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Weekend Report

Antonio Pessoa
Weekend Report

Once again, I fly from Canary Islands to spend the weekend with my favorite living artist and one of my best friends as well. Skip intro, for between the two of us, after all these years and after all these countless moments of mutual excellent conversation, shared bizarre episodes and a few unspeakable adventures, by all means no ceremonial rituals required whatsoever, simply put and absolutely true. He picks me up at the densely populated airport and the silent perfect-mannered chauffeur drives us back to his idyllic castle more popularly known as Antonio Pessoa-Home Studio. A new life in the sun, a new weekend in the relaxing and cosy atmosphere of the spacious living area all the more enchanting by the friendly staff, let alone the artist's awesome and most entertaining recent new line contemporary fine art canvases and watercolors. Wall Art at his unquestionable very, very best, if you ask me. After a dimlit mediterranean food dinner at the balcony overlooking the warm summer night, during which we pleasurably break news and get on with our lives latest episodes and metaphysics updates, we have a Scotch while strolling about Studio 1 as he shows me his on- going canvases, drawings and watercolors, a true dream factory, and sooner than I expected it was 2.a.m. and my obnoxious yawning was already warning me it was just about time to call it a night, so next thing I knew I was between sheets and thereby quickly going into night time oblivion. Delicious! Indeed, I actually have to admit I simply adore this recovering and rewarding total forgetfulness of the great oblivion of sleep. So does the artist, for all I know. I wake up early morning just to witness once again the dynamic full-swing stimulating on-going racing activity all over the place. The telephone keeps ringing, business partners, clients, art collectors, friends, family, art merchants, co-workrts, you name it, from all over the world. Pierre Fontanals and Luis Santiago seem to be successfully handling the situation, as in everything-under-control, with their usual experienced, stree-free and that easy-to-do look on their faces, savoir faire and know-how...while the artist is nowhere to be seen. Well, not quite so, actually. Antonio Pessoa is already painting in his sound proof Studio 1,basically relaxed, happy, however totally focused on the huge canvas before him. Antonio Pessoa always faithful to his traditional studio performance unique style, is working on several paintings at the same time, despite today's main artwork at stake happens to be a gigantic canvas on the skyscraper like easel, seemingly succeeding to be grabbing his full attention and his eagle eye concentration. I light my pipe and silently observe the artist at work for quite a long while, genuinely fascinated by his reputable art action speed, as if he were actually only the art making mediator between Divine Guidance and the canvas. I politely coughed lightly twice before I broke the silence. "What's going to be the title of that masterpiece ,my friend?" "Free!" said the Pessoa without even bother to turn around. "Free, my dear, just what I wish to be above anything else in the world. Free!" As a matter of fact ,I love to admit, Free, indeed turned out to be one of the most awesome and charming king-sized canvases of the artist's latest contemporary series and definitely one of my favorites ever. Laser focused and maximally productive, the artist all of a sudden takes a break and moves about the studio, gladly aware of my dear friendly presence, brush in his right hand staining here and there on the watercolor papers scattered all over the spacious studio. "I have this feeling, this don't know what something about this weekend", he tells me, thoughtfully contemplating- and I think - seriously evaluating one of those unfinished watercolors, with that peculiar self-criticism look on his diamond-white face. One of his cell phones rings. That's the Home Studio "Special One" cell phone as he ironically titled it. As far as I know it's actually the bad news breaker, the last-minute urgent issues cell phone. What do you know! He picks it up and I hear Pierre Fontanal's voice almost screaming from the other side, meaning, from the "Concepts into Action" headquarters, where everything usually looks as if the Universe is conspiring to make business matters an easy-going task and some other times it looks as if indeed all hell broke loose! That was Maxwell Armstrong from San Francisco, California, absolutely anxious and under pressure and demanding (...demanding!) speak directly over the phone with the artist. By now, Antonio Pessoa is painfully back to real-life again, takes a seat, thinks for a while...and I hear him say... "Pierre, please, just tell him I'm out of order" Silence again, while Pessoa listens to what Pierre has got to communicate... "OK, then tell him I won't be back untill next week." He hangs up. He's never going to change, I'm thinking, the artist definitely hates a life full