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Antonio Pessoa

Antonio Pessoa Art Maker A self-made man, a self-made artist, sometimes disguised as simply a life lover undercover, an original gracious wonderful human being since his early teens simply enjoying to let feelings and emotions out in the open through fine art expression. So much has been said at random of the mystery behind the artist profile and very particularly about his adventurous life roleplaying, indeed a breathtaking episodes roller coaster live show... However, in spite of all this systematic amusing speculation, Antonio Pessoa's true and basic motivation therein lies the first key leading to the ultimate conclusion, that his personal success is after all his pure relation with art expression, not necessarily a religious ritual, but actually very simply the natural spontaneous happiness he always feels mixing colors and concepts, and in so doing coming up with specific visual results, invariably the meaningful reflexion of the heart and soul of a boy who once discovered during his early teens the great emotional symphony he could indeed experience throughout his all day long private art making sessions. Throughout the years up to now, Antonio Pessoa has been showing us basically all possibilities concerning the worldwide visual arts universe, from Modern Art to contemporary cutting edge. However, most important of all, he has been showing us the ultimate paradigmatic attitude of a truthful artist, systematically and inconditionally honest and completely faithful to his deepest beliefs, and in so doing very often, strange and crazy as it seems, putting his professional art carrer on Standby, regardless of consequences, by making solid sure that attending to the present mindfulness personal life self- commitments would always be his priority number one! "I Did It My Way" could eventually become one day the title of a book or even a motion picture about Life and Work of the artist, easily. Jazz musicien, adventurer or art maker, Pessoa has been leading a life inner-voice oriented, being unbreakable self-confidence and dynamic determination the main strong and powerful characteristics of his unique and creative personality.Fact! From a public global perspective, one could freely assume that his life could have been better or could have been worse. Speculative time-wasting, if you ask me. The art maker's life has been and it is what his heart told him and tells him to do, how to do it and at last but not the least, who to do it with! Antonio Pessoa, the Art Maker, specifically since the early nineties gets down to absolute art action, with such a striking energy to such an extent that by the end of 2002 he had actually accomplished an impressive encyclopedic art collection of over seven thousand artworks, namely oils on canvas, mixed medias, collages, acrylics on paper, watercolors and drawings. He soon excelled at the craft, through this intensive eight days a week art production twelve years in a row hallucinating odyssey, exploring all there was to explore and in so doing, reaching at light-speed a truly remarkable technical high quality level, expertise and mastery, let alone his well developed now easy-to-do talented composition and invention capacity, all this and all that, turning him into one of the most striking artists of our times. These words of mine, based upon true facts aim at capturing the global awareness to identify, gaining clear understanding and consciousness of Antonio Pessoa indeed as a living artistic phenomenon in today's worldwide art scene. One actually has to see it to believe it! Fact. Entering the artist's studio, take a sit and watching him painting, is by all means a truly unforgettable experience. It's always indeed very exciting to attend the Art Maker's studio and witness his live performance rhythm and style . Like an expert ballet dancer moving about the titanic easel, filling in the blank canvas space through successive moves of brush strokes striking precision, only to be interrupted by sudden short moments for totally focused perspective measurement and deep thoughtfully reflective mental-emotional full-swing evaluation before the composition, the show definitely goes on and by the way extremely entertaining indeed. The artist's spectacular performing style through the act of creating and arranging several aesthetics advanced essentials, managing with astounding mastery a mixture of ingredients step by step but rather quicky resulting to form the unified whole of a finished contemporary fine art masterpiece, is astonishingly cinematic, something to actually witness in order to believe it. Believe me! Absolutely, that's the way to do it. Among the hundreds of contemporary artists that I came to get to know personally, unquestionably the Art Maker, live studio performer, is by all means a unique super fine art wizard beyond compare. Anytime, anywhere, anyhow...and, well, anyway...with more or less worldwide projection Antonio Pessoa is a top reference for all art lovers from all over the planet, the best investment for the major art galleries, a solid choice for the most passionate and distinguished art collectors and at last but not the least, a great contemporary positive influence for all emerging artists on their winding way to be under their personal achievements glaring spotlight. Antonio Pessoa Heartbeat Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. The artist's systematic visualization of a new- innovative contemporary communication outflow, is unquestionably the Heartbeat's heart and soul. Previously designing this worldwide- oriented concept, inspiring an entirely revolutionary and powerfully positive attitude towards the on-going art scene, Antonio Pessoa, once again, shows up as the perfect reflexion of his reputation, by suggesting with contagious determination and enthusiasm, a brand- New Age of art-public intercommunication, aiming at empowering the mutual relationship precisely between art, artists, gallery owners, art scene in general and the gigantic community of art lovers, art collectors, media, worldwide public. What else could actually be more exciting and new than this pro-life, pro-art, pro-future and pro-global communication striking futuristic concept, a truly innovative approach for even greater dynamic flexibility directly concerning this art-public interactive universal togetherness? Here we go again, so let's propose a toast to the Heartbeat's larger-than-life divine inspiration, heroic epic Project visualising a New Era of intimate closeness between art and public! Limitless possibilities, now that everything seems to come so easily, the artist's secret to living successfully, feeling and acting by the passionate rhythm of his heartbeat. The mindset two by two dance "get-to-it-iveness" and "stick-to-it-iveness", creates the larger than life action super positive mood, all he actually needs to move him towards entrepreneurial artistic freedom, and in so doing his blazing desire for daily creativity keeps on accumulating new concepts and inspiration flow for future awesome oeuvre. A New Year is upon him, and once again the almost industrial stimulating studio art production is in full swing, pestering the artist to slim down, starting a brand-New Era, a better phenomenon and inspiring star. Antonio Pessoa didn't just get lucky but instead was proactive within his life as opposed to simply reacting to things as they occur. How does that work? Positive Hearbeat leads to positive feelings, these feelings lead to fantastic emotions, this striking super emotional flux promote amazing inspiration, finally this magical inspiration creates supreme lifestyle and artistic outcomes! Antonio Pessoa's amazing capacity to make art public show up to express flat-out unbarred flipped out excitement, throughout the past recent years got him in a very happy spotlight, identifying him as an important symbol among contemporary top artists. His Heartbeat seems to be the key component of intentionally causing his wild happy attitude to naturally bring smashing results into everyone's life. I cannot stress this point enough! Almost telepathically communicated to the worldwide art lovers community, expressing through