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Life News

After the Masterpiece concept, Antonio Pessoa comes up with Master Mind, another striking mixed media on canvas, where his will to develop in art, mind and soul, reaches his fullest mental, spiritual and artistic unfoldment, in other words, the efficient action of a contemporary artist becoming phenomenally successful as he gets closer and closer with the source of thought, life and art. Two years ago when Pessoa became conscious of the inexhaustible power in the world within, he starts this now on-going wonderful period of contemporary expression, where this eternal energy is manifested in every canvas, drawing and watercolor. The result of this new age concepts and art collection is nothing less than marvelous. The artist becomes a live wire and his work and message a universal communication process, extraordinary in quality and limitless in quantity. These are incredibly important elements of his personal philosophy, but still, he keeps on coming up with much faster options and possibilities available to all of you, art lovers. This communication rocket of an idea is called Antonio Pessoa's Master Mind, and everything which involves. By doing the things that he believes ought to be done at the right time and in a certain way, and when he makes up his mind to do his very best, the artist inevitably provides the formula which makes contemporary art stand tall with its chin lifted. These are the reasons behind the creative secret. Causes behind all effects. Call it subliminal intelligence, sharp, ready- to-go. The artist's love for sharing is what keeps him going, hot bottons that systematically motivates him to create pleasurable emotions, that's after all what Master Mind is all about. To create the life and the art he wants accommodating art lovers needs as his Must priority. By realizing once and for all that he is the creator of his own life, the artist takes full responsibility for the choices and actions he makes. "It's the only way to fly" he states, the keys to designing a fascinating lifelong learning process. Antonio Pessoa's trith and secret is basically making himself happening to his life. That's the ultimate truth and secret of Master Mind. The search continues, the research goes on, from the realm of contructive imagination to the reality of actual artistic and emotional results. It takes precision, timing and without a doubt, lots of focus to turn metaphors into effective formulas and powerful ways to inspire imagery and to unlock a successful performance potential. Taking off from the principle that imagination is more powerful than knoeledge, Pessoa painted Master Mind, as yet another symbol of his unbreakable belief in the infinite possibilities of the language of the Mind. Effective thought, hard work, persistence and preparation, the artist's ultimate steps in creating his fascinating reality. That's why he keeps om communicating through art and through his paradigmatic lifestyle the development of skills. That's why striking oportunities seek him out. Pessoa's reputation precedes him while the world runs to do business with him. It's not magic, it's Science, it's not superstition, it's Creative Genius, it's not motion pictures, it's Real, it's not religion, it's Alignment, it's not illusion, it's the fabulous universe of the Master Mind. It's not painful effort, it's Inspired Action, it's not a daydream, it's high quality Thought, it's not just words, it's a Fact, it's not selfish, It's for the People, it's not maybe someday, it's Here and Now, it's not supernatural, it's the Master Mind ! In Master Mind, Antonio Pessoa expresses the power of conscious growth. The summary of this artistic exercise, reveals that nothing that man can think is impossible in action. Nothing that man can imagine is impossible of realization. Pessoa comes back into the contemporary art scene with a predisposition to grow along certain amazing lines, and in so doing, life, art, business and communication is easier for him along those lines than in any other way. He becomes a guru young genius, with a current now attitude in the process of being brought forth. A special artist to whom many many emerging artists go for advice, someone who these days is instinctively recognized as being great in wisdom and insight. Just like a magnificent steamer with the engines in place and the machinery in perfect order. The artist is thereby amply provisioned for the fascinating cruise ahead. His Art and Message is excellent and growing better. A view of evolution of the Master Mind! While the artist keeps on going laser focused on his multiple projects, namely the New Age Art Collection, and Contemporary Drawings Art Collection - a revival, one could say of his legendary Black and White album, his dynamic co-workers team make the steadfast decisions to evaluate the various tools available, widely choosing the ones that best fit Antonio Pessoa's personal concepts regarding online communication. Veterans as they are, they don't seem a bit intimidated by the amount of continue education they need to do as inspired net marketers. After all it all revolves around taking the artist's message to a certain group of individuals. The Art Collectors audience. This web traffic generation drive Pessoa's team to systematically come up with new methods, as the priority key to master the huge areas of internet communication. Most important of all, the public need and the legitimate right to learn and be updated about Antonio Pessoa's latest Oeuvre has long turned out to be a Must daily ritual. Master Mind is just another important artwork within Pessoa's Contemporary Fine Art series, the result of his growing understanding of the most wonderful mechanism which has been created, providing the artist with this exciting process of evolution which he knows it's contantly building our tomorrows out of our todays, with an ever-increasing capacity and volume. By