of problems and the best way he knows to get rid of them all once and for all, or at least for a peaceful while, is the same old formula. Get back down to work and once again life is Heaven, just Paradise! With the happy ending of the canvas fast approaching, the artist quickly recovers from the interruption. Obviously the key to full and fair recovery is to get on with what he was doing and that's precisely what he does. Congratulations! There are always unplanned occurences that prevent him from painting just the way he simply adores. Peacefully! Getting caught up in the day to day activities of his team, isn't precisely his idea of indeed getting a kick out of art studio performance. Talking about the devil, the cell phone rings again ( the right the wrong place ...),as the artist gets ready to get back down to work. How convenient! My eavesdropping is supposed, more than basically tolerated, fully accepted, just for the record... "Not again!", he sighs. However, he picks up the phone while looking at me with that funny helplessness expression on his face. Pierre once again screaming from the busy room, just to tell him Maxwell Armstrong wishes to know whether the artist is once and for all decided to deal with him directly or not. "Tell him... well, Pierre, just tell him...Or Not" He hangs up the phone. I must say that in real-life philosophy this is theoretically a definite "Leave me Alone!". One of Antonio Pessoa's most peculiar secrets is that deep down inside- unquestionably - he sure loves this art studio daily ritual, delicious silence, this self-imposed exile... well, in a manner of speaking. What turns out to be his big What and Why, that's for us to know and for you to find out throughout all it's been said and written about the artist's Life and Oeuvre. Strange how this weekend seems to be shorter than I would like to expect, just in the exact proportion to my delight to stay by his side and enjoy the making of all this scattered collection of unfinished canvases, drawings, sketches and impactful watercolors. Whatching him build on the fine art dreams factory always creates me an exciting state of antecipation. Inevitable fact. However, the cell phone is persistent enough and there it is once again ringing and once again inevitably forcing the artist losing steam and probably reminding himself that indeed at last check Paradise will be only possible in a far away tropical exotic island between the Pacific Ocean... and Eternity! So it seems - from what I can make out of my legitimate eavesdropping - Maxwell Armstrong just comes up with a brand-new proposition, fair enough to put a broad smile on the artist's face and probably a helpless curiosity expression on mine. "It's alright then, Pierre, please let him know he can have those six canvases for that price...oh, and by the way, please tell him that next time he calls us four times in a row I won't negotiate..." We have lunch on the balcony, a nice mexican food combination, served hot...and how! One of the benefits of his lifestyle, by all means. Now we concentrate only on the tasty good smelling positive aspects of the mexican cuisine, while wandering about this and a fresh, almost sweet wind breeze starts blowing from the seaside. Just two good friends and Art Connoisseurs making the most out of being together again. Harold MacArthur is in town, so the three of us decide to go for a rejuvenating long walk along the seaside Avenue, it's just a beautiful day, clean cloudless sky, Springtime just smells fun, the sea is light blue contrasting with the light-golden-blue sky and it's just wonderful to be here in this idyllic scenery of western world tropical life, as we easily overcome procrastination and stroll further and further away while pondering and review several topics, including the artist's current and upcoming projects. In spite of the inevitable fact that Pessoa is actually more than twenty years younger than we are, he proves systematically to have reached this mature-like unmutable consistency, this inspiring effortless reliability charisma, wherever he is and whatever he does, a remarkable combination of qualities playing an important role in our unique mixture of logical and philosophical reasoning inter-exchanging chemistry. Nothing like a six-kilometer boulevard stroll with such distinguished company, along the clear blue waters, crystaline sand and dazzling coral reefs, the ideal place to take full advantage of excellent conversation focused on interesting issues, including Art. Nevertheless, let's face it. Sir MacArthur current situation seems pretty obvious both for me and for the artist as well. His personal increasing interest in Antonio Pessoa's latest artworks, his definitely his main motivation to pay him a visit from time to time, well... more accurately at least once every month. Define this simply as art collector's persistence would be basically unfair, for I know that apart from his main reasons to fly from London on such a regular basis, roughly twelve times a year, his admiration for the artist is by all means clearly genuine