art awe and wonder, he is increasingly bound to systematically experience this enthusiastic public effect on his overall worldwide reputation level. Heartbeat's overwhelming force, more than the artist's intelligence, skills, talents, money, relationships, hi s fabulous collaborators team, reputation, you name it...has been and it definitely is, his internal powerful tool just to get the whole job done and most importantly what actually takes to make his Oeuvre absolutely achieve the now on- going contemporary smashing new line and its global recognition. Creative visualization has been Pessoa's main faith and persistence provider, for all I know. The art studio veteran surely knows by now that following through without a plan and thoughtful action, means nothing but helplessness. Thereby, no wonder Antonio Pessoa, among the thousands of artists I know, he stands out prominently because he has made a success of getting what he wants out of life. He is successful in art studio performance ,in his career, in his personal life and in leading a stimulating adventurous life and exciting projects. This is the secret and many people know it. He knows that the power to direct himself wherever he wants to go in art and life, is provided by his striking Heartbeat influence, energy and unbreakable flux, systematically empowering motivation, solid beliefs and cultivating burning imagination. The Heartbeat's law of attraction is not a new idea in the artist's daily rituals. It has always been there throughout his feverish art action the continuous process of managing his professional and personal life commitments with the sudden decision taking skills and the miraculous ways he always indeed did manifest attaining his dreams, one by one, step by new brilliant ideas and concepts kept on popping up in his mind and in his intuition. Years of intensive training has shown Antonio Pessoa that brainwaves not only provided insight into his mind and body, but they could manage to stimulate him to such an extent to actually enhance artistic performance, bringing about a large variety of mental states and emotional reactions for the incredible benefit of great creativeness. When Pessoa comes up with an artwork such as Heartbeat, it's once again quite obvious he is unquestionably climbing up the hill of the super exploring multiple magical possibilities of mind power and very specifically emotional intelligence. And why is he so much involved into this interesting sort of experiences? Actually, the answers to this question are quite simple once we fully come to understand the artist's current challenges in agenda. The whole scene concerning his life has become indeed a complex and rather exciting chess composition in which checkmate is definitely not an option whatsoever and the "Knight" is not supposed to resign even when the situation apparently looks hopeless and the going gets somewhat tough. Heartbeat and exact timing! What most of us aren't quite yet aware of is that Pessoa's public image has little or nothing to do with the real picture of the artist's private life ,which is actually a fascinating constant stream through the Universe's all possibilities accelerated learning and sharing wonderfully mysterious "Wondertopedia"! It seems Pessoa these days only shows his latest Oeuvre to very few people. Not anyone is actually allowed to visit his holy Studio 7, let alone his Studio 1,where most of the interesting things really happen. Therefore, Heartbeat, acrylic on watercolor paper, Antonio Pessoa 2008, might as well be a nice unexpected surprise or even an entirely unique revelation for most of his closest friends and the extra regular curious cats, such as Ian Dadley, always in his well-disguised effort in order to show not too much interest, his traditional attitude to helplessly keep the artist underpriced. Basically enjoying his highly productive semi- solitude, the art studio worm keeps on painting life itself, with the neo contemporary vision approach which is unquestionably changing on a weekly basis, if you ask me...definitely always for better, signing his artworks with the typical detachment of someone who doesn't feel the urgency to herald his own supreme greatness, and giving his paintings the titles always faithfully based upon his deepest beliefs. Remarkable accuracy! In the meantime, as time goes by, the after midnight express is always available downtown, where nothing really important seems to be happening, however - in particular when after a pleasurable Heartbeating creative working day, when he can't help feeling a bit stale and in need to liven up his soul and inspiration a bit and for a while- it turns out to be the perfect place at the right time with the wandering break with the delicious routine and get that creative something back on the track and right on time. Antonio Pessoa's Heartbeat is essentially a universe of endless interesting amazing possibilities, where art and life coexist all together, as a family of dynamic concepts, intuitively aiming at approaching world public for an apotheosis celebration of art expression and universal communication. Heartbeat represents the soul of Studio 1, The New Era, the artist's updated outlook of the basic essentials of what the worldwide role of contemporary art expression must be, particularly in times of general doubt and emotional - conceptual fragmentation, in a world where the urgency to achieve a global strong focus on a truly solid catalog of new values, perception, ideals and most important of all, cultural togetherness at last check turns out to be a Must top of the list number one priority ,among the worldwide art lovers vibrating community. Antonio Pessoa Art Dealer It's no big surprise, actually it's no surprise whatsoever that Antonio Pessoa comes up with this watercolor entitled ART DEALER. It might sound funny that I put it this way, but fact is, they had it coming. Ever since his fine art first steps in Amsterdam up to now, his relation- chemistry with art dealers has always been an immense display of funny, even shocking episodes marked by enough glaringly vivid sensationalism, to become an excellent movie script and consequently a very probable worldwide successful motion picture. Along the past ten years, throughout our punctual ( off the record ) late evening, sometimes all night long pleasurable conversations, I've become more and more familiarized with the artist's rich content memories, particularly concerning this behavior pattern of the art merchants he has been stumbling upon along the way. The harassed petty annoying process of transforming them into business partners, in spite of always having provided him with interesting, handy, global promotional and specifically financial facilities, there was always the other side of the coin, so very often growing up in the form of politely disguised suspicion, generally ending up with a mutual resigned attitude based upon "if you can't beat them, why not join them" sort of idea, if you get my drift. Antonio Pessoa's strategy of using the art dealers passion for fast profitable income, has increased in quality and know-how expertise, systematically provoking raised eyebrows and cold shoulders, a situation sometimes rather difficult to fit well into the general décor, thereby issuing no guarantee to both one-of- a-kind parties that the Grand Pipe of Peace smoking session was about to be the next step of the almost take it or leave it negotiations meeting. Thanks to this year-after- year educational intensive experience and real- life tutorials, a considerable immunological tolerance has been remarkably developed as time went by, gradually providing the artist with a rather cool shoulder- shrugging indifference towards ruthless art market soul destroying tricky ways. No wonder Pessoa's impressive healthy detachment toward the worldwide art scene racing struggle, keeps him psychologically safe and sound, basically neutral to all different forms of pressure, such as silent treatment, hard to get playing, pseudo-snobbery high fevers, curriculum vitae obsessed go-betweens, you name it... Thereby it's only natural that the extent of the artist's evasive give me break attitude has indeed by now reached an effortless degree