas, ways and exciting possibilities of communication and dialog through contemporary visual expression. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art cooperative reality is a very real alternative in today's art scene for obvious reasons we all seem to be aware of by now. An artistic experience highlighted by the pure essence of Beaux-Arts coexisting in perfet and total harmony with the latest tendencies and beyond, a successful combination which visual effects dont't need much further complex evaluation nor tiresome theoretical for the birds nonsense. When the artist painted Imagination (mixed media on watercolor paper) he was already sure a new emotional scene was already at play every day and every night of his life, pushing ahead his most fascinating period in all areas, so far. Unquestionably eclectic. After all the most exciting was and is actually the process of creating this innovative art-communicating conceptual masterpiece and expressive powerful magnet, Pessoa's larger than life investment of all his multiple "Époques" art making years, ever. Much like a Domino effect, the general idea that has been set in motion by the boosting imagination of the artist, is by now reaching the mass majority of public, namely art collectors, art lovers and even emerging and reputable artists, who seem to fully understand and enjoy the concept's content of the broadcasting new generation of cutting edge suggestions and exciting projects, aiming at creating a totally innovative outlook of Contemporary Art and promoting its powerful communicative potential. Antonio Pessoa's essential secret is based upon his rock solid determination of not letting his Life and most importantly his Art, be the product of cultural conditioning. Thereby, the artist has admited he uses his Imagination to systematically find new ways to express and share a new formula of communication, which will guide the public to greater levels of perception and understanding the powerful philosophical content of Art, and in so doing he is successfully creating the ultimate right chemistry between Contemporary Art and worldwide public. This wonderfully entertaining way to provide art lovers with a new and exciting outlook of Art, illustrates perfectly the artist's Contemporary Fine Art concept related issue, through which he uses his Imagination full potential to stay systematically on the hook for greater possibilities concerning Art and Public relationship and beyond. New Visual Arts egalitarian equivalence! It's perfectly accurate to state and admit once and for all the unquestionable fact that today's Art Public is expecting and most importantly deserving The Big Break, meaning a different vision possibility regarding this specific issue of how to interpret the hidden underlines of contemporary art expression and very particularly how to realize and solve the mysteries of the apparently complex context, content, intention and meaning of abstract Visual Arts when it comes to approach the latest cutting edge tendencies, whether through Video, Photography, Installation, Live Performance, or in Antonio Pessoa's unique and amazing universe, through a mostly successful fusion and skillful combination of sources, an exciting cross between the Great Masters techniques and reputable models and this only apparently simple project known as Contemporary Fine Art. The open minded public is obviously willing to embrace this interactive innovative attitude the artist came up with and is definitely looking forward to take it to even more stimulating and higher levels of communication, sharing, mutual participation and togetherness. When the student is ready, the teacher appears! That's when and where Antonio Pessoa's Imagination comes in, suggesting us new exciting challenges, excellent Art and most important of all with a heartfelt project aiming at turning Contemporary Art into a worldwide mass phenomenon. Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Fine Art hit a nerve with the art lovers network. Obviously it's because public in general desperately want more direct relation with Art and I would say even the need goes much deeper. Maybe it was just about time to provide Contemporary Art with that exciting something, that missing stimulating formula now available to such an extent that the viewers more than just contemplate will feel they have to reach that ultimate point of intimacy to spontaneously feel the pleasurable urgency to want Art into their homes and hang it at eye level on the wall. More than a question of metaphysics, rather a spontaneous desire to have it, touch it and feel it. The artist's Imagination takes off from a systematic self- actualization, straight up to the highest levels new Contemporary Art can actually reach, which includes the multiple ways and daily steps to accomplish the ultimate challenge. Fulfill the Public's emotional demand through an effective exciting communicative process, where a new Vision of Arts potential is absolutely what's at stake. Simple as that, beautiful and new. After all the artist is well aware that Imagination is a Good Creative Source, a Must Quality. Imagination is like his generator within his creative engine, it stirs him like no other natural gift. Imagination drives him systematically to make movement and to add the creative fire necessary to activate amazing artistic, personal and communicative results in his and in the Public's favor. Art Action and Communication require a deep burning desire for change, it requires energy that is ablaze with Imagination. Cultivating and unshakable, Pessoa's Imagination does create a new attitude, a new character, an abundant supercharged communication sculpture, with the magical chisel in the hand of an artist guiding all his energy and his collaborators team motivation toward the new concept of Art and Public, art loving and definitely art collecting, a conscious decision for this specific and exciting outcome, a current successful successful process, the result of hundreds and thousands of options and accurate choices in order to make Contemporary Art come alive like never before. The artist's life is built mainly by how he wonderfully responds to what happens in his Imagination. Burning desire, enthusiasm, attraction, love and new concepts, cutting edge visions in all areas, public awareness, sharing, belief, abundance, masterpieces, great Art and Life Supreme!




Antonio Pessoa - Copyright © 2008 - All Rights Reserved.