to the point of true growing friendship. That much is transparently in the air. However, the high price of the artist's canvases, namely and very specifically his latest contemporary fine art series, New Era - New Line, if not being precisely beyond his financial reach (definitely not!!!) at least have achieved a global demand effect, feverish enough for a drastic rise in prices, eventually rather unexpectedly and as far as Harold MacArthur is concerned, from his strict point of view, fairly acceptable, on the other hand, painfully unfair. In spite of the inevitable everlasting situation of being systematically "blessed" with new exciting and painfully unexpected challenges, Sir MacArthur is never going to change his faithful sense of personal commitment concerning both his friendship with the artist and his private art collection growing reputation, continuously updated integrity. No big deal, whatsoever. Hard working art collector's self-consciousness. I like that...and so does the artist. Anyway, just as with the tides in the sea, there is an ebb and flow to the tides of Antonio Pessoa's Home Studio leisure weekends. Swimming in the art world, understanding its awesome Universe and eventually, of course, swimming through the sand of bizarre timing and close encounters with unannounced visitors. What all this reminds me of is how great is to have the world in our hands and time by our side. At last check I find myself wondering. Visitors...or Invaders? Miriam Di Rosa! A Lady in the Water! The water of the Art Ocean. Atlantis? It's tea time, in the contemporary Fine Art Shrine! Miriam sits down at the steaming good smelling table with her gentle jet-set complexity although grotesque proportions. She starts by complaining about the weather, then seriously complaining about her love affairs setbacks, then about the art market impractical foolish unpredictable roller coaster unreliable flux and flows, then she goes on complaining about the enough of non-sense world we live in, and at last she complains about all topics in a row, she says she's had it...and by then, surprise, surprise, believe me or not, crazy as it seems, forty five minutes had gone by and tea time was over. Miriam Di Rosa and the artist, they are actually so used to share whatever-you name it together, yet so aware of the intentions of one another, that they don't permit themselves anymore to become ruffled or victimized. Sir MacArthur looks mildly tolerantly patient and me, well, I fortunately have reached that level of after-walk, after-tea. who-cares, accomplished calmness. Tea time is over and Antonio Pessoa looks bored, slightly standoffish, I suppose a bit tired. Miriam somehow always succeeds to set this mood paradigm shifting in the artist emotional mechanism. He accepts her exactly how she is and she remains in his life playing the important role of art critic, art curator, although systematically, hopelessly expecting to keep the artist image strangely tuned in what he was six years ago...still illuminated by the pure oil smelling Romantic Period's Modern Art bulb. On the whole, Miriam Di Rosa regards Pessoa's contemporary series as a road-map to something which hasn't yet been achieved and I think she secretly believes it never will. I understand her feelings (let alone her old fashionad artistic concepts) however, by all means I don't subscribe her point of view. Pessoa in my opinion is actually going through his fine art very, very best up to now, and that's the general public perspective, except for Miriam who still has this secret hopeless hope to re- convert the artist to the old models of Modern Art. Too late, if you ask me. Pessoa wastes no time climbing back aboard the now urgent loneliness of his studio, while the fictional Lady Miriam keeps me company as we sadly watch him go, leaving us behind...and he's gone. After a long silent while Miriam Di Rosa stands up and gets ready to go. I light my pipe as I hear her say "It's not all, isn't it? Antonio doesn't need my company nor my advice anymore. Enough Genius IQ,I suppose." I say nothing. I know exactly what's going on between the two of them, and I also know it's none of my business...well, at least while she is around. "If he's aiming for Genius IQ Perfection that's his problem." she goes on as she walks towards the door. "But my previous experience tells me he was a much better artist, before. Anyway, the great Antonio Pessoa will never be successful if he sticks to this contemporary abstract non-sense. That much I can tell you. He's just trying to be a little innovative but definitely losing the Great Master's touch. It's a shame, really, it's a shame, but there's nothing much I can possibly do about this weird situation. Anyway, guys, take care, all of you. I'll be in touch...I think. Goodbye." She closes the door behind her. And she's gone! Under my circumstances I kept on smoking my pipe, while recognizing she couldn't have been more mistaken. If to much art studio action can be at times responsible for making the artist's mind dense, it's also true the his controversial