of pure automatism in which the "no pain no gain" old recipe sounds rather like a senseless, useless outmoded quotation. However, in spite of all these mysterious slippery shadows of the past, on the whole, Antonio Pessoa should have no reasons to be complaining about. As a matter of fact, let alone his reputable working capacity, talent, skills, technical level and prolific gifted imagination, he actually got pretty lucky along the way by coming across real gentlemen in the art business who managed his art career with absolute transparency, vision and punctuality, furthermore managing to establish a truly lifetime friendship relation with the artist. Thanks to these highly ethical and efficient art mediators and gallery owners, Pessoa became a premature wealthy artist and next thing he knew he was climbing fast up the hill, provided with the proper stimulation, at the right place and at the right time, feeding him with the dynamic incentive for super art action, and consequently moving his technical improvement process forward with such a force, to indeed such an extent of burning creativity and passionate working combustion that a whole lot sooner than it was to be expected, Antonio Pessoa had become a true art studio wizard and his brand-name an unquestionable contemporary visual arts phenomenon. As confident as can be, from then on, the painting machine magic had a sponsored one way ticket to the exciting life of a successful young professional artist. Overcoming the inevitable series of up and down momentum shifts, Pessoa increasing faith and belief in his oeuvre and project, was obviously sustained by his public, clients, family, close friends and very particularly by those exception to the rule distinguished art mediators. Antonio Pessoa today recalls all his endless collection of cinematic episodes with art dealers, with a contagious smile on his face, definitely not a bitter smile but actually a smile of cool retrospective amusement, taking this with the right measure of healthy detachment, all out in the open, no hard feelings whatsoever, and absolutely not like things one would rather have left unsaid. I'm not going to mention names obviously to ensure my genuine respect for individuals right to privacy, neither is Pessoa particularly interested in stain on whoever's reputation and public image. However, the general image and prototypical pattern of the average art dealers, those who have become the backstage actors of Antonio Pessoa - Fine Art productions play, after all these years turned out to become a rather hazy in outline cartoon-like caricature representing a cross- between something like a raptorial bird, card shark, buoyant bluffer, wishy-washy salesman, tricky wily, small-time streetwise, slimy schemer, tricky Dik, foxy-sly wiseguy... The eighteen years old young artist for the first time experiencing back in the 80's, downtown Amsterdam, Holland, the standard territory of weekly appoitments with veteran art dealers, soon finds out that ironically his strong spot (super art production speedy capacity and artistic quality), turns out to be his fragile weak spot as well. How come? Even back then, any art dealer entering Antonio Pessoa's Damstraat Studio for the very flashy first time, knew right away he had just found a gold mine and that the priority number one was to show no special interest whatsoever. On the other hand the art dealer also knew that the option of letting the bird fly away ...or shall we say, letting the gold slip through his fingers was totally out of question. Period. Thereby, after a short while of morbid pondering, the edgy agressiveness was on aiming at making the artist feel helplessly puzzled and most important of all, slippery insecure and anxious across the nail- biting business meeting. The young artist's huge art production let alone his naive good-hearted innocence were the main substantial ingredients for him to have to go through this short-term although painfully hard art marketing empirical apprenticeship. The art dealer's eyes were by then already glittering with the Overstocked and Underpriced smiley emotions greedy scintillant gleam. Nevertheless, the smart young artist sooner than they expected, learned the tweaks and tricks of the art business secrets. More than enough talent was available in order to cover both art production and art dealers fast efficient taming operation. Furthermore, there was extra bad news for all of them small-time artist's soul corrupters. Antonio Pessoa at the age of eighteen was already a full-swing professional musicien, if not a millionaire at least definitely already making a pretty decent living out of playing solo or with local dutch bands. This and that plus all the other gifted resources systematically pushing the creative sharp young man back on the right track, turned out to be a flash splash surprise for the mistaken victory assuming art dealers suddenly in a wink of an eye all at once switching from business meetings conductors to passive resigned restless spectators. Throughout the years Pessoa indeed meets a diversity of art dealers each and everyone of them from different backgrounds, from various cultures, perspectives and inevitable with different personal attitudes specifically when it comes to deal with an artist, obviously aiming at the essential motivation. Achieve fast profitable right on the spot financial goals. Always in the process of improving his ability to previsualize any art dealer's profile before shooting, the artist's judgment accuracy and precision became gradually more and more in tune, like a super efficient detecting radar on the look out for those red light warning signals of fraudulent intentions, abusive behavior and that obnoxiously disgusting greedy ruthlessness of the mediocre kind. Once passed the Trial by Fire test, in the very early nineties, Pessoa has become unquestionably an experienced soldier in the art business "battlefield". A true surviver, ready for the tough going, a real-life academy graduate ready to step on the art stage. "Fait accompli"! However, before he actually comes to meet Mr. Doright, he still has to deal with another one of the nasty kind. Antonio Pessoa in his late twenties is willing to drop music for good, at least professionally and get fully commited with fine art, switching from noisy smoky, crowded wild night life to more suitable lifestyle in which he feels a whole lot more well-fit for his concentration enhancement and decreasing after midnight distractions therefore get down to an intensive experimental period through which he is indeed going to do his very best in order to make his art performance consolidate into a rather mature, impactful and enduring style. Once again in a few months his art production bacomes an awe eliciting colossal canvases, watercolors and drawings collection, the result of yet another prodigious storm of feverish creative art action. Obviously, after a short period he reaches that stand by point in which the artist wishes to get rid of his average quality oeuvre in the process of making a wise quality art selection. He always did it and still does it this way. However, not for any price, and most importantly not giving in by surrendering to no art dealer's whimsical, capricious and at the art business time sensible to no other passion but avarice. Easier said than done! In spite of the artist's doctorial how to deal with art dealers master diploma, this one proved to be a raging lion in the art business Coliseum. Pessoa actually bullfights him during almost one year the best way he knows how. Every business meeting turns out to be a Sergio Leone like movie, maybe "once upon a time in hell" or "run, art dealer, run". These play and rewind heated sessions indeed might have looked like a truly surrealistic two- players no card deck required Poker Game, where in this particular comedy-drama situation the general rules were "mix a lot of skill with a lucky charm spell" and'll get out alive well! The artist had long assumed that if you take art business too seriously besides the possibility of end up getting an overnight headache you might as well wake up mid afternoon with one of those reality twisted smiling hangovers just to find out you're on your own