possessing this valuable poise and harmony within, Antonio Pessoa now enjoys life and art in perfect tune with eternal truth. Here, then and once again, is the secret of the artist's creative power, where space and time have become onlu figures of speech. With Master Mind, the artist once again establishes that in the first place, there is the great mental world in which he lives and moves and has his being. Most important of all his solid willingness to share it with all of us! Antonio Pessoa's top secrets, are basically the systematic use of Master Mind as the most powerful tool to create, communicate and share. What the artist's contemporary series radiate outward is therefore an abundant flow of quality thoughts, feelings and messages, of unconditional love, positive expectation and faith. Stepping into ease creates ease. The artist trusts in divine timing, trusts in divine order, so no wonder everything now in his life is happening in perfect order. Solution oriented with Master Mind as his priority source at his service, Pessoa has become an inspiration for many artists, co-workers, friends and collaborators and has become a real role model among the worldwide art scene community. Master Mind is yet another result of skill and a persistently positive attitude. On the whole, the artist's global message is a form of super positive hypnosis where the academic side of art and life supreme have now become and amazing two-in-one combination. Change is the ongoing cycle of Pessoa's dynamic modus operandi. Introducing new ideas and concepts all the time, faster than art collectors demand for something exciting and amazingly different to happen in the Art Scene. It's pretty obvious art public deep down inside want change for when something new is introduced into the art market they are quick to embrace it. Herein lay one of the greatest Antonio Pessoa's secrets of his success, The Master Mind of an artist with new ideas, projects and visions. The artist creates Master Mind totally conscious of the art and science of prosperous and creative living. Narrowed down to its basics it's meant to spread the around the concept that you will reap whatever type of energy you sow. Thought is a spiritual activity and is therefore endowed with creative power. During the making of Master Mind, and at a certain point of a private conversation with the artist, Antonio Pessoa sits down for a relaxing while and explains the fascinating principles which brought into operation the making of this particular canvas. He says that the conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with one mind. The relation of the subconscious is quite analogous to that existing between a weather vane and the atmosphere. Master Mind expresses the universal energy in which all motion, light, heat and color have their origins. Pessoa acquants himself with the knowing quality of Mind and through it he moves upon the universal substance and therefore he now effortlessly brings it into harmonious relations in his life, professional affairs and most importantly his contemporary fine art series. As far as artistic references go, Antonio Pessoa keeps on the look out, open minded and widely eclectic. Galerie Carzaniga Basel, provides him with interesting influences like Franz Bernhard, Julius Bissier, Luca Caccioni, René Fendt, definitely one of his favorites among the wise selection of Carzaniga Basel, but that's not the only one. Lenz Klotz might as well be one of the strongest models to inspire the artist in his increasing research through the Modern Art and Contemporary Art most interesting possibilities. It's quite obvious that Galerie Carzaniga Basel gives the artist quality keys in the form of excellent abstract art. Tobias Sauter takes Pessoa by surprise, precisely these days when most of the latest Modern Art, seemed to have stopped feeding him inspiration, oftentimes to the point of ultimate boredom. That's also not the case of talented Mark Tobey, also represented by Galerie Carzaniga Basel, and the options go on and on, namely with Zaccheo Zilioli, Lucas Rapold, Rolf Iseli and some others, available at one of the artist's favorite art galleries such as the swiss Carzaniga Basel. Antonio Pessoa's constructive work of artistic references research stimulates his daily creative process, predetermines new ideas, preceding innovative formulas and thereby throwing more light upon the creative imagination before and mean while art action takes place. To be or not to be visible, that is stepping outside the old limitations of thinking, feeling, living and art performing. Antonio Pessoa has long got out of the box, out of the old artistic patterns and opened himself to a newer, exciting, adventurous, freer form of expression, this form, now portrayed in Master Mind is far more expansive and now lets art collectors and public see a whole lot more of who this unique inspired young contemporary Greatmaster really is. Antonio Pessoa has become a magnet! Have you ever been in a room full of people when someone walks in the door and everyone stops and stares? What about the artist that is so fascinating, so appealing? What is it that draws everyone to him? It's his radiance of inner light, the Master Mind! Antonio Pessoa's exciting daily life is also - as we all know by now - a live stage of connections, business relationships, meetings, projects, complex challenges and of course his religious art studio performance rituals. These days Pessoa is leading a fantastic team, much more than a communication department, an entire organization, totally focused on what he wants to achieve in the short term, what he wants to create in the longer term and what he wants to share with others, namely art gallery owners, art collectors, private clients, friends and public, while much of his skills are made of lifelong learning, the optional extra which explains his leadership success, comes from this infinite valuable source of quality thought