relationship with Miriam - always on the verge of actually going down the drain ( which miraculously never seems to happen )- hasn't helped much to improve his mood after our tea time nail-bitting session. So after sunset, Jasper drives us to the Meditation Center,nº39.The ultimate shrine for total peace of mind, discernment and relaxation. The most valuable thing you can learn about Meditation multiple benefits is that it indeed shapes your character, provides you with a rewarding inner-self awareness and asures you this happy and healthy well-being, the great foundation that enables you to wake up every single day ready and steady to get up and literally go fot it, whatever that might happens to turn out to be, particularly concerning Antonio Pessoa's challenging life, a great powerful mindset and a solid self-centered unbreakable motivation, more than enough to overcome professional obstacles and general serious commitments. It's imperative by now to understand how these systematic meditation sessions and rituals have contributed immensely for the artist's amazing personal growth and his latest increasing artistic performance success. The power of balance, minimizing all external and internal clutter, recalibrating the artist and assess his direction regularly, implementing higher love principles, clearing out inconsistent behaviors that may eventually push him off track, discerning when it is appropriate to let go or move forward, making honoring his truth in art expression his top priority, honoring and encouraging his continual growth and learning, setting a clear and focused intent so he can share it and follow through to completion, and discovering how to strengthen his character and soul so they can't be bought nor manipulated. Antonio Pessoa has embraced these commandments at Bala Mani's Meditation Center, and since then, he has been teached and coached surrounded himself with Masters of the Mind he believes and trusts, and consequently adopting naturally and gradually a surprising new line attitude, actually the key element that has been a positive and successful step towards his current genius efficiency not only in art performance but in his personal, social and professional life, with remarkable results so far, providing him with the inevitable super easy going skills and know-how to get out and play to win. Pessoa's weelky sessions at the Meditation Center have been setting his mind to face and overcome all professional obstacles plus providing him with a remarkable Know-How and easy-to-doingness when it comes to make the most of his multiple projects, challenges and dreams, let alone his highly effective art performance. The Age of Aquarius has given us the great possibilities of Quantum Physics. There is an infinite universe of intelligent and highly creative energy where the artist pulls out the Quantum Ocean, enabling him to continuously accomplish with little time and effort, his personal lifestyle concept, artistic projects and professional commitments. As an art collector, art critic, art coach and counselor, supporting and reviewing Antonio Pessoa's Life and Work, has proven to be probably the most exciting experience of my seventy-two years of multiple interesting projects all over the world so far. Thereby, as a matter of fact it's rather rewarding just to witness how the artist has actually increased his artistic performance to such an extent of quality, visual impact providing art lovers with a substantial new contemporary literacy, furthermore making it possible for a huge amount of public realize the full potential of his Oeuvre and very particularly of his innovative capacity. Systematically exposing himself to exciting new ideas and perspectives, Antonio Pessoa, with a relevant help from his impressive mindset proceeds with the right attitude, progresses into the future on a full determined one million-steps- forward journey, with the energy, feel, style and proficient imagination, plus his absolute clear purpose serving him and all his collaborators in all important specific areas, possible and "impossible" ways. Back home, we spend the rest of the evening just the two of us, listening to soft music and relaxing at the balcony, emotionally at ease and enjoying the spendid warm night atmosphere and the ongoing cheerful crowd celebrating life down at the charming square. We have dinner, confidently sharing our viewpoints over so many interesting subjects and next thing we know, the square is empty, it's 1 a.m. and we call it a night. Saturday morning,I woke up before the house got really busy, so after having breakfast delivered by Arturo and his wife, consisting in a cross-between mediterranean food and english ham and eggs, I took a stroll along the seaside avenue, not too long a walk, just enough to stretch my legs and let the blood quicly flow into my grey cells as the bright sun rays provided me with enough energy for the rest of the day. When I got back to the artist's Home Studio it seemed as if all hell broke loose. James Babel was once again feeling pretty lousy over David Medina and