with no art stock whatsoever and just a few bucks in your unpatched-hole pockets. This stressful period's happy ending was when the artist finally met Mr. Moreira, with whom he was about to have definitely the biggest break of the nineties. As time goes by and his grand piano gradually becomes an untouched abandoned dusty Steinway at the south end of his living room, Antonio Pessoa throws himself into his most striking art production odyssey up to then. The Golden Period great adventure had just begun. During these super creative smashing times the reciprocal link between the artist and his new art agent-gallery owner and friend, couldn't possibly have been better indeed. Not only the gallerist provided him with a rather impressive substantial financial punctual assistence, for the artist to have become almost overnight a wealthy young art maker, but also Antonio Pessoa knew how to make the best out of this only once in a lifetime opportunity, by becoming a fully commited eight days a week fine art professional, furthermore improving at light speed, technically, aesthetically and conceptually. Indeed an amazing combination of motivation, positive energy, innovation, intensive studio action, let alone his ever-present incandescent imagination. Nevertheless, on the whole, I wouldn't dare try to make you believe that from the early nineties on, the beating around the bush art dealers eventual negotiations were over and out for good in the hill climbing artist's life. Not quite just yet, I'm afraid. However, the past likewise situations quantity were severely minimized in equal proportion to Antonio Pessoa's increasing success, financial status and oeuvre sales rates. One way or another this specific idea of the streetwise wiseguy art dealer, far from having traumatized him, whatsoever, on the contrary it provided the artist's imagination with that spicy something which over the years, now and then, actually managed to ignite his inspiration just enough to come up with a reasonable amount of artworks representing his own light-hearted (almoust hilarious) interpretation of this art market small-timers who unfortunately never seem to successfully grab the intelligent dynamic context of what a long-term profitable business relationship between artist and mediator is actually all about. What a shame, if you ask me! Anyway... Antonio Pessoa Stage Time Going pleasantly through the process of imprinting new values, innovative artistic concepts and multiple changes into his life and career, absolutely clear on the on-going and upcoming procedures, mind made up and totally focused on a positive affirmation of his beliefs, directing the visual arts to the end result he wants and the World simply adores, feeling the emotion that goes along with self-discovery, sharing, art action, live performance and worldwide communication, Antonio Pessoa's life and work manifest in direct proportion to the stimulating communication frequency between art and public. Mainly for the past two years Pessoa has been working with a particularly powerful creative attitude and in the meantime in these two years he has been able to completely change his life and consequently his artistic message and style. It seems like there has been a blessed miracle after miracle since he has adopted the new attitude, outlook of life and developed his positive energy. Antonio Pessoa's course changed the way he dared to imagine, therefore paint and act. He's a much better person and artist today and he has attracted wonderfull people into his life. He has a new circle of friends, all positive, like minded people who help him with extra-studio work, such as clients mailing lists, exhibitions art curating, public relations in Europe and United States ,you name it. His new wonderful lifestyle and attitude provide him with an infinite sense of inner peace translated to creative extra- imagination and consequently it's obvious his life is heading in the right direction. The artist's success naturally is religiously following his positive thinking optimistic rock- solid attitude and his determination to focus on making art the best way he knows how. And, by the way, believe me, he definitely does know how! Enjoy this amazing contemporary fine art that already has become even more colorful, lively, exciting and new. Stage Time, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2008, tells us about certain events ( eventually! ),magnetic experiences and unique people he systematically draws into his life, apparently almost as by magical currents. Stage Time, more than visioning, it reflects the artist's day-to-day studio, social and professional outs and abouts, explicit prevailing challenges, in short, the essential factors in the positive influences Universe around him, life's dynamic articulation itself, a whole of summarized activities, of mastering intense living efficiency and the inevitable art vision always ready to create new worlds, as the artistic alternate reality. What is indeed interesting is that Pessoa in Stage Time seems to be willing to define his adventurous real-life episodes as aesthetic and convincingly abstract. Exploring life, illuminating the viewers and imagining anyplace, anytime between the present and the future... or even maybe, eternity. Systematically growing and coming up with innovative art expression possibilities in an ever-changing global contemporary art scene, Pessoa proves to be driven by his solid commitment to continuous quality improvement and to exceeding our expectations. Let the dice roll, seems to be the message of this canvas punctually entitled Stage Time, as if shouting "the show must go on", maybe another artwork aiming at cultivating living burning desire, enough plausible arguments to be found in this painting's almost random magnetism, or to put it in another way, very probably the artist is actually underlining the guidelines of super-living, stating it's about time for full swing action, spectacular situations, glamorous moments succumbing to the temptations of the flesh? Apparently to many ifs and buts. At last check, maybe what's at stake it's for him to know and for the viewer to find out. After all, that's the beautiful mystery of art, if you ask me. It's obvious Antonio Pessoa doesn't forget to take time to visualize life's edge, no boundaries required whatsoever, probably the most important and exciting might as well be the exhilaration he feels upon creating visual situations pretending they have already happened ...and Bingo! He is right there where he wants to be! Fabulous, flashy, ambiguous and unique, leaving the art lover waiting until tomorrow for the next chapter of the artist's Stage Time. Nevertheless, one way or another, the idea and most importantly the unbreakable Stage Time attitude has always been Antonio Pessoa's omnipresent playground. A professional musicien since the age of fourteen, no wonder he is definitely a stage veteran, a Life Stage veteran, experienced in the art of direct communication, and at last check, familiarized with the fascinating real-life divine madness, in a manner of speaking. Throughout his life, musicien, traveller and artist, experiences life stage performance while developing his views and thereby empirically learning what's absolutely required and necessary to be a sovereign master of this reality show like real- time communication. Antonio Pessoa's insight as he here obviously proclaims that life is a stage and we are the actors on that stage, leads him to come up with another charming painting whose title combines and heralds his vision of what the essential nature of existing and sharing a world such as our planet is actually all about. Basically random thoughts inspired by his everyday living, a range of conclusions sources plus a whole sea of people admitting and fully understanding that indeed after all life is but a stage. Stage Time engages the viewer by clearly projecting and helping to identify this Playing-Living-Learning-Acting positive attitude, a difference that after all makes the difference between small-time nickel-and-dime mediocrity and big-time personal success. According to the artist's cognitive latest experiences, Stage Time had to be born sooner or later pointing out