and inspired action he absolutely expresses in Master Mind. It is all too easy to look at him who achieves success as an artist and as a leader and believe he had it very easy. The reality is that Antonio Pessoa's secret is his unbreakable willingness to think in a Certain Way, take action and work hard to achieve the brilliant results, which is now succeeding to make him earn respect and solid reputation all over the world. Pessoa's Master Mind ( collage and mixed media on canvas ) comes up as another opportunity to unveil the Life Coach, the Greatmaster, the new age scientist, the inner critic, the Art Expert, the studio wizard, the art critic, and the great communicator. Quality thoughts, wise words, inspired action, increasingly aiming at a healthy and wealthy destiny. Highly effective in his objective self-criticism, Antonio Pessoa refers to Master Mind as his latest symbol of all artistic and cultural influence. Long are the Romantic Period days where artists such as José Maria Barreiro, Xaime Quesada, Rufino Peral, Rafael Alonso, Ana Legido and Laxeiro, were a systematic subliminal message and a strong reference to Pessoa's artist style and subjects, in spite of the outstanding results he was more than talented enough to write down in oil on canvas. The so called Plástica Gallega was by then his reality show, already working with several major art dealers such as Carlos Alvarez (Monteblaco),Vicente Fernandez Lago (still his unbeatable and faithful partner and patron) and Carlos Villa Rodriguez ( Arte Alpide ), Vigo - Galicia - Spain. Master Mind is after all a result of the artist's increasing passion for the universal science of the inner gifts and Mind potential. If Night Gospel was a Finding-His-Way throughout the realms of the subconscious, a revelation of the amazing and rewarding continuous engagement in acquiring, assimilating and applying knowledge during sleep, in the context of self-directed growth using the Alpha dimension learning process, Master Mind determines a definite evolution, a much more powerful way to improve thoughts quality. Antonio Pessoa's growth is attained through an exchange of the old for the new, of the good for the better. Paintings like Free, The Belief Generator, Living Joy and New Solutions were actually making way for Master Mind and all which this canvas involves in terms of self-improvement, with similar sense of purpose of what the artist was able to attract, what the artist was able to extract from each experience, while each experience was giving birth to a specific related artwork. "Ask and it is Given", it is what the artist wishes to express in this unique artwork. It is shouting out "There are two ways to make it in this mysterious journey called Life. The hard way or Mastering our Mind!" Pessoa's focus is on results and productivity, rather than in frantic activity. Overcoming limiting beliefs - or what was left of them - seems to have been the artist's priority through this fantastic concentrated systematic research. Breaking out from limiting beliefs - or what was left of them - and entering the one-way- ticket universe of unlimited dreams, is clearly all over the artist's latest Contemporary New Age Art Collection. Using Imagery as the Key to unlock his reputable performance potential to its highest level has indeed enabled the artist to now enjoy a significant mental advantage, visualized and then skillfully expressed by his lifestyle, his wide communication achievements and his impactful visual arts language. The Master Mind universe is powerfully governing every aspect of Antonio Pessoa's life today, overflowing with billions of positive inspiring and exciting results. For every success story in the world of Modern and Contemporary Art, there are sure hundreds of unrealized dreams. By discovering the tweaks and tricks of Mind Power, artist Antonio Pessoa is by now increasing the odds that he is willing to share the exciting odyssey of how his Life and Art came to flourish. Like all successful entrepreneurs, the artist stays the course and first of all he doesn't allow himself to be easily distracted from what he has set out to do. Deliver the kind of new concepts, visual combinations and open communication that art dealers and art collectors are looking to get. To become a successful artist with the right mindset, it's all about Master Mind and particularly Pessoa's beliefs and reality. The most important secret for the artist's success, in my opinion as a personal friend, life veteran and art critic, is the powerful key he has developed to get his Mindset right. For a few, Antonio Pessoa's phenomenon might seem like fantasy, who cares, because fact is for most of the public it's a dream lifestyle they want to be involved in! One of Antonio Pessoa's great discoveries and adopted models recently has been Pia Fries, represented by Distrito Cuatro art gallery in Madrid, Spain. Pia Fries becomes one of the artist's favorites in today's art scene,as Pessoa definitely gives his thumbs up for Galeria Distrito Cuatro for such a wise option and deliberate choice where talent, skills, technique, come up as the perfect combination of high quality contemporary fine art, Antonio Pessoa so much admires. The excellent Oeuvre of Pia Fries, as for right now, has become one of the artist's top models for his daily inspiration and most important of all as one of the most important paradigmatic New Art forms and a good demonstration of how traditional Fine Art techniques should keep on being priority number one within today's contemporary cutting edge concepts. Master Mind is essentially the visible-visual manifestation of Pessoa's internal beliefs about Life, quality thought, Art, health and abundance. Master Mind involves a do-it-yourself key system that the artist practices on a daily basis . Quantum physics and cutting edge energetic beliefs, when and where the priority aim is to attract unlimited possibilities in every area of life, Art