his usual dread failures. Life basic essentials teach you different ways to look at life. In this specific area, mine and Antonio Pessoa's traditional detachment was indeed being used to our great advantage. As everybody seemed just about to start crawling up the walls, only Pierre Fontanals, the artist and myself, seemed to remain cool, calm and collaborating aiming at finding a snappy solution for what seemed to be the financial crash of the century. Twenty minutes later we all went out for lunch. An early, struggling and out loud speaking nerve-shattering lunch. Bad news is we had Pietro Fabricci to join the club... he and his humorless sense of humor. The artist and the sophisticated and versatile Pierre Fontanals might see him as a smarty-arty sort of clown, or should I say, multifaced juggler clown...never mind... The circus entertainer was after all James Babel and his out of breath manifestation of blame on the guilty one, David Medina for having sold nine valuable masterpieces for a substantial incorrectly measured price. Eating at random and struggling to get his message across, James Babel was losing his self- made man public relations strategy as Antonio Pessoa was getting seriously bored and so was I, just for the record and for all that matters. We left the restaurant in a quite remarkable polite hurry and made our way back home, fortunately quickly recovering from the embarassing sort of everything-you-need-to-know about how to throw a lousy lunch party. Pessoa once again looks slightly bored, moody blue. I suppose so many types of people around him quite often actually succeed to take his concentration away, or at least to a less effective level in which he inevitably can't help feeling awkward enough to continuously avoid situations that might turn out to interfere negatively with his deliciously silent philosophical universe. Very far from being some corny sort of ethereal spiritual mumbo-jumbo, Antonio Pessoa's lifestyle is definitely based upon a practical wisdom and vision of emotional abundance, aiming at making his art performance, private and social life, professional commitments, flourish, grow and expand. Thereby, no wonder his Studio 1's celestial peace is for the artist his ultimate heaven, favorite playground and his divine castle where all ghostly apparitions dissolve and melt away making way for spiritual lightness and proficient creativeness. The artist has become more and more conscious, concerned and aware that what he expects to happen in his art studio - specifically when it comes to excel in art expression is determined by the thoughts he dwells upon plus the intensity of the emotions behind those thoughts. Systematically using imagery to create innovative contemporary art patterns he knows how to give himself the freedom to reach for the stars of supreme awareness (inspiration!),one idea leads to another, and the momentum he generates with these mind tools, one thousand and one visions and beyond, will begin a magical fast shift in his creative power so is art performance becomes a passionate flow of emotions where he finds himself mastering the process of being the ultimate mediator between the reality circus and visual poetry. Art! The mystery about the current amazing chemistry between Antonio Pessoa and Boris Dainville is after all very clear, so it's no mystery al last check whatsoever. They are both emotionally concentrated on the power of all forms of Art, including human relations. They hop on the strong rules of spiritual energy, learning together how to prioritize the great Truth known to all mystics and ancient sages. What they mean to each other, more than sympathetic resonance, is an absolute like attracts like effortless harmony, sharing the same life approach in which basically the only possible option is to be and feel absolutely alive. So this Saturday, once again, they keep in touch over the phone, as the artist goes on working on several canvases and watercolors at the same time and I keep him company as I sit quietly reading, taking notes or simply watching him suggest awesome visual propositions with every painting brush stroke as time goes slowly and pleasurably by in Studio 1 and as the sun beams keep coming in anticipating yet another delicious warm subtropical night. Once again we're having dinner at the comfy balcony. Antonio Pessoa looks relaxed now, however thoughtful, sharing the silence with me, plenty aware that I, more than anyone else in the world, can make out the essence of his pondering, even in the silence, or when we talk exchanging ideas, projects, secrets, concepts, dreams, you name it, I'm able to read the underlines, able to accurately interpret the inner-areas of the artist's intimate reflections and thereby succeed to come up with a rather clear picture of his current perspective of the whole field of life, world, art... and beyond. He is a complex, informed, wise distinguished man. He has embraced the whole creative process, art studio, lifestyle and beyond. This is the big one, and this is the main reason why I've been reviewing his Life