Antonio Pessoa
New Contemporary Drawings
Ten years after the edition of The Black and White album, Antonio Pessoa starts a new collection of drawings, equipped with a new power of composition, a greater and better personality, a new contemporary visual arts purpose and a new ability to express a new artistic profile, providing the viewer with a new opportunnity to enjoy art's beauty and wonder.
Taking advantage of this wonderful progress, Pessoa comes up with a high quality of drawing harmony, with a new splendor of invention, and innovative methods of visual accelerated motions. To say Black and White is back again is to say the least, for his wisdom of choice by cultivating once again one of his most distinguishing artistic charateristics, has proven to be so far a successful return to this fascinating world full of awesome possibilities.

Painting Live, or even, Painting Live - Feeling Alive, could also be the title of this new series of drawings by Antonio Pessoa, going back to those exciting years when he, as a stage performer as a musician led him to actually go on Live Fine Art Tours all over Europe, namely Amsterdam, London, Monaco, Paris, Barcelona, Ibiza, southern Spain and Albufeira, Portugal.

Even some art critics and experts claim that Pessoa's artistic highest level consists precisely in his drawing skills, let alone his natural and developed talent and experience to perform Live before a cheerful audience. One way or another, after the golden years of the Romantic Period up to now, the artist wisely decides to tenaciously cling to his skillful completeness as a contemporary Greatmaster, continually increasing in broader visions and new concepts by absorbing the very best of today's cutting edge references and make it better.

Antonio Pessoa as always, follows his intuition and this time he doesn't make any exception.
Time management and drawing skills, Imagination and high quality technique, these are the dynamic forces that leads the artist to another pure contemporary fine art journey, where the abundance of subjects, including a whole lot of portraits, which was inevitable, drives the artist into a new wonderland of discoveries ten years later since the amazing fairy tales of The Black and White album.
An excellent way to stay focused on the secret talisman of all his Oeuvre. His wealthy imagination and his overwhelming drawing power. This option of the artist to take once again drawing on paper as the perfect and most reliable mirror of his maximum artistic expression, makes art yet more beautiful, and makes perfect sense.
The secret, meaning, his true motivation, well that's really something else, something I wouldn't even dare go through the trouble to speculate about let alone try to unveil, just saying as for right now that once again, surprise, surprise, that's for him to know and for all of us to find out.
I certainly wouldn't be far from the truth if I state Antonio Pessoa - Contemporary Drawings - Art Collection, is essentially and basically about Freedom, about his old concept, B Plan, Painting Live, Feeling Alive. His most genuine and spectacular way of art performance, before an audience, like a Fine Art Superstar right on Stage and right on time. Brilliant!
Probably lack of interest for the daily Google Dance and the big headache of the confused worldwide Art Scene, including greedy Art Dealers and problematic Art Collectors. Antonio Pessoa decides to be once again bound for the Mediterranean or Hollywood Dream, on the road, to be and feel once again Great, happy, wealthy, healthy, sexy, enjoying the Life's perfect timing and most importantly, be and feel totally free, by taking the wise and intelligent use of his lifestyle principles, which have always involved his individual point of view and path and the consecration of his undenyable Genius in that dimension of Freedom and multiple possibilities where there is no boundary, no pressure, no hurry, and most important of all no disguised insanity.
Just art, the cheerful audience, the cloudless blue sky, the summer romance, the cool tropical breeze, the blue sea and the dancing palm trees in some colorful bright corner of the world.

Now that Antonio Pessoa has decided to get back on the super - drawing track, which is by all means one of the wisest decisions he could possibly have taken, anything can happen, that much we all know, beyond even the shadow of a doubt, that once that the artist is now, shall we say, relocated in the universe of what has always been after all the heart and soul of his Modern - Contemporary pure Fine Art culture and posture, what's coming next is globally quite predictable, knowing his reputation of a super persistant and rock solid motivated personality, someone who only takes action, after the bright light of a clear-sighted brilliant idea hits his mind, thought, feelings and emotions, to such an extent that whatever follows is always bound to become something running side by side, with perfect timing and perfect sense, with powerful inspired action, which results, invariably as always, are destined to turn out into dynamic feedbacks, in the old very same level and proportion of the universal concept and popular quotation which states "As we sow so shall we reap". Here he goes again!
The Live Show artist, the Drawing Machine is back!
Now, leading the life of the rich and famous, he is once again entitled to be soon at the right spot at the right time, it's the best and most rewarding lifestyle, with his sheer determination and effortless hard work capacity, this adventurous living process is in his system, it pays off, for the great fun of it, for the breathtaking feeling of freedom, for the direct communication unique possibilities and for many other reasons, a lifestyle where many of his attributes can indeed make it possible, namely passion, his good looks, his natural charismatic personality, one track mind, tunnel vision and at last but not the least his Greatmaster drawing skills.
Antonio Pessoa, an experienced stage veteran, since his mid teens, knows too well, that what it takes to do it is basically speed of action, the power and know-how to give the audience a, good entertainment session day after day, session after session, and what's at stake is a cheerful sunny life, thankfully pretty well off and miles and miles away from the art scene's up and downs, outs and abouts, away from the art dealers greedy stubborness, and all that jazz that not even one million dollars a month can make it up for the artist, who is not particularly fond of pressure, let alone a pretty dull boring routine.
Painting Live, Feeling Alive, is definitely The Life. Anytime!
Anyway... As this new start takes off and gains shape, Antonio Pessoa is back in business, back in a sort of self-made advanced Fine Art Academy, modeling patterns of excellence, deleting colors from his work, and modifying his technical tools to suit his undeniable personal unique style, as one of the best drawing talents of Modern and Contemporary Art. Motivated and inspired by his supercharged drawing secrets, Pessoa claims once again his reputation, by coming up with with amazing and exciting graphite or mixed media drawings, a new Art Collection in black and white, again surprising us all by its diversity of subjects, styles and multiple frequencies.