and communication. Master Mind expresses the artist's fully commitment experiencing this great shift and this rewarding internal change bound for the great flow of abundance in all areas and in all directions and styles. As a result of systematically researching and practicing this wildly effective Energy Technology, Antonio Pessoa literally and virtually has accomplished a longstanding positive Mind power, a super Belief Generator, time and time again transforming his life and his art performance into an astonishing real-world absolute success. Ahead of any other Pessoa's quality is his personal motivation. If he wants it, he can have it, (whatever it is) by simply doing enough of the right things. Burning desire, Imagination, ability and knowledge seems to be getting him what he wants and therefore what he is willing to share with all the worldwide public. An exciting way of leading his life, the artist throughout his twenty-four hours a day period only chooses to think and to do what realistically determines the best and the most rewarding outcomes. That's his Master Mind running laser-focused all the time, day after day, without the need of any special concentration effort. The art studio veteran knows too well that quality thought plus inspired massive action will definitely achieve massive positive results and accomplished projects. The New Age special one artist, the confident persona, delivers New Art, new ideas and new concepts with the expert confidence which only Master Mind can provide. And as a confident artist his increasing credibility and influence are now the ultimate stamp of his global reputation. Master Mind is the ultimate expression of mastering the feeling and Life of Freedom that is close to Heaven on earth. Antonio Pessoa's contemporary Fine Art series, where it's obviously included Master Mind as one of its most symbolic and paradigmatic artworks, is an approach that talks about getting everything out of Life - creating a Life worth living - by fully leveraging quality thoughts, inner power, imagination, skills and uniqueness. Pessoa's Master Mind global picture may sound like magic, however it is actually something like the Law of Attraction working full-swing. Yey, the whole exciting idea is also about preparation, also requires patience and systematic introspection and passionate research. The artist is fully aware that a whole lot of practice was absolutely required before he was actually ready to go. Now, he performs with pleasure, the Master of his Mind, of his Life, Art, destiny and Project. No Fairy Tale whatsoever, for he also knows this is where he has got to keep more laser- focused than ever on what he wants to make happen. In this specific mixed media-collage on canvas, Antonio Pessoa, as a Mind and super Intuition Expert, seems to be asking the viewer to think about the Manifestation Method. Oftentimes during the making of Master Mind, the artist sets time aside to sit in silence before stand up once again before the easel to go on putting the concept of Big Life, dreams and desires on canvas, in such a unique contemporary and neo-surrealistic manner. As a Law of Attraction expert and Life Coach, Pessoa lets the viewer free and willing to take the fascinating experience of exploring the process of the Manifestation Method a little further. Believe it and let's accept it, the artist consciously creates this amazing canvas to activate and share this powerful new world of infinite possibilities with the Public, so we can all send that super positive energy into the ethers of the Universe. This is the soul of Master Mind, filling the vacuum, because for the artist it makes more than perfect sense that the moment vacuum is formed the Universe rushes in to fill the empty space. Pessoa's Master Mind seems to be asking "Are we all thinking Big Thoughts and Big Dreams?" Because as far as he is concerned, Antonio Pessoa will not simple decides to do it. HE WILL DO IT! Antonio Pessoa's Master Mind is that sort of painting that makes inevitably History. Not necessarily because of its visual results and special effects, not only, but most importantly for its great amount of meaning, as a unique solid symbol in the life of the artist and consequently with all the probabilities and infinite possibilities of becoming a long lasting reputable artwork, precisely for its meaningful content which gave the artist the right momentum and specifically the right reputation to actually create it. Pessoa is here thereby determined to express the Expertise Power and Personal Power, available for all of us, only quality thought can provide and that can only be accomplished through the process of having absolute control upon our Mind, therefore absolute control upon our Life, action and destiny. Antonio Pessoa, once again, goes the extra step, the extra one thousand miles to achieve one of the most daring and difficult challenges one can possibly face and take. Become the Master of Life! The time has come for the artist to command and leverage the ultimate power. Mind Power! The way to move forward is to move forward. That is how Pessoa charted this fascinating course, started sailing and now is taking in all the wonders that lie ahead. With both eyes focused on what is before him, he now can effortlessly make sound decisions and take meaningful steps toward achieving even his wildest dreams. Antonio Pessoa, his friends, partners and his Team. All the past is just History. As the trees release their summer foliage in preparation for the months ahead, the artist of Master Mind, reflects upon the value of letting go. Antonio Pessoa sets his sites on what lies ahead and move toward it with confidence, art, imagination, persistance, sharing spirit and conviction. Having become a true specialist in behavioral change, the young man brings the sophisticated understanding of Mind Power to Art and Public and to the whole World!




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