and Work for the past ten years up to now. Some of Antonio Pessoa's top qualities are definitely his increasing capacity to keep his mind on task, it actually gets easier and easier for the artist to become fully focused on what's more important, beginning with his art studio daily action, indeed a creative ritual which has become a pleasurable and inevitable part of his life. Also using his subconscious to accept that what he desires is possible to achieve, even his wildest dreams, keeps him steady on the right track and mastering the art of being ready when the magic happens, like something he will most certainly will enjoy, even when it comes in the most unexpected ways. Pessoa handles this emotion- charged feelings aiming at expand his multiple issues and areas, an ever growing display of fascinating projects, leading him to reach higher levels of living the ultimate Life Supreme! After dinner we move back to the studio, where Scotch is served in cognac snifters by the silent-polite Arturo. He leaves us alone as the phone rings announcing an incoming call fromm Felix Nuñez. Felix Nuñez is taking care of the artist's affairs in San Francisco, CA, and he has been doing it for over two years already, now. From the five minutes conversation I can figure out Nuñez has successfully added three more reputable art collectors to the artist's U.S.A. crème de la crème clients list. Fair enough. Pessoa hangs up the phone with a broad smile of satisfaction on his face. "This young man is just about to hit the big time, Jacob, and so are we" he says. "You are, not me" I say "I'm just an innocent bystander. But I like it! Are you hearing me complaining?" We're laughing out loud, now...making a toast to good health. The Art World! Bigger names have come and gone, but few careers in contemporary fine art have been more consistently interesting over the last ten years than Antonio Pessoa's. Painstakingly careful and accurate the artist goes on this Saturday after midnight exhaustively staining here and there, living up to his art studio wizard reputation. His latest paintings are just amazing, passionate and so chromatically beautiful and at the same time deliciously absurd in their successful attemp to reproduce the artist's serious sensory experiences. Saturday's featured artist, takes the midnight express absolutely motivated and comfy in the spacious comfort of Studio 1.Into art action now completely, his burning fire seems to go higher and higher, and once again I feel helplessly inspired as I watch him dancing about the awesome scenario, mainly furnished by huge easels, gigantic and medium size canvases, oak tables covered with an apparent chaotic display of finished and unfinished watercolors, drawings, collages, mixed medias and small sketches here and there and everywhere. There's a beautiful abstract acrylic on watercolor paper on a chair I hadn't noticed the day before. I ask him where did it come from. The artist tells me he started doing it yesterday, and that's where he was actually writing this wonderful weekend poetry. What poetry, I just asked, not because I didn't know what he was talking about, I did, but just to get my private kick, well, mainly to make conversation. "Momentum takes over " he says "It's easy enough to dream and plan big projects, but when it comes to see a particular weekend measurable progress, nothing like a watercolor to draw the whole map. It's like an episode. That's what it's meant to be. The Weekend Report!" So that was it, I thought. Antonio Pessoa's intention generator was on once again, with the rushed busy flow of his eclectic style, the artist's ever present amazing capacity to see artistic challenges as supreme opportunities working toward innovative ideas, as he goes on and on staining here and there filled with passion, creative fire and almost childish excitement. Suddenly he stops and looks at me as taken by surprise, slightly puzzled and definitely amused. "I don't know why I bother to go on painting, it's almost 2 a.m., you must be tired and I'm keeping you here, Jacob. We should be going to bed and call it a night." "Let your inner light shine, my friend, go on with what you were doing and please do not worry about me. I'm quite alright and very entertained if you ask me." The artist shrugged and said. "Just a few minutes more and then we'll have another scotch on the balcony." I watch him as he gets back down to work. Antonio Pessoa's amazing power of persistence, I thought, that's the real secret for his artistic success. It's always been as far as I can recall. And it was indeed 2 a.m. by then. As soon as I discovered it was already 11:30 a.m., I jumped out of bed, simultaneously recasting my priorities, such as a good cold shower and a late breakfast delivered by a silent Jasper at the spacious kitchen, all part of a process of treating me like a special honor guest. After taking a look a the ongoing situation in the artist's Home Studio as I watched my energy level raise up by witnessing the energetically vibrating excitement of everyone's pleasurable working flux and