this concept, inevitably supporting the evidence of the explicit message of this canvas. The author's beliefs and feasible approach to perceiving, experiencing, living, learning and consequently adopting a truthful and reliable role as a star on life's stage, as far as I can recall it has always been one of Antonio Pessoa's priorities, whenever it comes the time to be once again inevitably involved in the fascinating and sometimes stressful display of events and very often unexpected awkward situations, the educational how-to Bible, life's stage, this only in a lifetime mysterious performance we all have to experience, deal with, share, play the best way we know how and preferably enjoy. Through this increasing process of giving contemporary art a new voice, Pessoa goes on and on surprising us with his natural gift and ability to congratulate the art lovers with a large field of immortal subjects, looking at the outside world's orchestra as a composer listening, hearing, watching and observing in order to capture and thereby express the music and poem of life's adventure, flame and challenge, using the visual tools as an accurate interpretation of existence, adding some magical special effects, however clearly and truthfully reporting what we intimately already know, but yet love to see it rearranged by the delicious reality filter only art can provide. Experienced in dealing with real-life with means at hand and circumstances as they are, he is by now supposed to be seriously accepted as a truly reliable wisdom source and a valuable reference, not only in today's art scene but mainly within the whole of the worldwide talented observing greatminds, determined to reach the highest level of awareness and most importantly, share valuable conclusions, after all and as time goes by the infinite greatest contribution for, indeed a better world to live in. Antonio Pessoa's communication power through art is based on his intention and sharp conscience and on how he actually proves systematically to be more and more capable to draw on the creative process as a spiritual path. After endless examinations of how Pessoa indeed manages to make the soul visible through abstract fine art, challenging us to aim high with his punctual visual literature, bringing beauty and a fresh outlook of life to our depleted and cynical world, I easily jump once again to the final conclusion that his Life Stage concept talks basically about the key role of our inner mind, perception and ideology when it comes the time to open the doors and get in the racing flow of passionate actions creating successive magnetizing waves of causes ands effects as the ultimate commitment to something so eternal and wonderfully essential as the challenging process of making our dreams come true! Antonio Pessoa STUDIO 1 Now that the mild mediterranean winter is gone once again the whell of the year has brought the warm air and the sugary smell of springtime, inspiring bursts of colors exploding in the sky then landing in the artist's studio up for a happy display of art sessions as they float down the river of Antonio Pessoa's imagination, the magical springtime creative fuel inspiring wall-size images, gorgeous motions, amazing tales and awesome contemporary fireworks! Now that the hibernation is over the create- criteria is back again, a warm welcome back Mr. Art Magician, after the festive cold December Saturday Nights it seems we now have a full calendar of live studio performance, the one thing about Pessoa we fortunately can always count on. The artist is once again inspired, motivated and willing to share that gifted talent with others. We expect him to remain rock-solid back in business in order to approach his art magic in better and more powerful ways. So let's take a trip through the world of the charismatic fine art storyteller, meet the man, see his ideas, feel his emotions and enjoy his lastest oeuvre. Welcome my friends to Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1, the space where it's taking place another intensive, unpredictable art action period. The artist's Home Studio is now divided in seven departments, each one of them specially equipped with huge stocks of art material for different specific functions performances. With this plurality of art labs, the artist moves about the mansion, his living and creative domain, a professionally organized art factory, where the upcoming fine art wonders are just about to happen, certainly bound to give birth to another astonishing art collection. That's the life, that's the way to do it, Ladies and Gentlemen, in order to accomplish his traditional, reputable super art production, from drawings to collages, from watercolors to king-size canvases. Here comes the sun and consequently here comes another artistic marathon which surely will culminate in yet another amazing series of striking contemporary artworks. During the year 2007, Antonio Pessoa becomes one of the most reviewed artists in the world, thanks to my spare time retired reporter condition and a very special thank you to Pierre Fontanals, Luis Santiago and Nancy Anderson, just to mention a few, who had the ability to know how to establish and maintain a fantastic teamwork spirit and light atmosphere. Also a very special thank you to the artist for his punctual, regular collaboration concerning our private and group sessions, providing us with truthful and accurate information about his past and current life outs and abouts, plus his remarkable assistance related to helping us to understand and decipher the deep meaning of his huge oeuvre artworks, one by one. Like old valuable manuscripts, translating, interpreting Pessoa's past and current artworks plus rather relevant aspects of his past and current private life, providing exemplary and valuable information to our customers and public, has been and it is always a rather intensive laborious task, let alone putting it all down in words, turning them into easy-digest literature articles aiming at a wide range of art lovers and public in general, which is the final process, however definitely not the easiest one. Since the extravagant golden years of Antonio Pessoa's renown, even mythical and legendary Romantic Period, 1997-2202, Studio 1 in the year 2007 succeeded becoming one more time a brand-new version of the late nineties artistic production phenomenon, this time now featuring the positive prominent aspects and best characteristics of a serious full-lengh commitment to a totally original new line of striking contemporary fine art. Financially supported by a list of more than five thousand regular clients, local and international, Antonio Pessoa uses this particular privilege to create totally stress-free, focused on his studio work and most importantly making truly artistic wonders with no negative interferences whatsoever, let alone the highly annoying stigma of worry, rush, hurry and smashing pressure. Therefore, it's been within this pleasurable and relaxing microclimate that the positive atmosphere of Studio 1,gave and gives birth to the most genuine Antonio Pessoa's quality art performance up to now.Fact. 2007 has been a year of great ideas and new accomplishments, increasing the artist's composition level and skills. Most importantly it's been a year throughout which Pessoa has proven to have the proper knowledge, determination and vision to reinforce his style and brand, and in so doing building a general idea and reputation concerning his new oeuvre, the wonderful purity of his contemporary fine art cutting edge. Easy and readable for the average viewer, transparent and impactful for the erudite art-connoisseurs educated taste, in spite of the great amount of mystery and ambiguity, purposefully challenging the eye and the senses with the sweet-bitter flavour of vagueness, that playful misleading multi-defined symbology with a value which arouses our aesthetic pleasure before a specific oeuvre when the boundaries of meaning are indistinct. Still too premature to tell and comment from such a short perspective the extent to which Studio 1 is going to become another mythical historic prodigious phenomenon such as Antonio Pessoa's Romantic Period, we might as well however consider the possibility that