Even before Public, Art Collectors, Art Dealers, gallery owners, co-workers and friends start to ask questions, eager to understand the artist's sudden switch, Antonio Pessoa is already in action, in the confortable privacy of his studio or working Live with his speechless closest friends and fellow artists, amazed by Pessoa's always surprising innovative and definitely unexpected brand-new artist periods. Antonio Pessoa's Greatmaster identity is one of the most significant factors that shapes his art and most importantly his capacity to keep us all in a systematic nail biting suspense.

The artist's New Drawings Art Collection is already becoming another classic period in the Public's eyes, with all the exciting ingredients of the essence of changing to communicate, another course of intensive action the artist is currently holding, another empowering challenge visualizing new possibilities within the cutting edge contemporary art context, which as time goes by, clearly shows and describes what Pessoa is up to, well, at least on the surface, for the great mystery remains in the complex inner motivation of the artist's playful cinematic nature.

Passionately devoting his time in the dynamic research, continuously erasing past issues into oblivion, bound to new artistic discoveries where classic and contemporary dance together hand in hand, such an impactful combination, actually that very special talent that inevitably manages to keep the Public in a state of delicious pleasurable anxiety to know and witness what's coming next, that very special talent, only a rich imagination, excellent drawing skills and a great performance intuition and style can ultimately provide.
SO FAR SO GOOD - By putting into practice the saying "tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life", the fact is that Pessoa is definitely back in his drawing, Black and White new start, another absolute studio odyssey, actually coming up with amazing artworks, most of them graphite on watercolor paper, however taking time to visualize with exciting exhilaration the next subjects, formulating new concepts between Modern Art and cutting edge contemporary expression.
Radiating great self confidence in his current and upcoming New Art Drawings, the visual results also seem to resonate to the same tune and frequency.
This unbreakable inspiration, studio action and super productivity is the same old phenomenon that stems from a deep conviction on the artist's inside, which is also his secret.
Resolute, creative and implacable, Antonio Pessoa's first artworks of the New Contemporary Drawings Art Collection clearly reflect the artist's preparedness to work whatever it takes to get his new ideas and concepts realized.

The first drawings, ten years after the reputable Black and White album, such as "Creative Cosmos", "Miracles", "Cause and Effect" the portraits of Cristina Pato, Alyson B. Stanfield, Marta Sanchez and Xaime Quessada, "Knowledge", "Daily News", "Fame" and many others, shows us clearly his always high technical, eclectic great skills plus his unique capacity to go with the flow of his imagination as he pleasurably writes the fine art script of his own dreams and visions of reality.

Color or Black and White, most important of all is Antonio Pessoa's communication power, which can get more Art-Public interaction than anything else.
The artist knows too well it can mean the difference between worldwide regognition and isolation.
These communication skills plus inspired perception through visual arts also guarantee his progress as an artist and enables him to use all of his other talents and abilities at the very highest level.
Pessoa's ability to persuade the viewers of how important Art can be in order to fulfill our emotional senses, has made him one of the most unique artists in today's art scene community. Pessoa is fully aware that every human interaction - particularly when art expression is what's at stake - involves a complex process of persuasion and influence. His motivation turns out to be the art of getting people together before a collection of drawings, make them share the moment while they absolutely love it.

Far from being a "Robinson Crusoe" of modern life, Antonio Pessoa has become a true communication guru, relying on Contemporary Art for the satisfaction of art collectors and public's needs. These standards of performance are thereby omnipresent in this enthusiastic New Contemporary Drawings Art Collection, where the artist is definitely accomplishing a worthwhile Black and White eclectic formula, showing us again his fine art sketching expertise, an elegant dimension where color resources (or distractions) suddenly seem to be literally dismissed and even useless. This level of competence, talent and imagination in this particular area, is after all what motivates him to go out of the traditional way of painting with rich and even sometimes shocking colors, in his absolute confidence of being totally capable of delegate and interact effectively with the Public through Black and White drawings at their very best since DaVinci, Rembradt, Dali and Picasso, while he opens up the doors to new cutting edge possibilities in the worldwide universe of Contemporary Art.
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