flow, every step I take toward Antonio Pessoa's contemporary Fine Art shrine, Studio 1, the clearer it became that he had company this morning. As I got closer to the door, I knew the artist was facing a new challenge today. Listening patiently to Boris Dainville's latest episodes. I let myself in and after taking a sit and picking up my notepad, I had to face the fact that Boris Dainville had just been through yet another love affair setback with a strange woman from Dublin who at last check proved to be a tough pill to swallow for the millionaire and enthusiastic art collector's delicate emotional attachment, another overwhelming failure to join his rich content love affairs diary. Now that I come to think of it I have to admit The Beatles were right when they came up with "Can't buy me Love" song. No matter the stage of art performance Antonio Pessoa finds himself in, he can't help run through a whole fully concentrated working day, without being almost systematically interrupted by unexpected visitors out of his endless list of unique soul mates. Although this list seems to be the list of an artist with a pretty wide and diverse social life, unquestionable fact, the pros and cons of this circumstance after all very often provides him with a rather awkward momentum, sometimes in the form of a focus saboteur, when art action remains stuck, eventually totally inactive, while these overwhelming unexpected last minute visitors, may prove to be long lasting gossip overloaded whimperish meetings, classified information sessions, where his best and closest friends, as bizarre as it may sound, come to his Studio and to his arms seeking wise advice on multiple emotional subjects, soul mates who at a certain point of their lives seem to know little or nothing about how to handle a specific situation, particularly concerning matters of the flesh, of course. Although I know and have to admit that running away from this almost daily inevitable scenario may be Pessoa's first instinct, somehow he ethically finds it more beneficial to meet it head-on, taking a different approach to every different situation. A valuable exercise! The artist's good listener magic is thereby created from being a giving person who gives to giving people, such as Boris Dainville. The day goes by as the three of us continue the communicating process, through lunch, another art session time, tea time, a sunset walk along the boulevard and by dinner time we were basically emotionally exhausted, literally almost passing out on the dining room floor, a simple way to put down in words how Boris Dainville's love affairs setbacks can turn out to become a totally thumbs down negative feelings network. Anyway, just before midnight the lover boy goes away for good after seven seasons with the saints, leaving us alone in a sea of sighs in the ultimate effort to pull ourselves together, having the last one for the road double Scotch on the rocks at the exotic balcony overlooking the stunning bay. Some Sunday! I woke up monday morning to join the temper- based complaints of Miriam Di Rosa at the steaming breakfast fancy round table. Contrary to what she seems decided to believe, the artist is not bound for getting easily trapped on her nightmarish reality, nor is he willing to be mistakenly dropped off on her outmoded planet. "Why isn't your Art the way it should be? Just the way it used to be?" She complains as Antonio Pessoa copes as best as possible with her sadness, with his traditional well-being, tolerance and joy- even detachment- as a pure realization that after all her opinion matters, in spite of her stubborn unwillingness to take the ultimate step and expand her vision into the larger and far more innovative world of contemporary art. This hard to deal conversation goes on for about one hour, while Miriam's unsuccessful attempts to overcome her hidden desperation became more and more obvious till the moment the artist and I get up and leave the kitchen, however no fast enough to miss her last disappointed remark. "If you don't change your artistic style I don't know what I will do!" That's the high price for artistic freedom. I watch his amazing latest artworks as we once again enter Studio 1.This room has become his holy retreat, his world, his destiny. There was only one particular mixed media on watercolor paper which had been puzzling me throughout the whole weekend. "One last thing... why don't you have it finished yet?" I asked the artist. "Well...I suppose I'll do it tonight, my friend...this one is a special combination of our latest interesting events...including yourself" He smiled. A naughty smile. "What do you actually have in mind?" I asked as I came closer to the unfinished artwork. "Because this one is The Weekend Report". Jasper took me to the airport after lunch. While we zipped along the highway, suddenly I got the whole picture. After all that has been his secret all the way during these days. The ultimate relationship between real life and artistic interpretation. The Weekend Report!




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