this previously explored area, might actually already be moving upwards in such an apparently invisible manner we can't afford to detect, let alone see, for the results haven't quite yet turned out to be unquestionable facts, nevertheless, knowing the artist's creativeness, imagination and power of attraction, one should already safely assume, presume and even take for granted that eventually anything is possible, even our wildest dreams and expectations related with Pessoa's upcoming soon future, no matter how skeptical our worldly common sense tells us our outlook should be. Five breathtaking years have gone by since the last days of the Romantic Period, definitely not an eternity yet a space in time adventurous enough to launch the idea that indeed Antonio Pessoa should be by now a different man from the light cheerful one from those extravagant days of Atlantis. However this concept or evaluation could easily make it sound like the overstatement of the century. In spite of the inevitable facts, priority issues plus the artist's current general situation aren't what they used to be, the man's nature remains intrinsically the same whereas his maturity has developed a trained discernment, inevitably conducting to a substantial body of new and stronger capabilities, a new fundamental inner-self emotional autonomy and obviously a remarkable updated approach to contemporary art expression and communication. The artist's 2007 Timeless Time Art Collection - - can be used as the most reliable mirror, reflecting, witnessing, reporting and consequently helping us to reinforce this theory and subscribe to this point of view, for it's plenty understood by now that Antonio Pessoa's latest oeuvre has the conspicuous self biographical caliber and attitude of a diary. Paintings such as Universal Time, Free, Out of the Blue, Cosmic Cognition, Spiritual Light, Night Wits, Burning Flame, Living Joy, Night Gospel, etc, show us clearly the artist's full commitment to an evolutionary path for a self discovery therapy intensive apprenticeship. Through this systematic daily ritual focused on exploring health and wellness, self- discipline, personal growth and spiritual power, Antonio Pessoa reaches a dimension of art expression of broad sensorial horizons and consequently attracting and leading the viewers to this wonderful, fulfilling experience, embarking them on the realms of the mind's infinite inner potential. This spiritual transformation steadiness, has been so far the step by step progress to mastery, which made way for a considerable amount of followers willing to share, learn and grow with the available intructing support, tutorials and guidance of Pessoa's knowledge and wisdom. Even some of his pragmatically irrefutable pro-real-life skeptical good old friends such as Ariana Sabugal, Marie Louise Lambert, Carmen Olaya and Marc Gilot, seem to have unconditionally surrendered to the tempting delights and well- being excellent prospects of the artist's spiritual method at last check. Marie Louise Lambert and Marc Gilot after a couple of weeks living in the relaxing peaceful comfort of Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1,went back to Paris with a new outlook of life and most importantly genuinely converted to the Universal Awareness rewarding principles. No big surprise after all. These purifying winds of changes blowing across the artist's life and perception, driving him to looping and swirling into a more relaxed spiritual state, have proven to be the expected prophetic reference featuring an entirely new living formula and lifestyle, opening windows overlooking a freshwater river of freedom, happiness and heavenly joy. Thereby, no wonder that creative visualization, spiritual growth, mind power, free inspiration, turned out to become the essential keys for Antonio Pessoa's increasing personal success, let alone the materialization of one of his most striking quality contemporary fine art series. Striving to provide an affordable alternative to average contemporary art, Antonio Pessoa's approach to developing a totally new concept of abstract fine art came up with brilliant results mainly during the past two years, by creating through spontaneous action art an absolutely free style, in which an impressive traffic of colors and symbols play an important role in providing the viewer with thousands of interpretation options prominently featured like a magic engine, and in so doing the artist manages to pull in a significant immediate steady stream of awesome visual illusions. In spite of going on using the traditional fine art thecnical concept of the great modern masters, Pessoa indeed succeeds creating a cutting-edge innovative visual potential with additional subjective codes, the viewers readily join and enjoy with effortless increasing curiosity, enthusiasm and amusing uncertainty. If Antonio Pessoa - Romantic Period's Studio Atlantis was characterized by an extravagant atmosphere, the soul of a vast scenery of hiper-intensive art performance, modern art-oriented, Studio 1, has been so far cultivating a worldwide attitude and a flamboyant outlook of today's art scene, fact which results flow turned out to be a dynamic on-going project inspired by a strong, impactful contemporary fine art prototype plus an artistic unmistakable stamp and brand. The immense potential of Pessoa's Studio 1, is as yet far from being fully worked out and for a long time to come will have to prove the effectiveness of its intentions, by meeting international specific targets and furthermore be able to understand the demands and timing of a whole new generation of art gallery owners, art collectors, art lovers, media and worldwide public. Studio 1's Project is surfing through multiple waves of fresh ideas and new concepts, not only related with the creation of a relevant new abstract formula of contemporary art but also inspired by Antonio Pessoa's increasing interest in the rewarding process of the discovery of inner self and subconscious mind infinite potential. These and those issues are actually succeeding creating a rather amazing togetherness making way for both a new spiritual vision and the new art vision already an on-going full swing experimentation, which results are by now available for the world's eye throughout the artist's latest series. However unpredictable as life itself, Antonio Pessoa's Studio 1 already highlights an overview into the future, personal methods of extracting innovative artistic and practical solutions, by now stimulated by the public reactions and effects to the artist's latest creative proliferation let alone his quality art expression achievements and striking improvement. Antonio Pessoa Perception Nothing is ever too much, nothing is ever too universal, nothing is ever too wonderful when it comes the time for any art lover to enter Antonio Pessoa's world of Perception, Art, Poetry and Awareness. As in the final countdown, his life has developed the wildest ride of a thrilling cyclone roller coaster, pleasure mixed with Blues, quickly become a firm creative power, one of those that turns you upside-down. If you don't know what it is like to really live on the edge, then take my good advice and start reading all you can about Antonio Pessoa, the most brilliant and thrilling adventure of today's contemporary art scene.Fact! All reviews and information about the artist are essentially a breathtaking unique biography, mixing chills with fun, mixing art with life itself. Danger, passion, intense emotions, blues and Opera, Comedy and Drama, are the face of one of the world's most spectacular cutting edge artists. PERCEPTION? Find the answer to this question and millions more, in this enjoyably dark, yet still very sensual and romantic lifestyle. Straight right up to the tension filled final of every of his artistic and real-life performances, when he will have you on the edge of your emotional box. Perception, acrylic on canvas, Antonio Pessoa 2007,is unquestionably a result of many years of studio art action experience, research and reflection, a brilliant colorful abstract painting where the viewer is face to face with images propagating amazing waves of colors, light and sound being pleasantly thrown to the eye and our senses right from the canvas surface. One of the most charming artworks of Pessoa's 2007 art collection, Perception has that special buzz of excitment, rapid vibration, motion and strong visual impact, yet it's soothing something projects almost a healing energy for mind, body and the eye, inspiring poetic sensations of pure organic fountains, plus that chromatic quality in the whole of its exuberant, abstract, sensuously radiant affinities of colors and symbols. Expressing a new vision and a totally new artistic vocabulary, Perception has that abstract expressionism unique lyrical style, nevertheless also clearly influenced by surrealism, conceptual art, yet never missing the futurism artistic design Pessoa is so fond of, thereby creating that linear decorative dynamic impact, plus a reaction leading to subjective and entirely free interpretation. Regardless of his increasing artistic skills and striking creativeness, Antonio Pessoa becomes more and more popular mainly for his unique lifestyle and his inner-self personal achievements, acquiring world-renown prestige and wide credibility, through the stimulating and rewarding process of how to unlock his full potential for striking artistic performance, personal success and a high quality professional level, becoming his international autograph, the significance of how his impressive fast self-improvement in all areas and attitudes has indeed accelerated his echoing reputation as a fully commited spiritual guide, expert, let alone his highly-respected artistic vision, inner and universal Perception. Paying tribute to him and in faithful recognition of his multiple achievements, close friends, collaborators, art critics, clients, art collectors and soul mates of the fine art trade, now frequently honor him with a natural awestruck approach and genuine admiration. Entering his studio, very often demanding his wise advice, show us clearly how so many people enjoy being in the realms of his glowing positive energy, happy, free, safe and at ease before his charismatic and charming manner in which Pessoa's ambiguous relation with life, people and the Universe, translates a highly advanced Perception, making obvious that living feeling alive is not a special gift or a way of going through life, but actually the only one. Perception, the dream of life creativeness as outcome of Antonio Pessoa's number one priority, it starts in the character of a solid experienced artist, reinforced through daily research in all areas with inspiring enthusiasm, attracting affection, love and respect among all his friends, collaborators and public in general. If indeed Pessoa is helplessly becoming a inevitable life coach, that's not what's at stake right now, for most importantly is the fact he is becoming one of the most inspiring art wizards of today's art scene. Antonio Pessoa's Perception creates clarity and eliminates doubt, invents a higher level of positive motivation, his confidence in himself and in his abilities grow, the artist actually sees what he can be! Often, the hardest thing about visioning is actually having the Perception of what we want to bring into existence can actually be accomplished. To really make it happen, and he sure does, Pessoa supersedes his own doubts and has a sense of certainty that what he wants can be accomplished. The artist on his vision has a faith in Perception that is greater than his fears and it's willing to open his mind to see beyond the confines of what he is facing today. Remarkable, indeed! Antonio Pessoa Trial by Fire Once again the artist delivers the ultimate thrill, as we all look genuinely awestruck before one more It's Hard to Believe sort of challenge, through which the art creator's puzzling experiments insist in preparing us yet for another public Watchout session. Fair enough. What is this all about, after all, you may ask. Let me explain. Commited himself to the achievement os self- development all areas highest levels, Antonio Pessoa combines information...or should I say, Knowlrdge ...from multiple resources, thereby getting instant access to this fascinating dimension of living magic and most importantly to this highly effective mind power multilateral expertise. Emerging across all the information available, the artist's determination and traditional straightforwardness seem to be once again tough enough to track the whole of this advanced tutorials, leaving us to absolutely expect the upcoming high-impact all this wisdom structure and mastery are going to have in his private life, art performance, lifestyle and most importantly in his public projection, as the paradigmatic entrepreneur artist of our times and obviously as the new generation great communicator. Getting ready to indeed operate a daring new artistic enterprise and worldwide venture, Pessoa inevitably assumes a great deal of accountability for the inherent risks, setbacks, stand bys, ins and outs and general obstacles, definitely a scary process ( not for all ) where getting accurate valuable advice and cutting edge information never seems to be enough in the new start-up stage of his current and coming soon king-sized challenges where sharing his responsibilities and vision with his collaborators international team definitely requires a proficiently advanced How- To immediate decision making skills, where his mind tools productive effectiveness will be unquestionably on Trial by Fire! Taking a good look at the tools, modus operandi, and processes Antonio Pessoa continually uses in his rich and colorful day to day life, we helplessly can't resist to get a glimpse into the artist's life latest news, always expecting the next episode to be far more striking and exciting than the ones before. People from all over Europe and United States write to me telling us they indeed do spend a lot of time researching and reading about the artist's methods, deliciously grabbed and entertained by how he systematically manages to get off to a new blazing start just about to a always unexpected new series of brilliant and satisfying conclusions, as one of the art scene world's most unique, amusing and amazing on-going profiles. The extent to which Pessoa exhibits various and interesting characteristics, provides us with sufficient visibility to fully understand his increasing degree of positive exposure to public notice.Fact. Therefore, extinguishing the fire with a calm spell seems to be right now the hardest accomplishment for anyone within the artist's friends circle. Besides, anyway, nobody seems to have no reasons to actually wish that to happen. Slowly but surely turned on by the tempting idea of living feeling today everything is possible, even his wildest dreams, Antonio Pessoa uses his mind's full potential to wish things to happen and surprise, surprise, fact is that then they actually do. However there is after all the secret, the special trick, which enables the artist to deal with challenges he has to face, by astonishingly quadrupling his vision, knowledge, meeting the goal achievement proper balance with his traditional rock-solid determination to make the seemingly impossible a now-reality. Sensitive, selective, fast and accurate, the artist faithfully keeps on following a truly effective method, which unfortunately for most of us, strange as it seems, remains a one million dollars secret! No doubt Pessoa must have enough good reasons to have entitled this painting "Trial by Fire ".Pure abstract art, caughts the eye of the viewer, regardless the message or meaning, however as we all become more and more familiarized with the content-intent of this particular artwork, which is after all, and most important of all, the mirror reflecting the powerful heart and soul of a life veteran sort of artist, once again stubbornly committed to change his mind's orientation, a current challenging issue which has clearly shown itself to be by now a striking method both proficient and highly effective in all areas and in every step of the way. Banking on proving to himself and to the world that beyond the boundaries of conscious self- evaluation, of conscious global awareness, there is an endless wealthy empire of possibilities, we so very often can't make out, lost through our own mismanagement of our own inner potential scenario, Antonio Pessoa records in " Trial by Fire " the expanded universe available to anyone willing to spend a reasonable full time research aiming at reaching a level of global expertise, the fuel of a dynamic and happy life, wealthy innovations and new ways of viewing the world through self-growth, after all the magical counselling therapy providing a lucid, original and effective practical guide to how accomplish our most cinematic dreams taking off from the deep valuable resources of our inner mind. "Trial by Fire" definitely doesn't pretend to suggest doubt about this high-efficiency method, however clearly points out that the golden results basically depend on absolute true passion, daily focusing, solid motivation, a patient step by step mind fitness plan, an increasing magnitude unbreakable perspective and a whole lot of multiple positive intentions, the ultimate goal setting made easy. Pessoa couldn't have chosen a better title for this mountains beyond mountains of research and observation endless miles and miles and miles to cross, climb and crawl, indeed a Trial by Fire, engaged in fierce emotional tournaments and daring journeys bound to where the glowing pot is placed, solving ancient mysteries hidden in plain sight from our perception, knowledge and wise mindset awareness. This painting once again rises an impressive new set of questions. First and most important of all, is Antonio Pessoa going to pass this stiff examination entitled "Trial by Fire"? We all believe he will, despite also acknowledging that arriving safe and sound at the shining palace at the end of the long and winding road, it's not going to be a twelve minute extravaganza of boiling fun. A mission impossible or a successful accomplishment? I would rather emphasize a mission accomplishment as an already now-reality fact, running like a well-oiled machine. However the big challenge is out there, waiting for an artist willing to be playing with fire, by the book and by the rules, a free trial available for anyone, nevertheless a tough enough match only the brave players can undertake when it comes the time to jump into the titanic overwhelming arena of the Trial by Fire! Antonio Pessoa Colors Update Pessoa stains on watercolor paper, both generously or feverishly adding water to the tissue, following the spontaneous instructions of his experienced intuition. His untouchable imaginative endeavour, makes his fine art activity an effortless almost unconscious undertaking, apparently with no doubts about the whole art action enterprise, whatsoever. His quality work is thereby delivered and accomplished by miracle, showing us once again clear evidences of his privileged gift he gracefully received and gratefully developed and improved through this well-known systematic exceptional working method and highly professional attitude. Enchanting the world with his inmitable visual flavours, colorful motions by projecting his peculiar dynamic kaleidoscope of pure contemporary poetry, Pessoa provides us with this pleasant artistic metaphysics, visual literature where elemental beauty of adventurous power of invention leave art lovers deliciously dazzled by the mastery through which he artistically speaks his mind as his work becomes more and more notorious like something truly magical in today's contemporary art scene. From a modern critical standpoint, Antonio Pessoa has indeed this unique capacity to make us see things that aren't actually there, that completely high level when the viewer awakens suddenly and contemplates the awesome abstract nature of inspired combinated creative cutting edge. It's work and play, flowing from one idea to another as he walks us through the multiple artistic possibilities, not only the quality evidence of a life's work but a rather original style, powerfully magnetic, intensive and new. Ups and downs, ins and outs, don't seem to be able to stop the artist, let alone take his burning fire away. No stormy Monday, foggy Twesday or rainy day seem to be capable to put his fire off, neither thunderstorming, freezing or snowing events or even setbacks, seem to succeed to list him among the lost stars. If it's true that vulgarity begins when imagination succumbs to the explicit, then Antonio Pessoa's burning flame fading out is definitely out of question. Back in business after a good night sleep, no matter what's at stake, no matter what it takes, the Show must go on for today's visual arts most adventurous and dynamic entertainer. Even feeling quite often a bit burned out by pressure and life in general, Pessoa's trained pro- life attitude grants him what seems to be indeed a life time heavenly Guardian Angel assistance, a whole great amount of vital positive energy, showing him the way and lead his project in full swing with the hot fusion of mind power daily updates. Therefore, COLORS UPDATE, watercolor and acrylic on watercolor paper, Antonio Pessoa 2007,now it sure seems like it was an accurate predicability of the on-going art action and visual results of the making of an impressive collection of cutting edge mixed media artworks on watercolor tissue and most importantly using a true revolutionary method in the art of painting, which essential characteristics is the magical experience of the color stains taking spontaneous and absolute control plus cellular autonomy of the art action, just as in one of those amazing Walt Disney best of productions animation fiction wonders. Can you believe it? The art studio wizard is back in business, a paradigmatic inspired fine artist performing a striking number of art magic ...or should I say ...contemporary witchcraft? What do you know! Optical illusions appear on the watercolor wet tissues, exhibiting a breathtaking fairy magic fantasy festival . Art reviews heralding "welcome back to the art studio, Antonio Pessoa, sure thing, the place where you definitely do belong." Breaking news never seemed to be so easy, breaking news never seemed to be so fulfilling, breaking news never seemed to be so exciting, sensational, rewarding, delicious and magical. The art studio wizard at work shows us inevitably once again a truly special profecy of contemporary art current-upcoming cutting edge, as time goes by and the show must go on, and it does, it's definitely a Must, Must, Must flash point art performance, a Must elated blissed-out phenomenon! Freeze, read my lips and mark my words, one has actually got to see it to believe it. Pessoa opens his studio doors for his faithful, best and closest friends, the only ones allowed to enter the cathedral of contemporary fine art and thereby witness live and ablaze, a landscape of chaotically displayed dozens and dozens of watercolor tissues all over the floor, miraculous visions on top of other textured multicolored victorious artistic wonders. Theoretically and apparently one could come up with the possibility of an artist working chaotically, which isn't definitely what is happening. Colors in the air, that's more like it, up they go and next thing you know they are fast landing in artland, it's best to get down quickly, for red, yellow, orange, brown, black and blue color pigments are flying all over the place like party decorations gone mad, precisely when time awareness seems to have been suspended, sense of reality expired and the artistic madness now hitting us hard, nevertheless too late to warn us how deliciously crazy we can go standing before Antonio Pessoa's art action glowing exuberance and original style extending well beyond the inherited tradition of reasonable self-contained art making. Too much of too much, believe me. Much more than simply a Colors Update, the artist's effortless studio live shows, leave us no doubts of how far into artistic mastery he has already gone, and a clear clue of how his strikingly spectacular upcoming special effects aesthetic achievements are unquestionably going to hit the highest possible standards of quality contemporary art, surely bound to inspire not only the new generation of talented emerging artists but also today's art collectors special recognition of his creative skills and top of the line awesome artistic accomplishments




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